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E-Malt.com Newsletter 24b
June 13 - June 16, 2019

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The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.
David Bailey

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news Canada: Beer sales growth rate decreases as part of global shift ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, ON: Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery acquired by restaurant franchise Foodtastic ...Click here
Brewery news USA, OH: Outerbelt Brewing to open its doors on June 15 ...Click here
Hops news Canada, BC: British Columbia’s hop industry going through difficult times ...Click here
Brewery news USA, FL: Hourglass Brewing to launch Curry Ford satellite brewery on July 3 ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WA: Inland Ale Works hopes to open in Cheney by September ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI: Handmap Brewing planning brewery in downtown Battle Creek ...Click here
Brewery news USA, TX: Local Group Brewing planning to launch production facility by the end of the year ...Click here
Brewery news Canada: Ontario’s Brick Brewing officially changes corporate name to Waterloo Brewing Ltd. ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MA: White Lion Brewing seeks permit to open brewery in Springfield ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WA: Bellingham’s Illuminati Brewing to close down ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: Benchmark Brewing closes for good ...Click here
World News
Brewery news World: Low and no alcohol beer category growth not expected to abate soon ...Click here
Barley news EU: EU barley production forecast reduced to 59.6 mln tonnes this month ...Click here
Brewery news EU: Bad weather weighing on brewers stock ...Click here
Brewery news Cyprus: January-May beer shipments decline by 6.4% ...Click here
Barley news Vietnam & Australia: Vietnam’s appetite for Australian wheat, barley expected to keep growing ...Click here
Brewery news Germany: Popularity of alcohol-free beer on the rise in Germany ...Click here
Brewery news Belgium: Trappist monks turning to online reservations for Westvleteren beer ...Click here
Brewery news The Philippines: Tax court orders PHP44.48 mln tax refund to San Miguel Brewery ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Britain faces beer 'drought' after alcohol delivery drivers vote to go on strike ...Click here
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Table of the Week

UK Unroasted Malt Exports 1995 - 2018

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

These Days in Business History

13 June
1933 - Financial and Economy World conference opens, 66 countries
1934 - Black-McKeller Bill passes causes Bill Boeing empire to break up into Boeing United Aircraft [Technologies] and United Air Lines
1975 - 1st oil pumped from North Sea oilfield

14 June
1755 - 1e edition of Dr. Johnsons "Dictionary"
1789 - Whiskey distilled from maize is first produced by American clergyman the Rev Elijah Craig. It is named Bourbon because Rev Craig lived in Bourbon County, Kentucky
1846 - Belgian Liberal Party forms
1946 - Canadian Library Association established
1951 - 1st commercial computer, UNIVAC 1, enters service at Census Bureau

15 June
1762 - Austria uses 1st paper currency
1909 - 1st U.S. airplane sold commercially, by Glenn Curtiss for $5,000
1949 - Gas turbine-electric locomotive demonstrated, Erie Pa
1954 - UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is formed in Basel, Switzerland

16 June
1903 - Pepsi Cola Company forms
1903 - Ford Motors incorporates
1911 - IBM founded as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company in Endicott, New York
1963 - 1st woman in space, aboard Vostok 6
1983 - European Space Agency launches European Comm Satellite 1, Oscar 10


June 2019:
24 - 26: 2019 ASBC Meeting (New Orleans, USA)
25 - 26: BevExpo 2019 (Ricoh Arena, Judds Lane, Coventry, United Kingdom)

July 2019:
03 - 04: Craft Drinks India 2019 (Bengaluru, India)
09 - 11: Fdt Africa 2019 (Midrand, South Africa)

August 2019:
02 - 04: The 23rd International Berlin Beer Festival (Berlin, Germany)
06 - 10: The Great British Beer Festival 2019 (London, UK)
07 - 10: VIETFOOD & BEVERAGE - PROPACK 2019 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
09 - 10: Beervana 2019 (Wellington, New Zealand)
26 - 31: Copa Cervezas de America 2019 (Valparaiso, Chile)

September 2019:
04 - 08: Mondial de la Biere 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
17 - 19: 10th Iberoamerican VLB Symposium Brewing & Filling Technology 2019 (Guadalajara, Mexico)
21 - 06 October: Oktoberfest 2019 (Munich, Germany)
26 - 27: Sea Brew 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)
26 - 28: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2019:
03 - 05: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)
03 - 05: The Great American Beer Festival 2019 (Denver, USA)

November 2019:
12 - 14: Brau Beviale 2019 (Nuremberg, Germany)
27 - 29: Drink Japan 2019 (Makuhari Messe, Japan)

December 2019:
05 - 07: Drink Technology India 2019 (New Delhi, India)
More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news Canada: Beer sales growth rate decreases as part of global shift
Alcohol sales have been holding steady in Canada for the past few years, with a total volume of 3,098 million litres sold over the past fiscal year— the equivalent to 507.1 standard drinks per legal drinker — up slightly from the 3,074 million litres sold the year before, CBC reported on June 14.

However, while wine sales grew 4.6 per cent last year, increasing in every province and territory, and liquor sales were up 4.4 per cent, beer was basically flat, growing less than a per cent and cementing a decade-long trend.

And even as the craft beer craze saw the number of breweries in Canada hit an all-time high in 2018, overall production fell by 3.4 per cent.

This is part of a global shift.

In the U.S., alcohol consumption dropped for the third straight year in 2018, mostly because fewer people are drinking beer. For example, sales of Bud Light, America's biggest beer, dropped 17 per cent between 2012 and 2017. And beer's share of the U.S. alcohol market has dropped from 48.2 per cent in 2010 to 45.6 per cent in 2017.

As with so many things, young people are being blamed.

Millennials — who apparently care about fitness and dislike arriving at ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, ON: Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery acquired by restaurant franchise Foodtastic
Foodtastic, a Quebec-based restaurant franchise company, has announced that it has purchased Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery and Big Rig Restaurants for an undisclosed amount, the Canadian Beer News reported on June 10.

“Big Rig is a treasured local brand and we are excited to welcome Big Rig into the Foodtastic family,” said Peter Mammas, President and CEO of Foodtastic, in a statement. “We look forward to preserving Big Rig’s strong brand, while growing the restaurant system across the region. We are already looking at locations in Toronto.”

The original Big Rig brewpub location was opened in 2012 by a group of partners that included Ottawa Senators defenceman Chris Phillips. A larger production brewery and taproom was launched in 2014 in Kanata, and a second Big Rig restaurant and bar opened the following year in Ottawa’s Gloucester Centre.

The announcement also notes that brewmaster Lon Ladell will be remaining in his role, and has increased his equity stake in the company.

Brewery news USA, OH: Outerbelt Brewing to open its doors on June 15
A new brewery and taproom is opening soon in central Ohio. The newest addition to the Route 33 Brew Trail, Outerbelt Brewing, opens its doors this Saturday, June 15 in Carroll, the columbusunderground reported on June 11.

Located at 3560 Dolson Ct., Outerbelt has taken over the 25,000 square foot building that used to house Lowe’s and Columbus Industries. Owner and head brewer Dan Griffin says they’re only using half of the space, with the ability for expansion if necessary. Right now Outerbelt spans 10-12,000 square feet, with 4,500 square feet of production space and 6,000 square feet for their taproom.

Their full production system includes 30 barrels along with a three barrel pilot system. After getting their alcohol production permits nine months ago, they’ve been making IPAs and sours, two favorites of Griffin and assistant brewer Dominic Kirchgessner. Recognizing the popularity of low ABV and low calorie brews, Griffin says they’re working on a light lager that’ll be out soon as well.

“We’re kind of all over the place,” says Griffin. “We just want to make high quality beer, and whatever our guests want to drink we’ll make, we think — no pigeon-holing.”

Griffin says he’s always been itching to open a brewery, ...More info on site

Hops news Canada, BC: British Columbia’s hop industry going through difficult times
Hop farmer Dwayne Stewart is leaving one third of his Abbotsford farm fallow this year, and many others are exiting the business altogether, the Vancouver Sun reported on June 11.

“I’ve got product in the fridge from 2016 that I haven’t sold yet,” he said. “I know a dozen farmers who won’t grow any hops this year, so we are down to just about 20 growers.”

Despite the explosive growth of British Columbia’s C$280-million craft beer industry, hop famers have been left behind because brewers have little incentive to buy locally, he said.

Without help hop farming could all but disappear in B.C., he said.

A tax rebate to brewers who use locally grown hops would go a long way toward stabilizing and growing the hops industry, said Stewart, owner of B.C. Hop Company.

“That would go a long way toward giving us the kind of support that is shown to the wine industry, and to craft brewers, too,” he said.

New growers usually start small because erecting poles and trellises for vines and planting rhizomes costs up to C$25,000 an acre and it takes three years before you can harvest, said Stewart.

Hop farms in Washington, Oregon and Idaho are often 10 to 20 times the ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, FL: Hourglass Brewing to launch Curry Ford satellite brewery on July 3
Hourglass Brewing (Website) has been hard at work on their new Curry Ford satellite brewery for what seems like over a year, the Bungalower reported on June 12.

The popular Longwood-based brewery signed on for their second location early on in the Hourglass District’s launch. A serendipitous partnership for two same-named endeavors.

The long wait is now almost over as the Hourglass team has announced that a grand opening celebration will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 3 at their new home at 2500 Curry Ford Road [GMap], just across the street from F & D Woodfired Italian Kitchen.

The opening event will feature over 40 taps of Hourglass ales and lagers and a curated tap list of favorites like Banana Brain, Fatty Boom Boom, Drunken Irish Curse, and Blackberry Cobbler.

Brewery news USA, WA: Inland Ale Works hopes to open in Cheney by September
Cheney went 105 years between its previous two breweries, but the wait for the next one will be considerably shorter, The Spokesman-Review reported on June 11.

When New Boundary Brewing opened in May 2015, it was Cheney’s first since the city voted to go dry back in 1910, forcing the closure of Bavaria Brewery. While New Boundary called it quits at the end of 2017, now another newcomer is moving into the building at 505 First St.

Inland Ale Works hopes to open in September. Owner/brewer Nick Johnson, an amateur beer historian, said the name is a nod to Inland Brewing and Malting, which operated in Spokane in the early 1900s.

Johnson – whose homebrewing history goes back 30 years – lives in the Suncrest area north of Spokane County and never made it to New Boundary but found the affordable space while searching for a brewery location over the past year.

He plans to start out making five-barrel (155-gallon) batches of familiar styles, “more of what’s commercially viable as opposed to getting too crazy.” Those will include re-creations of the ale and lager recipes from Spokane’s former Golden Age Breweries (1934-48) based on the brewmaster’s records.

Items from Johnson’s collection of brewery memorabilia will ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MI: Handmap Brewing planning brewery in downtown Battle Creek
Handmap Brewing wants to put its mark on Michigan’s beer scene, with plans to open a new brewery in downtown Battle Creek in fall of 2019, according to a news release from the city of Battle Creek’s economic development group, Battle Creek Unlimited.

It’s the second brewery coming to Battle Creek, as New Holland Brewing proceeds on plans for a location at the corner of McCamly Street and Michigan Avenue that is not yet open.

Arcadia Brewing, a business that operated in Battle Creek for more than 20 years, announced in August 2017 it was closing its Battle Creek location.

In December 2017, BCU announced a request for proposals in conjunction with a $200,000 incentive for a new brewery/distillery to locate in downtown Battle Creek, later announcing that two breweries would be awarded separate incentive packages.

At that time, New Holland Brewing announced its plan to open a brewpub in Battle Creek.

Battle Creek Unlimited (BCU), announced on June 11 a $200,000 financial incentive to Handmap Brewing, which will be located on the first floor of the Record Box, a mix-used facility at 15 Carlyle Street that is undergoing a complete historic renovation by real estate developer Restore (269).

Handmap Brewing co-founders, Chris McCleary and Jennifer ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, TX: Local Group Brewing planning to launch production facility by the end of the year
A group of three Houston transplants are planning to open a new brewery in Near Northside, just a couple blocks from Saint Arnold, Chron.com reported on June 10.

Local Group Brewing received its brewpub permit from the state in February, with plans to open a 1,400 square-foot taproom by the end of the year, at 1504 Chapman.

The founders, Michael Steeves, Todd Donewar and James "Huggy Bear" Wolfe, have been planning the new brew business for nearly three years. Wolfe is a familiar name in the local craft beer scene, after spending five years as a brewer at No Label in Katy, and another year-and-a-half at Southern Star. Donewar and Steeves previously worked in the energy industry, and worked at home brewing in their spare time.

"Since I've been in the industry so long, I can bring the experience and the knowledge of what is and isn't working," Wolfe said during a phone interview on Monday. "And Texas is extremely unsaturated for breweries — Houston even more so. So there's a lot of opportunity, a lot of room to grow for a lot of people."

Wolfe has been busy testing more than 80 recipes for launch, with the aim of starting with eight ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada: Ontario’s Brick Brewing officially changes corporate name to Waterloo Brewing Ltd.
Waterloo Brewing Ltd., formerly Brick Brewing Co. Limited, on June 12 announced it has formally amended its corporate name to Waterloo Brewing Ltd. to align with the Waterloo brand names under which it has been brewing and marketing craft beers for the last 35 years.

Originally established in 1984 as Brick Brewing Co. Limited, the company was the first craft brewer in Ontario and has paved the way for over 270 craft brewers now operating in the province.

“This is an extraordinary company, with a truly remarkable history,” declared George Croft, President and CEO, Waterloo Brewing. “We are a company of pioneers, led in the critical early years by our founder Jim Brickman. It is incredible to think that in the early 80’s there were only ten licensed brewers in all of Canada and no such thing as a craft brewer.”

“We are truly indebted to those original brewers and brewery workers,” continued Croft. “They created the craft beer movement here in Ontario, starting with the renowned Waterloo Dark. The time was right, however, to begin a new chapter in this company’s history. We wanted to cement our commitment to our hometown and the Region of Waterloo by adopting their name as ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MA: White Lion Brewing seeks permit to open brewery in Springfield
White Lion Brewing goes before the Springfield City Council June 24 for the special permit it needs to build a brewery and tap room in Tower Square, MassLive.com reported on June 10.

City Council hearings begin at 6:30 in City Hall.

White Lion needs a special permit for light manufacturing in a Business C zone, a zone that normally wouldn’t allow that type of use, said White Lion general manager and founder Raymond Berry.

Work has already begun installing equipment in the space, the former Spaghetti Freddy's on the Bridge Street side of Tower Square.

"That permission will kick of a lot of construction for us," Berry said.

He hopes to have the facility open in November at the latest.

The plan is to build a beer production facility, tap room and commercial kitchen offering a limited number of entrees.

The project will bring White Lion production to Springfield. Despite being heavily promoted as Springfield's craft beer, White Lion beers are now brewed in Williamsburg and Ipswich.

White Lion has already purchased and moved in tanks and other brewing equipment it bought from Rooster Fish Brewing in Watkins Glen, N.Y.

White Lion in Tower Square will have about 20 employees, full- and part-time.

White Lion is one of few expected ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, WA: Bellingham’s Illuminati Brewing to close down
Illuminati Brewing will close Saturday, June 15, the Bellingham Herald reported on June 11.

The company said it was ending a two-year run of creating handcrafted brews and food. The brewery opened in 2017 at 3950 Hammer Drive in the Irongate business park.

In a news release, owner Chris Luna said they were unable to overcome the business challenges to keep it going. Luna had purchased Illuminati from Bill Kimmerly earlier this year. Kimmerly had moved Masquerade Wine Company in late 2016 and started Illuminati in early 2017. Masquerade closed earlier this year.

“I hope everyone comes by to raise a pint and recall the good times we had here. We’d also like to find new jobs for our six fantastic employees,” Luna said in the news release.

According to its website, Illuminati has 14 beers on tap and a food menu that includes sandwiches, burritos and pork ribs.

Illuminati Brewing is open 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Thursday and an hour later on Friday and Saturday.

This is the first brewery closure in recent years in the Bellingham area. Since 2012 it’s been a period of growth for the industry in Bellingham, which will still have a dozen breweries after the closure. More ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: Benchmark Brewing closes for good
It’s been a rough year for the family-run Benchmark Brewing. Myriad financial difficulties made it look as though the Grantville interest would go out of business several times over the past several months, but owners Matt and Rachael Akin were able to keep on trucking. Until June 9, when Benchmark posted on social media that, as of 3 p.m. on the same day, it is closed for good, westcoastersd.com reported.

Though Benchmark faced a host of challenges, beer quality was never an issue over the life of the business, which opened in 2013. Behind the strength of core beers that defied modern trends such as a Belgian-style table beer, brown ale and oatmeal stout, it gained a small but devoted following in the beer community.

Last summer, the business opened a satellite tasting room in Bay Park. That venue took roughly a year to get operational and was never finished to the degree that its owners had hoped for. Recently, the Akins (who could not be reached for comment) had been shopping the space to other interested brewing companies.

During its six years in business, Benchmark earned a host of awards for its beers, most notably a gold and silver medal in 2016 ...More info on site

Brewery newsWorld: Low and no alcohol beer category growth not expected to abate soon
The low and no alcohol beer category is growing. And while a desire to reduce alcohol consumption is attracting consumers to the category, this ...More info on site

Barley newsEU: EU barley production forecast reduced to 59.6 mln tonnes this month
A worsening of European soft wheat’s competitiveness on world markets led crop consultancy Strategie Grains to cut by more than 1 million tonnes its ...More info on site

Brewery news EU: Bad weather weighing on brewers stock
Carlsberg A/S and Heineken NV may have closed at fresh highs this week, but persistent bad weather in Europe is killing the craving for pitchers of cold beer on a hot summer’s day, Bloomberg reported on June 14.

“Nobody is outdoors having a drink,” Keith Temperton, a sales trader at Tavira Securities Ltd., said in an emailed response to a Bloomberg query. “The bad weather in Europe is weighing on brewers.”

Carlsberg shares dropped as much as 3.4% in Copenhagen, with Heineken retreating 1.9% as of 2:22 p.m. in Amsterdam. The stocks were the top losers in Europe’s Stoxx 600 Food and Beverage Index on Friday, with Belgium’s Anheuser-Busch InBev NV the third-biggest decliner.

Summer is high season for European brewers and soft-drink makers, with the second and third quarters typically accounting for about two-thirds of profit, according to Jefferies International Ltd.’s estimates.

Even if bookmakers are slashing the odds of this June being the U.K.’s wettest on record, it doesn’t look good. Europe’s recent weather is likely to hit brewers and soft drink companies such as Fevertree Drinks Plc, especially compared with last summer, host to a heatwave, the soccer World Cup and a royal wedding, Jefferies analyst Edward Mundy wrote in a ...More info on site

Brewery news Cyprus: January-May beer shipments decline by 6.4%
Beer deliveries in Cyprus reached 13.42 million litres between January and May 2019, down 6.4% compared to the same period last year, In-Cyprus.com reported on June 13.

The decrease is mainly attributed to local consumption in the first five months of the year that reached 12.66 million litres, down 9.3% year-on-year. At the same time, exports almost doubled in relation to the same period of 2018 reaching 762,781 litres.

Total deliveries of beer (local consumption and exports) in May 2019 amounted to 4.43 million litres, showing a decrease of 9.4%.

Local consumption amounted to 4.19 million litres, down 12.1% from the same month of 2018, while exports in May 2019 reached 239,785 litres and doubled compared to 115,030 in May 2019.

May is so far the month with the most beer deliveries for 2019.

Barley news Vietnam & Australia: Vietnam’s appetite for Australian wheat, barley expected to keep growing
Vietnam’s appetite for bread and noodles made from premium Australian wheat could jump 44 per cent by 2030, according to new AEGIC analysis.

AEGIC’s report, ‘Wheat and barley markets in Vietnam: their strategic importance to Australia’, analyses Vietnam’s grain market and economy to understand trends and suggest future actions for Australia.

Lead author Dr Peter White said Australia had historically been Vietnam’s largest wheat supplier, providing about 1.5 million tonnes each year on average – however in recent years Black Sea wheat had been encroaching in the feed sector.

“About 0.9 mln tonnes of Australian wheat was used in Vietnam’s higher priced food market and we expect increased demand to expand this market segment to 1.3 mln tonnes by 2030 – a 44 per cent increase,” he said.

“Similar to other South East Asian countries, Australian wheat has an excellent reputation for noodles in Vietnam. Australian wheat is also Vietnam’s first choice for bread (banh mi), which is quite unusual in Asia countries.

“To maintain and grow this market, the Australian grains industry has to make sure our wheat continues to meet the quality expectations of Vietnamese end-users as the economy grows and incomes increase.”

Dr White said malting and feed barley were also potential areas ...More info on site

Brewery news Germany: Popularity of alcohol-free beer on the rise in Germany
During last year’s sweltering summer in Europe, workers of the Störtebeker beer brewery stood at the doors of the bottle depot eagerly awaiting the empty returns so they could be washed and refilled as quickly as possible. A bottle shortage swept the country due to the rate at which beer was being consumed to quench the overheated nation’s thirst, The Guardian reported on June 14.

But it wasn’t the demand for their classic range of beers that surprised the brewery bosses most, rather the rate at which its alcohol-free varieties were being drunk.

“Sales were 40% up on the previous year,” says Elisa Raus of Störtebeker. “We literally could not produce it as fast as it was being drunk.”

Founded in 1827, Störtebeker, which is in the northern port city of Stralsund on Germany’s Baltic coast and built its reputation as a purveyor to holidaying royals, boasts no fewer than three non-alcoholic varieties among its considerable range of beers. Bernstein, a wheat beer, came out in 2007, then followed Frei, an isotonic pils, and the most recent, Atlantic Ale, last August. Its brewers are working on a fourth in their subterranean testing lab, but the details of that are secret.

According to the German ...More info on site

Brewery news Belgium: Trappist monks turning to online reservations for Westvleteren beer
Belgian Trappist monks who brew one of the world's most coveted beers are turning to online sales to ensure their limited supply goes directly to beer lovers rather than to profiteers, the Yahoo News reported on June 14.

The Saint-Sixtus abbey, home to 19 monks, has been brewing since 1839 and selling to the public since 1878, but with limited production and controlled sales to ensure brewing never takes over monastic life or earns more than needed.

After World War Two they opted to sell at the abbey gates only, instead of through local cafes.

With the rise of craft beer and websites hailing their Westvleteren XII as one of the best beers in the world, the monks started a telephone reservation system in 2005.

Customers were allowed to order two crates for collection at the abbey but were limited to no more than one purchase in 60 days.

Buyers found ways to circumvent the rules, however, using different phone numbers in order to buy more than allowed, and in some cases selling it on at inflated prices.

"Instead of car jams we got jammed telephones as well as the spread of the grey market, people selling on our beer sometimes at vast profit margins," said ...More info on site

Brewery news The Philippines: Tax court orders PHP44.48 mln tax refund to San Miguel Brewery
The Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) has granted a tax refund/credit of PHP44.48 million to San Miguel Brewery Inc. over excise taxes imposed on its beer products collected four years ago, The Philippine Canadian Inquirer reported on June 14.

In a 25-page decision dated June 13, the CTA’s Special Second Division through Associate Justice Juanito C. Castaneda Jr. ordered the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to “refund or issue a tax credit certificate” in favor of San Miguel “for the erroneously, excessively and or illegally collected excise taxes on its San Mig Light and other beer products in bottles and cans for the taxable year 2015.”

Associate Justice Catherine T. Manahan concurred with the ruling which partially granted San Miguel refundable excise taxes of PHP44.48 million.

San Miguel had originally sued to be refunded or be issued a tax credit certificate of PHP48.266 million for what it claimed was excessive or erroneous excise taxes collected on its beer products between Jan. 1,2015 to Dec. 31, 2015.

Brewery news UK: Britain faces beer 'drought' after alcohol delivery drivers vote to go on strike
A beer delivery drivers’ strike could leave Britons pining for their favourite pints, Mirror.co.uk reported on June 14.

Truckers who supply Carlsberg and Molson Coors brands to Greene King, Mitchells & Butlers, JD Wetherspoon and Whitbread pubs could cause shortages over “unmanageable workloads”.

Some 100 drivers and their colleagues from DHL-owned logistics firm Tradeteam in Sheffield and Immingham, Lincs, have voted for industrial action.

Unite union representative Harriet Eisner warned drinkers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the Midlands they could go thirsty but said a “drought” was avoidable. Talks with Tradeteam bosses are set for June 17.

Carlsberg which owns its signature lager as well as Heineken and Kronenbourg, said it was making plans to “minimise disruption” if talks failed.

Molson Coors which owns labels including Carling, Cobra and Worthington’s, said it was “disappointed” with situation.

Whitbread said it had a “contingency plan”, while Wetherspoons declined to comment.

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