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E-Malt.com Newsletter 23b
June 08 - June 11, 2017

Quote of the Week

There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business.
Oscar De La Hoya

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: US Dollar
on June 09, 2017
Base Currency: Canadian Dollar
on June 09, 2017
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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news Canada: Brewers lobby group Beer Canada upset about new taxing ways ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, AB: Molson Coors to open small brewery in Edmonton ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WA: Yakima Valley to increase brewery numbers by over 70% this year ...Click here
Brewery news USA, VA: Amber Ox Kitchen and Brewery’s planned micro-brewery approved by Williamsburg’s City Council ...Click here
Brewery news USA, IN: Danny Boy Beer Works and Switchyard Brewing coming to Bloomington ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, NS: Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Company now pouring two of its own beers ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NH: Post & Beam Brewing hoping to launch in Peterborough soon ...Click here
World News
Brewery news China: China’s largest brewers seem to have racked up better earnings in Q1 ...Click here
Brewery news Nigeria: AB InBev proposes merger of its three Nigerian beer companies ...Click here
Barley news World: Barley trade forecast down 100 thousand tonnes this month ...Click here
Brewery news New Zealand: DB Breweries announces 8% increase in annual profit last year ...Click here
Brewery news Tanzania: Brewers worried about increase in excise duty on beer and spirits ...Click here
Brewery news Japan: Japan’s brewers racing to develop new uniquely flavoured beers ahead of changes in tax laws ...Click here
Barley news Germany: Brewers protest against Carlsberg and Heineken patenting a strain of barley ...Click here
Graph of the Week

Table of the Week

Latin America's Most Valuable Beer Brands 2015 - 2017

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Scientific Digest


For this study a group of US researchers have chosen two very different varieties, Simcoe and Hallertau Mittelfrueh, and brewed beers using the following different hopping regimes: 60 min boil, 25 min whirlpool, or 48 h dry hopping. Additionally, the impact of the yeast strains used on treatment was investigated. Each treatment was compared with an unhopped control using stir-bar sorptive extraction GC-MS with a descriptive sensory analysis. Results indicate that whirlpool additions produced beers with the highest concentrations of geraniol, linalool, and beta-citronellol, which is in line with intense citrus flavours one often achieves with high whirpool additions. Beers with Simcoe produced more intense and individually distinct aromas with each hopping regime compared to the Hallertau Mittelfrueh hopped beers. Conversely, beers brewed with Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops showed less intense aromas with less distinction, except for the dry-hopped treatment, which was characterized by a more floral type of aroma than the other Hallertau Mittelfrueh treatments. So find out which time of addition suits best your favourite variety!

Daniel C. Sharp, et al: Contributions of Select Hopping Regimes to the Terpenoid Content and Hop Aroma Profile of Ale and Lager Beers J. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem. 75(2):93-100, 2017
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

08 June
1824 - Washing machine patented by Noah Cushing of Quebec
1916 - Francis Harry Compton Crick is born in Northampton, England. In 1953, working with James Watson, he discovers the double-helix molecular structure of DNA, the building block of life (and of the biotechnology industry)
1955 - Tim Berners-Lee, future inventor of the World Wide Web, is born in London

09 June
1822 - Charles Graham patents false teeth
1869 - Ives W. McGaffey of Chicago patents 1st vacuum cleaner
1959 - The USS George Washington is launched. It is the first submarine to carry ballistic missiles
1994 - Jan Tinbergen, Dutch economist (Plan of Labor, Nobel 1969), dies at 91

10 June
1977 - Apple Computer ships its 1st Apple II
1994 - Biggest European clock ever (9100 kg/(237) 2.5 m) at Aarle-Rixtel
1996 - Intel releases 200 mhz pentium chip
2002 - The first direct electronic communication experiment between the nervous systems of two humans is carried out by Kevin Warwick in the United Kingdom

11 June
1644 - Florentine scientist describe invention of barometer
1742 - Benjamin Franklin invents his Franklin stove
1816 - Gas Light Co of Baltimore founded
1998 - Compaq Computer pays US$9 billion for Digital Equipment Corporation in the largest high-tech acquisition


June 2017:
06-07: Brewing Equipment and Technology 2017 (Birmingham, UK)
11-13: Brewing Conference Bangkok 2017 (Bangkok, Thailand)
14-18: Mondial de la Biere 2017 (Montreal, Canada)

July 2017:
08: Beer Boot Camp 2017 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
15: Beer Boot Camp 2017 (Cape Town, South Africa)
26-28: Brasil Brau 2017 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

August 2017:
04-06: The 21st International Berlin Beer Festival (Berlin, Germany)
08-12: The Great British Beer Festival 2017 (London, UK)
09-12: Vietfood & Beverage 2017 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

September 2017:
03-06: 18th Australian Barley Technical Symposium (Hobart, Tasmania)
07-09: Irish Craft Beer Festival 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)
11: International MicroBrew Symposium 2017 (Munich, Germany)
11-15: drinktec 2017 (Munich, Germany)
16-03 October: Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
23-24: Whisky Live Paris 2017 (Paris, France)

October 2017:
16-17: 104 VLB October Convention 2017 (Berlin, Germany)
23-25: 8th Ibero-American VLB Symposium 2017 in Guatemala (Guatemala City)

November 2017:
22-23: Craft Beer Italy 2017 (Milan, Italy)

More events are available on site www.e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news Canada: Brewers lobby group Beer Canada upset about new taxing ways
Beer Canada, the brewers lobby group that styles itself as “the national voice of beer,” is not happy with the federal government and its taxing ways, Maclean’s reported on June 8.

In its recent 2017 budget, Ottawa hiked excise taxes on beer, wine and spirits by two per cent. No big deal there. Canadians are used to sin tax hikes at budget time. What’s new is that the federal Liberals have now given themselves the right to increase this tax every year by the rate of inflation—without the bother of having to include the future tax hikes in subsequent budgets.

“We weren’t expecting this at all,” says Luke Harford, president of Beer Canada, of the permanently escalating tax. “It’s pretty cynical.”

Nearly 50 per cent of the price of beer in Canada, on average, is tax: either federal or provincial excise and sales taxes, or provincial liquor board markups. It’s one of the highest overall beer tax rates in the world. And now Ottawa’s take is going up automatically every year on April 1. Forever.

On a cash basis, the amounts involved appear modest. That two-per-cent increase is about 5 cents more per case of 24 beers. But Harford is quick to point out ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, AB: Molson Coors to open small brewery in Edmonton
The Edmonton Journal reports that an historic Edmonton building where Molson Coors operated a brewery from 1958 to 2007 will soon house a Molson brewery once again, although on a much smaller scale than the original.

The Molson Tower building at 104 Avenue and 121 Street is currently being redeveloped by owners Sun Life and First Capital Realty, and a representative of the latter tells the paper that the new complex which is expected to open in spring 2018 will include a “micro-brewery targeting craft beers” that will be owned by Molson.

According to the article, the brewery will be located in the 3,000-square-foot basement space, while the main floor will feature an affiliated bar and restaurant which will include an outdoor patio.

Brewery news USA, WA: Yakima Valley to increase brewery numbers by over 70% this year
"We grow so much of the world's hops, it just shocked me that there weren't more breweries so I thought there was a real opportunity to open one up,” said Chuck Redifer, owner and brewer at Redifer Brewing Company.

And Redifer's not the only one with that thought, KIMATV.com reported on June 7.

In 2017, the Yakima Valley will increase brewery numbers by over 70 percent with two new breweries already opening their doors and three more expected soon.

"I figured the valley could handle a few dozen at least so yeah, the more the merrier," said Redifer, happy to be a part of the Yakima Valley’s craft beer community.

Yakima’s growth in offering the full beer experience is no surprise to those at Yakima Valley Tourism, recognizing the valley's unique qualities including the rising trend of farm to table, now turned farm to glass for those in the craft beer world.

"Now a movement has come into the craft beverage world where people want to come here, taste the grapes that go into the wine, and meet the winemaker. The same kind of thing goes with beer, they want to meet the hop growers that's farming their hops that are going into their beer,” ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, VA: Amber Ox Kitchen and Brewery’s planned micro-brewery approved by Williamsburg’s City Council
Greater Williamsburg residents can look forward to a new brewery coming to downtown, the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily reported on June 8.

On June 8, Williamsburg’s City Council unanimously approved a request from Amber Ox Kitchen and Brewery to open a micro-brewery and restaurant on Prince George Street.

“I think this is great,” said Vice-Mayor Scott Foster. “I haven’t been as excited about a new business coming to town in a long time.”

The other council members echoed Foster’s enthusiasm.

“Not only is it an offer for our residents but for visitors to our market,” said Councilman Doug Pons. “It’s exactly what we need more of.”

Williamsburg resident Chris Cook and his business partner Andrew Voss plan to operate a 5,360 square foot restaurant, including a 712-square-foot microbrewery called Amber Ox Kitchen and Brewery. Voss said during the meeting the brewing area of the building will be visible to bar guests and sidewalk pedestrians alike.

According to promotional material included with the application, the brewery’s menu will feature seasonal dishes and regionally-sourced ingredients.

“The Amber Ox is a welcoming culinary-focused brewery, always looking for innovative ways to create dishes that pair perfectly with our beer,” stated the application document. “By tapping into the rich culinary and brewing ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, IN: Danny Boy Beer Works and Switchyard Brewing coming to Bloomington
Danny Boy Beer Works’ third expansion from its Carmel homebase is targeted for downtown Bloomington at 208 South Dunn St., NUVO reported on June 8.

“We’re planning opening the end of July, for the start of IU-Bloomington’s Fall 2017 semester,” said head brewer Dustin Brown. “There’s a personal connection for each place [we expand to]. We do this more for family than simply for market expansion,” added Brown.

Danny Boy in Bloomington marks a return to Brown’s hometown and where his brewing career began. With a degree in marketing and communications from IU, in 2005 Brown signed on at Bloomington Brewing Company [BBC], apprenticing with Brewmaster Floyd Rosenbaum. In 2012, having attained assistant brewer status in the tradition of craft, Brown was invited by the owners of the newly opened Cutter’s production brewery to head their operation, which included contract brewing for the newly emerging Danny Boy. When Danny Boy owner Kevin “KP” Paul finalized plans to build a new production brewery in the Village of West Clay, the natural progression was for Brown to head that operation.

Now, Dustin Brown will be back home — figuratively speaking. He’s still brewing in Carmel, but his Bloomington-based family will require ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, NS: Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Company now pouring two of its own beers
A craft malt house that opened last spring in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley has announced the launch of an on-site nanobrewery and taproom.

As reported by Atlantic Canada Beer Blog, Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Company opened its taproom on June 1, and is pouring two of its own beers which owner Alan Stewart describes as follows:

The first is Malt House Ale, it is made of equal parts of our Two Row, Vienna & Munich malts. It is hopped with Summit. It is intentionally malty with a pronounced bready finish. The second is Rye’s Up Local, made from 50% PEI barley, 25% PEI wheat & 25% of rye that we grew ourselves. We would like to round out the pan Atlantic aspect of this beer by accessing a suitable hop from New Brunswick.

A third house beer will be added to the line-up soon, and the remaining three taps feature two dedicated to brands from Tatamagouche Brewing and Big Spruce Brewing, and a third featuring a rotation of beers from other breweries that use Horton Ridge malt.

Brewery news USA, NH: Post & Beam Brewing hoping to launch in Peterborough soon
Two weeks after buying the Grand Army of the Republic veterans hall from the town of Peterborough, a Mont Vernon couple have gutted the building and are well on their way to renovating it into a pub and brewery, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported on June 8.

Engaged millennials Erika Rosenfeld and Jeffrey Odland of Mont Vernon purchased the G.A.R. hall from the town for $100,000 with plans to convert it into a brewery and tap room for their new micro-brew business Post & Beam Brewing.

Rosenfeld have renovation plans that include removing an addition to create a new entrance in the rear of the building to create an ADA complaint entrance. A deck will also be added to the side of the building so patrons can join a brew outdoors with a view of the Contoocook River, Rosenfeld said.

She added the ceiling will also be removed to reveal the building post and beam ceiling.

“We have to earn our name,” Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld said they hope to be open in time to hold her father’s birthday party there.

Brewery newsChina: China’s largest brewers seem to have racked up better earnings in Q1
China's largest brewers appear to be pulling out of their recent funk, with powerhouses China Resources Beer, Tsingtao Brewery and Yanjing Brewery, which control ...More info on site

Brewery newsNigeria: AB InBev proposes merger of its three Nigerian beer companies
Anheuser-Busch InBev has proposed a merger of the three Nigerian beer companies in which it holds majority control.

International Breweries, Intafact Beverages and Pabod Breweries ...More info on site

Barley newsWorld: Barley trade forecast down 100 thousand tonnes this month
World barley trade forecast for 2017/18 was reduced to 24.265 mln tonnes in USDA’s Grain: World Markets and Trade report this month from 24.365 ...More info on site

Brewery news New Zealand: DB Breweries announces 8% increase in annual profit last year
New Zealand’s DB Breweries, whose managing director Andy Routley this week announced his exit, lifted annual profit 8 per cent in 2016 as the country's second-biggest liquor company fattened gross margins in the face of largely flat revenue, the New Zealand Herald reported on June 9.

The local liquor company owned by Dutch brewing giant Heineken reported net profit of NZ$27.1 million in calendar 2016, up from NZ$25.1 mln a year earlier, financial statements lodged with the Companies Office show. Revenue rose 2.7 per cent to NZ$499.9 mln, recovering some ground from 2015 when sales were down, while the cost of excise duty, raw materials and packaging edged up 0.1 per cent to NZ$284.7 mln. That helped widen DB's gross margin to 43 per cent from 42.1 per cent in 2015.

DB has been grappling with falling beer consumption and a growing demand for boutique products, with sales of craft beer on the rise. That's spurred the likes of DB and rival Lion to buy their smaller craft beer rivals, the most recent being DB's acquisition of Tuatara Brewing Co in January.

The latest accounts acknowledge the acquisition after the December 31 balance date, while keeping the price paid secret, and saying the ...More info on site

Brewery news Tanzania: Brewers worried about increase in excise duty on beer and spirits
An excise duty rise on beer and spirits can lead to an increase in the consumption of illicit brews and subsequent reduction in company earnings and government revenues, brewing industry players warn.

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) corporate relations director John Wanyancha said the excise duty on beer and spirits is normally passed on consumers. When it is high the prices increase, AllAfrica.com reported on June 8.

But consumers failing to afford the drink turn to illicit brews.

"That can impact negatively on brewing companies as volume sales may decrease, with subsequent fall in government revenues."

He warned that the consumption of illicit brews could endanger health.

He called on the government to maintain the tax concession on local raw materials.

According to him, currently beer companies that source all their raw materials locally are given a 40 per cent tax concession compared with beers that are produced from foreign materials.

He called on the government to maintain that to foster growth of agriculture.

"This encourages more people to grow, barley, wheat, maize and millet because they are assured of a ready market."

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) officials were not available to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) shares SBL’s opinion that an increase in excise ...More info on site

Brewery news Japan: Japan’s brewers racing to develop new uniquely flavoured beers ahead of changes in tax laws
Japan’s craft beer makers and major brewers are racing to develop new uniquely flavored malt beverages to take advantage of pending changes in the nation’s tax law governing alcohol production, The Japan Times reported on June 9.

The use of fruits, spices and other ingredients such as dried bonito will be allowed in beer production starting in April 2018, following a change under the liquor tax law defining of what constitutes an alcoholic beverage.

Currently, beer ingredients are limited mainly to malt, hops, corn and rice. Beverages that include other materials are currently available, but they have to be labeled happoshu (quasi-beer).

Under the new definition, products using newly permitted ingredients can be categorized as beer unless the proportion of the ingredient to the amount of malt exceeds 5 percent.

Both regional craft beer makers, many of which are experienced at making unique products, and major brewers are moving to take advantage of the expanded definition, at a time when the domestic beer market has been slumping.

After the deregulation, “Suiyoubi No Neko,” a beverage made by Yo-Ho Brewing Co. in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, using orange peel and coriander seeds will likely be reclassified as beer from happoshu.

“Labeling has effects on sales and brand images,” ...More info on site

Barley news Germany: Brewers protest against Carlsberg and Heineken patenting a strain of barley
Dozens of protesters, six brewery horses and a marching band have demonstrated in front of the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich to object to a patent by beer giants Carlsberg and Heineken, Deutsche Welle reported on June 7.

In 2016, the two companies jointly patented a strain of barley that improved the taste of beer and allows for a more energy-efficient brewing process.

The beer patents haven't gone down well with Germans, a nation proud of its centuries-old tradition of barley cultivation and beer brewing. Breweries fear financial losses if patents on crops become the new norm, and activists believe food security is under threat.

In November, No Patents on Seeds, an international coalition including Greenpeace, the Catholic charity Misereor and 300 farmers, urged Carlsberg and Heineken in an open letter to drop their patents. But the companies stood firm.

So, the coalition decided to take to the streets.

On June 7, the last day to officially object to one of the patents of the beer giants, around 100 protesters came with big fanfare and turned the technical duty of filing an objection at the EPO into a beer festival.

Surrounded by music, the organizers of the protest handed out non-alcoholic beer to ...More info on site

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