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Average market prices
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24 Apr - 26 Apr 2006
Crop 2005
2rs Barley €117.00-119.00   
6rw Barley €104.00-106.00   
2rs Malt €247.00-249.00   
6rw Malt €230.50-232.50   
Crop 2006
2rs Barley €114.50-116.50   
6rw Barley €105.00-107.00   
2rs Malt €240.00-242.00   
6rw Malt €227.50-229.50   

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Average barley market prices are French and are estimated on FOB Creil basis.
Average malt market prices are estimated on FOB Antwerp basis.
The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices.
Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

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China Beer Production 1991 - 2005

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Russia Malt Imports 1998 - 2005

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Czech Beer Production, 1994 - 2005

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Canada Malting Barley Exports by Countries, 2004 - 2005

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China Malting Barley Imports

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Canada, Malting Barley Percentage of Acreage by Variety, 2005

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German Spring Barley. Crop 2006. Forecast.

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EU Malt Export Licence Fixations

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Shares of the Main Participants in the Brazilian Beer market as of December 2005

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Australian Barley Supply and Disposal 2001-2006f

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USA Craft Beer Stats as of Dec. 1, 2005


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April 24 - April 26, 2006

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Top Industry News
Canada: Brick Brewing reports record annual performance for the year ended January 31, 2006... Click here

Central Asia: Beer drinking in Central Asia is on the rise, according to a new survey... Click here

Czech Republic: Beer production for Q1 on rise by of 6 % year-on-year... Click here

UK: Scottish & Newcastle launches new distribution joint venture with Kuehne + Nagel for UK... Click here

China: InBev declined commenting reports on its plans to get a 20 % stake in Yanjing Brewery... Click here

Russia: Russky Solod attracted a credit of EUR 10 million... Click here

Ukraine: In March the production of malt in Ukraine grew by 11%.... Click here

Canada: Research seeks to enhance malting barley quality... Click here

USA: The 2006 sold ahead position for the US hop industry is up 9 points from the 2005... Click here

More News
Belgium: InBev dividend 2006: 0.48 euro per share ... More Info

Czech Republic: Kralovsky Pivovar Krusovice ups profit by over CZK 46 million in 2005 ... More Info

Italy & UK: Carlsberg UK partners with Italian firm Simonazzi ... More Info

Mexico: Grupo Modelo brewer approves 1.25 peso dividend ... More Info

Czech Republic: Budějovick Budvar victorious in the first dispute round with Czech Olympic Committee ... More Info

Belgium: InBev to reinvigorate sales in traditional markets ... More Info

USA: Credit rating agency downgrading Cargill outlook ... More Info

Japan: Aeon will maintain third-category beer prices after a hike in liquor taxes ... More Info

Belgium: Belgian regulators to probe InBev brewing giant ... More Info

UK: Brewery Hall and Woodhouse to pay a of 20,000 fee for river pollution ... More Info

India: Beer prices up on taxes ... More Info

UK: Royal seal of approval for Kent brewer's sustainable development practices ... More Info

Lithaunia: Kalnapilio-Tauro Grupe managed to triple exports for first quarter year-on-year ... More Info

USA: Idaho Barley Commission sponsors food barley speaker at annual Idaho Dietetics Convention ... More Info

India: Good strategic decision for SABMiller to move in India ... More Info

UK: The tax relief for small breweries has led to an increase in their number ... More Info

Uganda: Barley as a grain of wealth in Uganda ... More Info

India: After 13 years of research and development United Breweries develops new barley seed ... More Info

Canada: Russell Breweries Inc announces engagement of corporate development consultancy ... More Info

China: Nomura keeps buy rating on Kingway Brewery ... More Info

UK:Shepherd Neame is making its Whistable Bay available on draught ... More Info

USA: Montana barley producers to plant less barley this year ... More Info

USA: Tumwater buys water rights at the old Miller brewery ... More Info

UK: St. Peter's Brewery wins special award for international trade ... More Info

UK: Marstons Pedigree ale nominated to become an official Icon of England ... More Info

USA: Rumors around Rolling Rock,Brewery ... More Info

Brewery News

2 Canada: Brick Brewing reports record annual performance for the year ended January 31, 2006

Brick Brewing Co. Limited released on April 25 its record annual results for the year ended January 31, 2006. Beer volumes up 39%, Net ...
More Info

2 Central Asia: Beer drinking in Central Asia is on the rise, according to a new survey

From 2002 to 2005, beer consumption in Turkmenistan grew by a staggering 177 %. Other Central Asian countries are not far behind. Kyrgyzstan has ...
More Info

2 Czech Republic: Beer production for Q1 on rise by of 6 % year-on-year

Czech brewers produced 3.98 million hectolitres of beer in Q1, a growth of 6 % from a year ago, director of the Czech Brewing ...
More Info

2 UK: Scottish & Newcastle launches new distribution joint venture with Kuehne + Nagel for UK

Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) announced on April 25 a new joint venture with the global logistics business, Kuehne + Nagel. The venture ...
More Info

2 China: InBev declined commenting reports on its plans to get a 20 % stake in Yanjing Brewery

The global brewing giant InBev refused to comment on reports it is planning to acquire a 20 % stake in China's Yanjing Brewery, AFX ...
More Info

Malt News

2 Russia: Russky Solod attracted a credit of EUR 10 million

The largest Russian malting company, ОАО "Russky Solod", controlled by Avangard Bank (Russia), has attracted a credit of EUR 10 million. The credit is ...
More Info

0 Ukraine: In March the production of malt in Ukraine grew by 11%.

In March 2006, according to the statistical data, Ukrainian enterprises produced 34.3 thousand tonnes of malt, which is a higher output level by 11% than that of February 2006.

In comparison with March 2005 the volume of malt production increased by 5.3 thousand tonnes (by 18%).

For the 9 months of 2005/06 the malt production in Ukraine was of 281.7 thousand tonnes. In the same period of 2004/05 there were produced 222 thousand tonnes of malt.

Barley News

2 Canada: Research seeks to enhance malting barley quality

The CWB and the Alberta Barley Commission (ABC) have announced recently support for important projects aimed at improving malting barley quality through field ...
More Info

Hops News

2 USA: The 2006 sold ahead position for the US hop industry is up 9 points from the 2005

The 2006 sold ahead position for the US hop industry is up nine points from the 2005 position, United States Department of Agriculture posted ...
More Info

Scientific Digest

Relationship between malt qualities and -amylase activity and protein content as affected by timing of nitrogen fertilizer application
CHENCHEN Jin-xin, DAI Fei, WEI Kang, ZHANG Guo-ping (Department of Agronomy, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310029, China)

Abstract: The effects of different timing of N fertilizer application at the same rate on grain -amylase activity, protein concentration, weight and malt quality of barley were studied. Grain -amylase activity and protein concentration were significantly higher in treatments where all top-dressed N fertilizer was applied at booting stage only or equally applied at two-leaf stage and booting stage than in the treatment where all top-dressed N fertilizer was applied at two-leaf age stage only. On the other hand, grain weight and malt extract decreased with increased N application at booting stage. There were obvious differences between barley varieties and experimental years in the grain and malt quality response to the timing of N fertilizer application. It was found that grain protein concentration was significantly and positively correlated with -amylase activity, but significantly and negatively correlated with malt extract and Kolbach index. The effect of grain protein concentration on malt quality was predominant over the effect of grain -amylase activity. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE B
Key words: Barley, Nitrogen fertilizer, -amylase, Malt quality
... Load full article, 6 pages, 290 Kb, PDF file

Malting barley prices. French barley prices.
Nominal prices.

Theoretical malt prices.
NB: Prices published are theoretical malt prices including financial cost, THC (for bulk and bags container) and all administrative costs. This prices may fluctuate according to the quantity per delivery and technical specifications.

* - 70/30 = 70% Average two Rows Spring and 30% Six Rows Winter
** - 50/50 = 50% Average two Rows Spring and 50% Six Rows Winter

Theoretical malt prices for crop 2006 are available on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Table of the week
The Black Sea Barley Market

Graph of the week
Latin America and the 5 Biggest Markets

Agenda April 2006:
Gitchee Gumee Brewfest More than 120 beers from over 30 Upper Midwest brewers
Classic City Brew Fest Mini-festival this year because of venue problems
Master of Beer Styles & Evaluation program The Master of Beer Styles
4TH BREWING RAW MATERIAL SEMINAR (ROHSTOFFSEMINAR) Dealing with market and scientific topics
Newcastle Beer Festival Organized By: Tyneside & Northumberland Branch, Campaign for Real Ale
2006 Australian International Beer Awards
Helsinki Beer Festival 2006. April 7-8, 2006
Okanagon Fest-of-Ale British Columbia's second-largest festival
Taming of the Brew Beer from nearly 20 breweries and distributors
World Beer Cup Competition Judging
Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2006
BEER. WINES & DRINKS International Beer, Wine and Spirits Manufacturing Exhibition
World Beer Cup Gala Awards Dinner
Spring Beer & Wine Festival
Planet Thanet Ale Festival
Stuttgart Spring Festival
Dunstable Beer Festival
Spring Festival Held on the same Oktoberfest grounds
Peoria Jaycees International Beer Festival
Best of the Midwest Brewers Festival Historic setting
Great Brews From Around the World Beer
City Paper Brew Fest Beer from more than 40 microbreweries
Hickory Hops Brew Festival
Wine&SpiritsAsia International Exhibition of Wine
Reading Beer Festival Organized
Stourbridge Beer Festival
Chippenham Beer Festival
Ballpark Festival of Beers Sampling of 100 to 125 American specialty beers
Reading Phillies Beer Fest Beer
TAP New York 2006 More than 100 beers from New York State craft
Hevelius International Beer Festival - Beverages and Gastronomy Devices Fair
2006 Great Petaluma Chili Cook-off, Salsa, and Beer Tasting Beer

May 2006:
10th Annual Boonville Beer Festival
BIG BREW National Homebrew Day website
Great Japan Beer Festival
Beer Baron's World of Beer
TwinTrack Brewing Microbiology Program
Rugby Beer Festival
Australian International Beer Awards Beer Festival
Long Island Beer Festival Hundreds of beers from nearly 70 breweries
Calgary Brewfest 2006 Beer from Calgary
ALCO + SOFT International Specialized Exhibition of Drinks
Beer International Brewing Technology Exhibition
Iran food and drink tec International Food, Drink and Packaging Technology Trade
Mondial de la Biere Windsor Station & Courtyard

June 2006:
ProPak Asia International Food and Drink Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition
BevTech / BrewTech International Exhibition of Beverage and Brewary Processing and Packaging
For conference sponsorship opportunities
National Homebrewers Conference

More events are available on site e-malt.com
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