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E-Malt.com Newsletter 42b
October 19 - October 22, 2017

Quote of the Week

The best beer in the world is the open bottle in your hand.
Danny Jansen

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA, NC & CO: North Carolina’s Thirsty Monk buying Deep Draft Brewing in Denver ...Click here
Brewery news USA: Beer excise tax reform now endorsed by majority of US senators ...Click here
Brewery news USA, GA: Pontoon Brewing Co. coming soon to Sandy Springs ...Click here
Brewery news USA, ME: Sebago Brewing sells installed brewery in Gorham to Lone Pine Brewing Company ...Click here
Brewery news USA, TN: Barrique Brewing and Blending eyes early 2018 opening date ...Click here
Brewery news USA, GA: Cherry Street Brewing to open its second location in Forsyth County ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NC: Zillicoah Beer Company announces soft launch on October 20 ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NY: East Bloomfield’s Nedloh Brewing to close at the end of this month ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: Black Diamond Brewing announces abrupt closure ...Click here
Brewery news USA, IN: 5 Arch Brewing Co. coming to Wayne County next August ...Click here
Brewery news USA, IL: Pipeworks Brewing’s new brewpub shooting for early 2019 opening in Chicago ...Click here
World News
Brewery news The Czech Republic: Plzeňský Prazdroj investing over CZK280 mln in expanding its production facilities ...Click here
Brewery news Russia: September beer output down 5.8% yoy ...Click here
Barley news EU: European malting barley markets quiet this week ...Click here
Brewery news UK: BBPA unveils new beer export strategy ...Click here
Brewery news Greece: Carlsberg’s Olympic Brewery invests in new production line at its Thessaloniki plant ...Click here
Brewery news Germany: German brewers ‘brewing with one hand tied behind their back’ - opinion ...Click here
Barley news Russia: Barley exports at record pace in July-August 2017 ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Leading brewer Hite-Jinro still trying to settle labor union issues ...Click here
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Canada Barley Supply and Disposition as of October 2017

Table of the week.

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Scientific Digest


Hops bring a lot of wonderful flavours into beer but possibly also some nasty ones. A group of Japanese researchers looked into the formation of 2-mercapto-3-methyl-1-butanol (2M3MB) during wort boiling and cooling. These compounds give an onionlike flavor recognizable at levels as low as 0.4ppb. The researchers were able to identify the relevant precursor component, 2,3-expoxy-3-methylbutanal (EMB) and propose it's derived from iso-alpha acids involving oxygen. The transformation into 2M3MB requires H2S and a yet undefined action of the yeast. Though they have gained a good understanding of the concentrations of the precursor during boiling and cooling, further work is required to determine effective measurments that can prevent the formation of 2M3MB.


Stefan Bub, Research Center Weihenstephan: The Role of Brewing Yeast Influencing Amounts of Hop Aroma Compounds during Beer Production

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

19 October
1819 - Joseph C Juglar is born, French physician/economist, Crises Commerciales
1987 - Wall Street takes its worst plunge of the modern era, as the Dow loses 508 points, or 22.6% (the worst daily loss on record), to close at 1738.74
1988 - Friedrich Weinreb, Polish/Neth theologist/economist, dies at 77

20 October
1928 - magnate/multi-millionaire Ken Morrison was born, executive chairman of the Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc, the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom
1973 - OPEC oil embargo begins
1983 - IBM-PC DOS Version 2.1 released

21 October
1492 - Columbus discovers America (Oct 12, 1492 Julian calendar)
1879 - Thomas Edison perfects carbonized cotton filament light bulb
1987 - Nobel prize for economy awarded to Robert M. Solow

22 October
1897 - World's 1st car dealer opens in London
1979 - Walt Disney World's 100-millionth guest
1997 - Yahoo completes purchase of Four11


October 2017:
05-07: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2017 (Stockholm, Sweden)
11-15: Mondial de la Biere Rio 2017 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
16-17: 104 VLB October Convention 2017 (Berlin, Germany)
23-25: 8th Ibero-American VLB Symposium 2017 in Guatemala (Guatemala City)
26-28: drink technology India 2017 (New Delhi, India)
27-29: Olut Expo 2017 (Helsinki, Finland)

November 2017:
11: International MicroBrew Symposium 2017 (Munich, Germany)
22-23: Craft Beer Italy 2017 (Milan, Italy)

January 2018:
26-28: Finest Spirits 2018 (Munich, Germany)

February 2018:
02-04: Brau Kunst Live 2018 (Munich, Germany)
09-12: HoReCa 2018 (Athens, Greece)
17-20: Beer Attraction 2018 (Rimini, Italy)
20-24: Great British Beer Festival Winter 2018 (Norwich, UK)
27-01 March: Beviale Moscow 2018 (Moscow, Russia)

March 2018:
05-07: 105th Brewing and Engineering Conference (Munich, Germany)
06-08: Expo Antad & Alimentaria Mexico 2018 (Mexico City, Mexico)
07-10: Festival Brasileiro de Cerveja 2018 (Blumenau, Brazil)
08-10: Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair 2018 (Dublin, Ireland)
14-15: BeerX 2018 (Sheffield, UK)
19-22: IBD Asia Pacific Convention 2018 (Wellington, New Zealand)

April 2018:
08-12: International Malting and Brewing Symposium "13th Trends in Brewing" (Ghent, Belgium)
13-14: Helsinki Beer Festival 2018 (Helsinki, Finland)
28-29: Zythos Beer Festival 2018 (Leuven, Belgium)
30-03 May: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2018 (Nashville, USA)

May 2018:
22-24: Beer 2018 (Sochi, Russia)

June 2018:
06-09: Mondial de la Biere 2018 (Montreal, Canada)
29-01 July: Mondial de la Biere 2018 (Paris, France)

August 2018:
03-05: The 22nd International Berlin Beer Festival (Berlin, Germany)
08-11: Vietfood & Beverage 2018 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
10-11: Beervana 2018 (Wellington, New Zealand)
12-15: Brewing Summit 2018 (San Diego, USA)

September 2018:
04-06: food & drink technology Africa (fdt Africa) (Johannesburg, South Africa)
12-14: 6th International Symposium for Young Scientists and Technologists in Malting, Brewing and Distilling (Bittburg/Trier, Germany)

October 2018:
23-26: China Brew China Beverage 2018 (Shanghai, China)
24-26: drink technology India 2018 (Mumbai, India)

November 2018:
13-15: Brau Beviale 2018 (Nuremberg, Germany)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news USA, NC & CO: North Carolina’s Thirsty Monk buying Deep Draft Brewing in Denver
The Thirsty Monk, an established brewery and bar chain in Asheville, North Carolina, will make the leap west to Denver next month; it's buying Deep Draft Brewing, at 1604 East 17th Avenue. Opened in 2015 by Robert Lee and his family, Deep Draft had been for sale for several months, Westword reported on October 19.

Founded by developer and entrepreneur Barry Bialik, Thirsty Monk specializes in brewing classic beer styles with Belgian yeast and Belgian twists. In addition to the Denver location, Thirsty Monk will also move into a Portland spot as it pursues a strategy of opening several “pocket breweries” across the country. Brian Grace, the former head brewer at Crooked Stave, will oversee both breweries.

Thirsty Monk is just the third out-of-state brewery to open in Denver, following Epic Brewing, which is based in Salt Lake City, and 10 Barrel Brewing out of Bend, Oregon, which is now owned by Anheuser Busch InBev, the maker of Budweiser.

“We are pulling a mini, reverse New Belgium,” Bialik jokes; New Belgium and Oskar Blues both opened locations in North Carolina in recent years. “Denver is a market I wanted to be in, where I would want to personally spend time,” he continues. “We ...More info on site

Brewery news USA: Beer excise tax reform now endorsed by majority of US senators
A majority of U.S. Senate members now support legislation that would reduce excise taxes on all brewers and importers, Brewbound reported on October 20.

According to a press release jointly produced by six beverage lobbying groups, including the Beer Institute and the Brewers Association, 51 senators have co-sponsored Senate Bill 236, known as the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA).

The legislation, which was introduced into the Senate on January 30 by Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Roy Blunt (R-MO), also has majority support from 281 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have backed a companion bill (H.R. 747).

“Beer is bipartisan, and I want to thank the broad coalition of Senators and House members from across the country for supporting this commonsense legislation that will provide critical tax relief to America’s brewers and beer importers,” Jim McGreevy, the CEO of the Beer Institute, which represents the interests of all brewers, importers and supply industries, said via a press release.

“I look forward to Congress taking up the bill and moving it to President Trump for his signature so that brewers and beer importers can continue to invest in their businesses to meet consumers’ demand for beer,” he added.

According to McGreevy, ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, GA: Pontoon Brewing Co. coming soon to Sandy Springs
Pontoon Brewing Co., Sandy Springs’ first brewery, will be opening soon, MDJOnline.com reported on October 18.

“To my knowledge, this is the first malt beverage manufacturing business coming into Sandy Springs,” District 2 Sandy Springs City Councilman Ken Dishman said. "I’m very excited about it. I’m hoping it will be the first of many and a catalyst for Sandy Springs. I’ve met the guys there and think they’ll do a great job.”

During its meeting Oct. 17 at City Hall, the council approved by a 5-0 vote Pontoon’s beverage license application, paving the way for the business to open. Mayor Rusty Paul was absent so District 5 Councilman Tibby DeJulio, who also serves as the mayor pro tem, filled in for Paul and did not vote on council matters.

Pontoon, previously located in Atlanta, has already moved to its new location on Dunwoody Place on the northern end of the city, according to its website. While the city already has a brewpub in 5 Seasons Brewing Co., this is its first brewery.

The new business is able to operate in the city thanks in part to Georgia Senate Bill 85, which allows for malt beverages to be provided for limited sale at retail by ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, ME: Sebago Brewing sells installed brewery in Gorham to Lone Pine Brewing Company
Sebago Brewing Co. (SBC), announced on October 16 the sale of its 13,000-square-foot installed brewery in Gorham to Portland-based Lone Pine Brewing Company. The additional brewing equipment, packaging and warehouse space included in the sale will quadruple the size of the young brewery from 5-barrel to 20-barrel capacity.

SBC has been brewing and packaging their beer in the Gorham industrial park since 2005. Since then, co-founders Kai Adams, Brad Monarch and Tim Haines have experienced amazing growth leading to their recent news of the construction of a new 31,000-square-foot destination brewery on Lower Main Street in Gorham, which is schedule to open in mid-February.

“It was always our intent to sell the brewery installed and in place to a Maine brewer who was growing and needed the capacity or a new start-up looking to find a home,” said Adams. “We know what it takes to start up a brewery and the costs and planning it takes to install all the equipment. John, Tom and the team at Lone Pine worked hard in a short timeframe to make this happen, and we’re really excited to see what they will create here.”

Lone Pine, which started brewing at its Anderson Street location in March 2016, ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, TN: Barrique Brewing and Blending eyes early 2018 opening date
An early 2018 date is eyed for what likely would be — if operational today — Nashville’s smallest and most specialized craft beer brewery, the Nashville Post reported on October 16.

Joel Stickrod said he plans to brew only sour beers at the facility, which has an address of 1821 Air Lane Drive about three miles east of downtown. Stickrod, who is an assistant brewer at Franklin-based Mantra Artisan Ales, will call the brewery Barrique Brewing and Blending. Of note, the nanobrewery will not offer a tasting room.

Stickrod said he hopes to be able to offer the first bottles for purchase in early 2019. He wants the beer to be available at local retailers that focus on craft ales and lagers.

Stickrod, who completed an internship at Sandy Springs, Georgia-based 5 Seasons Brewing Co. with Kevin McNerney (an original founder of SweetWater Brewing Co. of Atlanta), said he is not ready to disclose details related to production, marketing, social media, distribution, employees, product packaging, etc.

“Barrique” is a common name for a French oak wine barrel. Stickrod said he plans to brew the sour beers using such barrels in “every step of the process.”

Stickrod will operate from 700 square feet of space subleased ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, GA: Cherry Street Brewing to open its second location in Forsyth County
The Cumming brewery that won the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship is opening a second space in Forsyth County, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on October 18.

Cherry Street Brewing will open a nearly 8,000-square-foot brewpub and beer garden in mixed-use development Halcyon.

The spot will serve a menu of seasonal, upscale pub food. The beer selection will include 16 existing Cherry Street beers, as well as a brew specifically made for the Halcyon location. The open-air beer garden will feature communal tables, bar space and a stage for special events.

Founded by siblings Nick and Alisa Tanner — whose father is Rick Tanner of the eponymous Cumming restaurant – Cherry Street Taproom and Cherry Street Brewing Co-Op opened in Cumming’s Vickery Village several years ago. The brewery took home three gold, one silver and two bronze medals at this year’s U.S. Open Beer Championship.

Located at 5490 McGinnis Village Place on the border of Alpharetta, Halcyon is set to open in 2018 and will also include 500,000 square feet of retail and office space, a dine-in movie theater, two hotels, 690 residential units and 50 acres of green space.

Other announced tenants include Gu’s Dumplings, Mexican street food joint Tocayo, Kilwin’s Chocolate, Land ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, NC: Zillicoah Beer Company announces soft launch on October 20
Zillicoah Beer Company (ZBC) announces its soft launch as it opens the tasting room doors to the public on Friday, October 20, 2017, Brewbound reported.

Located two miles outside the heart of downtown Asheville at 870 Riverside Drive, it is the first brewery in Woodfin. The property sits on a 4-acre parcel with nearly 900 feet of French Broad Riverfront west of University of North Carolina. Founding partners Jonathan Chassner, Jeremy Chassner, Mike Healy, and Steve Wilmans come from several local craft breweries and embody a background rich in experience, creativity and innovation. Co-Founder and Head Brewer Johnathan Parks joins the team having hailed from Hi-Wire Brewing.

The founders envisioned a nature centric location with a focus on social drinking and outdoor activities, akin to a park setting where patrons could enjoy craft beer. To this end, the brewery takes its name from the Cherokee word for the French Broad River itself, which serves as a focal point for the social areas of the property.

“This project has been a labor of love, and we’re stoked to finally be opening our doors to the community,” said Jeremy Chassner. “I’m really excited to sit by the river with a beer and some food ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, NY: East Bloomfield’s Nedloh Brewing to close at the end of this month
Nedloh Brewing, based in East Bloomfield, Ontario County, announced plans on October 18 to close at the end of the month, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.

"(Owners) Nate and Josie Holden have decided to exit the brewing business following a personal decision to refocus the next chapter of their lives and careers," the brewery announced in a press release.

Nedloh, which is Holden backward, opened in late 2014 at 6621 Routes 5 and 20. It recently gained national attention with a bronze medal for its 5&20 IPA in the American-Belgo (Belgian) Ale category at the Great American Beer Festival, the country's most prestigious beer competition.

Nedloh was the only Rochester-area brewery to medal and just the third from upstate New York.

The Holdens said they are exploring options for the 3,500-square-foot facility. "The owners are considering options for the brewing and tasting facility, which could include a sale to another brewer," they said.

Brewer Bill Ballweber guided Nedloh during its three-year run. He developed thoughtful and interesting beers, ones known for barrel aging and Belgian influences. I was especially fond of his Funky FLX, a wine barrel-aged saison.

Nedloh's two-story brewhouse and tasting room stands as one of the most striking in the Finger ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: Black Diamond Brewing announces abrupt closure
Concord's Black Diamond Brewing, which began selling beer 23 years ago, announced its abrupt closure in a Facebook post on October 17, SFGate reported.

The post features a photo of a piece of paper taped to a glass door, reading, "Black Diamond Brewing Company is closed until further notice." The note was reportedly discovered by Shawn Whitaker, the brewery's operations and production manager.

The accompanying text adds that "the locks have been changed."

The brewery, which was founded in 1994, had been distributing to 16 states and five countries.

Brewery news USA, IN: 5 Arch Brewing Co. coming to Wayne County next August
An old building in one of Wayne County's historic downtown areas will soon be home to a new store and a craft brewery, the Palladium-Item reported on October 16.

The building at 206 N. Morton Ave. — the northmost of a pair of structures situated directly across from Maplewood Park — is undergoing renovations to be turned into a storefront for Fountain City-based Johnson Family Farm.

Another part of the building will be turned into a new space for the 5 Arch Brewing Co., a joint venture by a local insurance agent and an area beer aficionado.

"The Johnson family is going to have a farm-to-table type of store — essentially a small grocery store — that will focus on items that they produce and grow," Kyle Turner, a partner in 5 Arch, said. "Our area will be completely separate, but in the same building."

He said the lower part of the building will be occupied by 5 Arch Brewery starting next August.

Turner, who also runs Turner Insurance in the town, said the brewery's space will be about 1,200 square feet, with seating for about 30 to 50 people. There is an additional 6,000 square feet of space behind the building for outdoor seating ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, IL: Pipeworks Brewing’s new brewpub shooting for early 2019 opening in Chicago
Brewery-fresh beer and food could be coming to Logan Square from the team behind Pipeworks Brewing. The acclaimed beer-maker plans to open a brewpub at 2614 N. California Avenue. It is still in the initial stages and needs community and city approvals, but ownership is shooting for an early 2019 opening. A community meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 23, Eater Chicago reported on October 17.

Pipeworks was founded in 2012, noted DNAinfo, but the Hermosa-based brewery hasn’t crossed into the world of food — or even a taproom. Pipeworks’ co-owner Gerrit Lewis told the Tribune that they’re working with a mystery chef with “a long and notable Chicago resume.” Lewis said they’d also make “experimental brews” including some sours once the brewpub is official.

Lewis is being coy as he doesn’t want to say too much until after the community meeting. He did post an exterior rendering of what the brewpub could look like and writing the he’s “going to need some community support on this one.” The brewpub would neighbor Mi Tocaya Antojeria, the acclaimed Mexican restaurant that opened earlier this year.

Brewery newsThe Czech Republic: Plzeňský Prazdroj investing over CZK280 mln in expanding its production facilities
The leading Czech brewery Plzeňský Prazdroj is investing over CZK 280 million in production facilities for its world-famous lager Pilsner Urquell, Radio Prague reported ...More info on site

Brewery newsRussia: September beer output down 5.8% yoy
Russia’s national statistics agency has published a new report showing beer and vodka output declined in September 2017 versus September 2016, Profibeer reports.

Beer production ...More info on site

Barley newsEU: European malting barley markets quiet this week
It has been a quiet week with little activity on the European malting barley market. Market prices have been trending a bit easier / ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: BBPA unveils new beer export strategy
A new export strategy, unveiled on October 19 at Fuller’s Griffin Brewery in Chiswick by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), aims to increase British beer exports by £100 million over the next five years, The Drinks Business reported on October 20.

The BBPA estimates that beer exports are currently worth around £600 million per year, making it the UK’s third biggest food and drink export after Scotch whisky and chocolate.

The export strategy is part of the government’s International Action Plan which aims to create opportunities for the UK’s food and drink exporters. A series of measures will now be implemented by the BBPA and brewers alike.

Entitled the ‘British Beer Export Strategy 2017 – 2022’, which can be read in full here, a series of measures will now be put in place to ensure the desired export growth is achieved.

Firstly, there will be a new ‘export hub’ on the BBPA website that aims to put British brewers in contact with potential buyers overseas.

This hub will include “country profiles on the top beer export target markets” and in particular, will provide labelling information requirements, which, according to the BBPA, has been identified “as the number one trade barrier for many brewers”. ...More info on site

Brewery news Greece: Carlsberg’s Olympic Brewery invests in new production line at its Thessaloniki plant
Carlsberg’s Olympic Brewery has invested 3.2 million euros in its plant in Sindos, Thessaloniki, for a new production line of 20-liter PET beer kegs that prolong product freshness, Kathimerini reported on October 19.

These single-use kegs allow beer to stay fresh for up to 31 days after being opened, instead of five, as is the case with the conventional metallic barrels used in bars and restaurants, for example.

The new unit, which produces the Mythos, Fix, Fix Dark and Kaiser brands, has a production capacity of 250,000 hectolitres a year and is expected to significantly boost Olympic Brewery’s domestic presence in the areas of catering and tourism in particular, while also raising export prospects over the coming years. Exports currently account for 5 percent of Olympic Brewery’s total turnover.

The Carlsberg subsidiary is planning overall investments at the Sindos plant of 4.6 million euros this year, with the company’s total investments in Greece over the 2015-2018 period (including in its other plant at Ritsona in Evia) estimated at 22 million euros. The investment plan for 2014-2019, meanwhile, comes to 45 million euros.

However, the Greek beer market continued to contract this year. According to data from market research firm IRI presented earlier this week ...More info on site

Brewery news Germany: German brewers ‘brewing with one hand tied behind their back’ - opinion
Fetishisation of a 500-year-old law is preventing German beer makers from use their profound knowledge to break new ground in brewing, argues Geoffrey Dobbs.

Criticizing German brewing always feels very hard to do, especially to Germans. Because it really is so accomplished. But while there is much for Germans to be proud of in their place in beer history, fetishization of the Reinheitsgebot and layers of red tape will keep German beer from attaining heights they might otherwise reach. Germany has so much expertise that could produce even more great beers if it wasn’t brewing with one hand tied behind its back, The Local reported on October 19.

The famous 1516 Bavarian Reinheitsgebot decreed that beer may only be made with barley, hops, and water (yeast was discovered centuries later). The law was enacted in order to prevent brewers from competing with bakeries for wheat and other grains, and so keep the price of bread stable, as well as to regulate away ingredients that might cover up a spoiled beer.

However, the rulers of Bavaria still had a taste for wheat beer, and just four years after the law passed, a brewery on the Czech border was given permission to brew with wheat. ...More info on site

Barley news Russia: Barley exports at record pace in July-August 2017
Russia exported barley at a record pace in July-August 2017 despite a delay in this year’s harvest. Owing to high carryover stocks, Russia exported roughly 1.39 mln tonnes of barley in the first two months of the 2017/18 season, or 73% more than at the same time last year. The previous peak in barley exports during the period under review was registered in MY 2015/16 (1.2 mln tonnes), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Traditionally, the main end market for Russian barley early in MY 2017/18 was Saudi Arabia with an export share of 41%.

Iran also actively imported barley from Russia. Russia exported 327 thousand tonnes of barley to Iran in the reporting period, or four times more than during the same period last year. Moreover, Russia resumed deliveries to Turkey and Kuwait, it is reported.

Brewery news South Korea: Leading brewer Hite-Jinro still trying to settle labor union issues
The labor union at Hite-Jinro is causing a stir for demanding the replacement of an executive in charge of labor relations while an ongoing strike has been severely disrupting the company's operations, the Korea Times reported on October 19.

Korea's largest maker of the distilled liquor soju said on October 19 that the union's demand is not the subject of collective bargaining, urging striking workers to "come to their senses" and work harder with management to reach a consensus.

Demanding a 7 percent hike in the base salary, union workers began a partial walkout on Sept. 25. They have been staging a full-scale strike since Oct. 13, with about 1,700 out of 2,300 union members refusing to work.

The workers are also asking management to guarantee job security for all union members even if the company downsizes its operation.

Hite-Jinro has three breweries and four soju distilleries in Korea. But the ongoing strike has forced it to run only two breweries in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, and Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, and a soju distillery in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province.

"Labor and management held their 20th negotiation on Oct. 16 and 17, but failed to narrow their differences," a company official said. ...More info on site

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