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March 07 - March 09, 2016

Quote of the Week

"The exciting thing about being a beer lover is that there is so much to enjoy beyond the sensory pleasure of drinking beer."

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: Euro
on March 09, 2016
Base Currency: US Dollar
on March 09, 2016
      1 EUR = 1.1028 USD
1 EUR = 0.7761 GBP
1 EUR = 1.4695 CAD
1 EUR = 1.4794 AUD
1 EUR = 124.6000 JPY
1 EUR = 4.1690 BRL
1 EUR = 80.1161 RUB
1 EUR = 7.1744 CNY
      1 USD = 0.9074 EUR
1 USD = 0.7025 GBP
1 USD = 1.3338 CAD
1 USD = 1.3433 AUD
1 USD = 112.9400 JPY
1 USD = 3.7733 BRL
1 USD = 73.1854 RUB
1 USD = 6.5174 CNY

Currency Rates Chart

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Breweries Equities

Average Market Prices Change Trend

March 09, 2016
Type Crop 2015 Crop 2016
2rs Barley 165.00-167.00 - 181.00-183.00 -
6rw Barley 145.00-147.00 - 155.00-157.00 -
2rs Malt 355.00-357.00 - 372.00-374.00 -
6rw Malt 330.50-332.50 - 340.00-342.00 -
Feed Barley 136.00-138.00up0.74% nq 

Note: Just click here and you will be led to our Market Price History. These are average French barley market prices estimated on FOB Creil basis. The theoretical average malt prices are based FOB Antwerp being estimated on French malting barley. The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices. Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

Top Industry News

Malt news World: EU malt exports soar in July/December 2015 ...Click here
Malt news UK: Barley and wheat usage by brewers, maltsters, distillers declines in July-January 2015/16 ...Click here

Brewery news China: Competition in China’s beer industry intensifies ...Click here
Brewery news Turkey & CIS: Anadolu Efes manages to narrow losses in 2015 ...Click here
Brewery news China: Consumers’ shift towards high-end beers may help brewers finally unlock frothier profits in China ...Click here
Brewery news New Zealand: Lion posts 21% decline in full-year earnings as craft beers continue to take market share ...Click here

Barley news World: Malting barley markets ‘interesting and confused’ - analysts ...Click here
Barley news Ukraine: Barley acreage expected to grow 5% this year ...Click here

More Industry News

Brewery news Jamaica: Heineken officially takes over management of Red Stripe Beer ...Click here
Brewery news Vietnam: Carlsberg Vietnam launches new canning line at Hue brewery ...Click here
Brewery news India: United Breweries may be pressured to force out Vijay Mallya from the board ...Click here
Brewery news Malawi: SABMiller’s Chibuku beer plant allowed to resume production ...Click here
Brewery news India: The Debt Recovery Tribunal bars Vijay Mallya from accessing exit payment from Diageo ...Click here
Brewery news Myanmar: Carlsberg may face lawsuit for not removing the words ‘tu po’ from its Tuborg beer ...Click here

Graph of the week

Table of the week

EU Barley Malt Export

Table of the week.
Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Scientific Digest


A Japanese research group has been hunting the mystery of hop aroma in beer for a long time. In this recent work they brewed late hopped and dry hopped beers with 18 different hop varieties! From the U.S. they looked at Apollo, Bravo, Citra, Mosaic and Summit. From Germany were Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria and Polaris. Then from New Zealand were Kohatu, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade, Rakau, Riwaka, Southern Cross, Wai-iti and Wimea. The researchers were looking for varietal differences especially in different monoterpene alcohols. They found no varietal differences in beta-ionone and nerol content, but did see variations in the other components studied - but the differences were not coherent. Things are never easy with hops!

Takoi, K: Varietal Difference of Hop-Derived Flavour Compounds in Late-Hopped/Dry-Hopped Beers, Brewing Science, January / February 2016 (Vol. 69)

Read more
Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

07 March
1876 - 1876 Alexander Graham Bell receives U.S. Patent for his "Improvement in Telegraphy"
1878 - The Toronto Stock Exchange is incorporated
1932 - Thousands of Ford Motor Co. workers stage a "Hunger March" to the immense River Rouge factory complex, protesting Henry Ford's decision to cut the company's minimum wage from $7 per day to $4 per day

08 March
1706 - Vienna's Wiener Stadtbank established
1927 - Pan American Airlines (World Airways) incorporates
1946 - 1st helicopter licensed for commercial use
1979 - Philips demonstrates the Compact Disc publicly for the first time

09 March
1861 - Confederate currency authorized-$50, $100, $500, $1,000
1959 - 1959 Barbie, the popular girls' doll, debuted, over 800 million sold
1987 - 1987 Chrysler Corp offered to buy American Motors Corp for $1 billion


World Beer Cup 2016

March 2016:
01-03: ProPak Vietnam 2016 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
04-06: Barcelona Beer Festival 2016 (Barcelona, Spain)
07-09: VLB Brewing and Engineering Conference 2016 (Soest, Germany)
09-12: Brazilian Beer Festival 2016 (Blumenau, Brazil)
12: Festival de Cerveza Artesanal 2016 (San Jose, Costa Rica)
14-18: IBD Asia Pacific Convention 2016 (Sydney, Australia)
16-18: BeerX 2016 (Sheffield, UK)
16-18: Expo Antad & Alimentaria Mexico 2016 (Mexico City, Mexico)
23-25: St. Petersburg Brewers Forum 2016 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

April 2016:
03-07: Trends in Brewing 2016 (Ghent, Belgium)
07-09: Warsaw Beer Festival 2016 (Warsaw, Poland)
13-15: Siberian Beer 2016 (Novosibirsk, Russia)
15-16: Helsinki Beer Festival 2016 (Helsinki, Finland)
23-24: Zythos Beer Festival 2016 (Leuven, Belgium)
Zythos Beer Festival 2016

May 2016:
03-06: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2016 (Philadelphia, USA)
17-20: Beer (Pivo) 2016 (Sochi, Russia)
18-19: Brewing Equipment and Technology 2016 (Birmingham, UK)
19-21: Copenhagen Beer Festival 2016 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
20-18 June: Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS) 2016 (Melbourne - Sydney - Auckland, Australia)
25-29: Latvia Beer Fest 2016 (Riga, Latvia)

June 2016:
08-12: Mondial de la Biere 2016 (Montreal, Canada)
09-11: South Beer Cup 2016 (Curitiba, Brazil)
14-16: Shanghai International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment 2016 (Shanghai, China)

July 2016:
02: Beer Boot Camp 2016 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
07-10: Artbeerfest 2016 (Caminha, Portugal)
09: Beer Boot Camp 2016 (Cape Town, South Africa)
13-15: ProPack China 2016 (Shanghai, China)

August 2016:
05-07: The 20th International Berlin Beer Festival (Berlin, Germany)
09-13: The Great British Beer Festival 2016 (London, UK)
10-13: Vietfood & Beverage - ProPack 2016 (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
13-17: World Brewing Congress 2016 (Denver, USA)

September 2016:
08-10: Irish Craft Beer Festival 2016 (Dublin, Ireland)
14-15: Food and Drink Technology Africa 2016 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
19-03 October: Oktoberfest 2016 (Munich, Germany)
24-25: Whisky Live Paris 2016 (Paris, France)
26-28: VLB Ibero-American VLB Symposium 2016 (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
28-30: Beer and Soft Drinks Industry - 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
29-01 October: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2016 (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2016:
06-08: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2016 (Stockholm, Sweden)
06-08: Great American Beer Festival 2016 (Denver, USA)
08-10: Brouwplus 2016 (Antwerp, Belgium)
11-14: China Brew, China Beverage 2016 (Shanghai, China)
21-23: The Finest Spirits & Beer Convention 2016 (Bochum, Germany)

November 2016:
08-10: Brau Beviale 2016 (Nuremberg, Germany)
09-12: Vietfood & Beverage - ProPack 2016 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

December 2016:
15-17: drink technology India 2016 (Mumbai, India)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

MaltMalt News Malt

Malt newsWorld: EU malt exports soar in July/December 2015
According to IGC statistics of malt shipments, the EU exported a total of 1.710 mln tonnes in July/December 2015 versus 1.607 mln last campaign. ...More info on site

Malt newsUK: Barley and wheat usage by brewers, maltsters, distillers declines in July-January 2015/16
Brewers, maltsters and distillers in the United Kingdom used 145 thousand tonnes of barley in January 2016, down 10.4% on January 2015, Defra reported ...More info on site

BreweryBrewery News Brewery

Brewery newsChina: Competition in China’s beer industry intensifies
Competition is fierce in China’s beer industry as purveyors of alcoholic beverages battle for market share amid reverberations from acquisitions by the global giants, ...More info on site

Brewery newsTurkey & CIS: Anadolu Efes manages to narrow losses in 2015
Turkey’s Anadolu Efes said on March 8 its Q4 consolidated sales volume was up 1.0% to 16.3 mln hl (excl. Ukraine up 2.6%).

Q4 consolidated ...More info on site

Brewery newsChina: Consumers’ shift towards high-end beers may help brewers finally unlock frothier profits in China
Small-scale brewers from Brooklyn to Beijing are tapping growing demand from cosmopolitan Chinese consumers for high-end beers, a trend which could also help global ...More info on site

Brewery newsNew Zealand: Lion posts 21% decline in full-year earnings as craft beers continue to take market share
Lion - Beer, Spirits and Wine (NZ), New Zealand's largest brewer, posted a 21 percent decline in full-year earnings as the industry adjusts to ...More info on site

Brewery news Jamaica: Heineken officially takes over management of Red Stripe Beer
Heineken has officially taken over management of Jamaica’s Red Stripe Beer, Carribean Journal reported on March 8.

The move will also mean the repatriation of Red Stripe production to Jamaica, with Desnoes and Geddes Ltd starting that process by the end of this year.

Heineken acquired a controlling stake in D&G last October.

“Heineken is the leader in upscale beer and cider because our products are rooted in traditions that translate to exceptional taste,” said Ronald den Elzen, President and CEO of HEINEKEN USA. “We love the Jamaican culture and want to reinvigorate the brand and the iconic stubby bottle by bringing the production of Red Stripe back to Jamaica where it came to life nearly 90 years ago.”

The company said the move was part of a larger plan to “catapult Red Stripe to a truly global brand within the HEINEKEN portfolio.”

Brewery news Vietnam: Carlsberg Vietnam launches new canning line at Hue brewery
Danish Carlsberg Group opened a new canning line in Hue, Vietnam in January 2016, ScandAsia.com reported on March 9.

Carlsberg Vietnam’s (CBVN) Hue Brewery is located in Phu Bai Industry Zone, Huong Thuy Ward.

At the same event, the company also announces that its Huda Gold (a sub-premium brand of Huda) received the Silver Medal of 2015 World Beer Championships in the US for the second time, with a score of 88/100 and marked “Highly Recommended” by industry experts for its outstanding and consistent quality. Huda Gold was granted this award the first time in 2013.

The new canning line with a total investment of almost 6,4 mil EUR is imported from Germany has production capacity of 60,000 cans per hour, or more than 50,000 cartons of 24 cans per day, which is 25% faster than the current canning line which had been in operation since 2011.

2015 is another successful year of CBVN with total volume increased 6% versus last year in spite of a challenging environment this year.

Carlsberg is one of the first Danish multi-national companies to enter Vietnam and made its first investment in 1993. For the first 20 years, Carlsberg managed its Vietnamese operations through Carlsberg Indochina. In ...More info on site

Brewery news India: United Breweries may be pressured to force out Vijay Mallya from the board
The board of India's largest beverage maker United Breweries, owned jointly by Heineken and the beleaguered Vijay Mallya, has become edgy over the growing possibility of local lenders turning off the lending facility as a pressure tactic to force the erstwhile liquor baron to repay his dues, Economic Times reported on March 9.

A top official close to the development said in case banks send them an official communication, the board would be under pressure to seek an exit for Mallya from the board.

Mallya, who sold roughly 35% to Heineken in late 2000, is chairman of the board with representatives from the Belgium beverage maker.

"Mallya has not defaulted on any United Breweries loans so there is no reason to ask him to go now," said a senior board official. "But SBI and Yes Bank are among our major lenders and if they take a decision on UB, we will have to move fast on that."

A covenant in the loan agreements with the companies to which the banks have funded says the borrowing company should not induct on its board a person whose name appears in the list of wilful defaulters and that in case such a person is found to ...More info on site

Brewery news Malawi: SABMiller’s Chibuku beer plant allowed to resume production
The suspension order banning Chibuku production and distribution due to hygienic concerns has now been lifted, Malawi Bureau of Standards (MSB) announced on March 8.

MSB banned production and distribution of Chibuku shake shake opaque beer for Lilongwe plant on March 2 following a health inspection exercise that found the SABMiller unit was producing beer unfit for human consumption.

“The MBS wishes to inform the general public that it has uplifted the suspension order on production and distribution of Chibuku Shake Shake opaque beer for Lilongwe plant.

“The lifting of the suspension order follows verification audits conducted by the MBS inspectors on 4th and 5th March, 2016 which found that the company has addressed the hygienic conditions of their factory as required by Malawi Standard 21” reads a statement by Malawi Bureau of Standards.

The opaque beer is brewed in Malawi by Chibuku Products Limited (CPL), a subsidiary of SABMiller. CPL came under fire last year when it emerged that the company was discharging effluent into rivers, an act that was poisoning water for consumption.

Brewery news India: The Debt Recovery Tribunal bars Vijay Mallya from accessing exit payment from Diageo
In a major setback for liquor baron Vijay Mallya, the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) on March 7 barred him from accessing USD 75 million (Rs 515 crore) exit payment from Diageo till the loan default case with State Bank of India is settled, The Times of India reported.

DRT, allowing SBI plea, restrained Diageo from disbursing the money for now and set March 28 as the next date of hearing.

SBI had sought DRT's intervention in seeking the lenders' first right on the USD 75-million payout from Diageo to Mallya as part of deal last month.

Under the deal Mallya was to step down as chairman of India's top spirits company United Spirits Ltd in a settlement with its new owner, Britain's Diageo. Mallya was to settle down in London after the deal.

SBI had filed three other applications, including one seeking Mallya's arrest and impounding of his passport, it approached DRT seeking action against him for defaulting on loans.

DRT, in its order restraining Diageo from disbursing USD 75 billion, said the amount has been attached pending disposal of original application.

It directed Mallya and the companies concerned to disclose the details of the terminal agreement.

The order came ...More info on site

Brewery news Myanmar: Carlsberg may face lawsuit for not removing the words ‘tu po’ from its Tuborg beer
The family of Myanmar composer Myoma Nyein threatened a lawsuit against Carlsberg Myanmar for not removing the words ‘tu po’ from its Tuborg beer within a “reasonable time”, The Nation reported on March 6.

Relatives of the composer demanded the phrase be removed within a week at the press conference on January 15 and apologies in newspapers, among others.

They called for three days of apologies in newspapers, a pledge not to use the phrase again on its beer bottles or cans and to give a date by which the phrase would have disappeared from shop shelves.

Zaw Myo Oo, a grandson of Myoma Nyein and son of artist Paw Oo Thet, said at the press conference last week: "The company did not apologise in newspapers. It did not withdraw the products which had been distributed already or say when the phrase 'tu po' would be totally removed. It just said it would be removed but took no further action for us. We are going to make a legal claim. We want the world to know that a company like Carlsberg uses the art of Myanmar, which has a weak legal system, without accountability."

According to Shun Myaing, another relative, Myanmar Carlsberg executives, ...More info on site

BarleyBarley News Barley

Barley newsWorld: Malting barley markets ‘interesting and confused’ - analysts
Malting barley markets are interesting and confused, H. M. Gauger GmbH said in their March report.

According to the analysts, overall supplies are plentiful, ...More info on site

Barley newsUkraine: Barley acreage expected to grow 5% this year
The area planted to barley in Ukraine for the harvest 2016 may reach 3 mln ha, an increase of 5% compared to the previous ...More info on site

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