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Friday, 22 October 2004
Crop 2004
2rs Barley €111.0     
6rw Barley €100.0     
2rs Malt €239.5     
6rw Malt €226.5     
Crop 2005
2rs Barley €122.0     
6rw Barley €106.0     
2rs Malt €253.5     
6rw Malt €233.5     

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Average malt market prices are estimated on FOB Antwerp basis.
The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices.
Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

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E-malt.com Newsletter 43b
October 21 - October 24, 2004

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Currency Rates
Base Currency: Euro, EUR
on 22-October-2004

1 EUR = 1.2618 USD
1 EUR = 0.6905 GBP
1 EUR = 1.5683 CAD
1 EUR = 1.7105 AUD
1 EUR = 135.58 JPY
1 EUR = 3.6062 BRL
1 EUR = 36.7436 RUB
Base Currency: US Dollar
on 22-October-2004

1 USD = 0.7926 EUR
1 USD = 0.5471 GBP
1 USD = 1.2429 CAD
1 USD = 1.3556 AUD
1 USD = 107.46 JPY
1 USD = 2.858 BRL
1 USD = 29.12 RUB

Top Industry News
  • Latvia: The Danish Brewery Group (Bryggerigruppen) reinforces its number two position in the Baltic States by acquiring controlling interest in leading Latvian brewery ... Click here

  • UK: Britain's biggest brewer Scottish & Newcastle announced on October 20 robust performance for the first nine months of the year despite poor summer weather ... Click here

  • Poland, Warsaw: The Heineken group's Zywiec, which has long led the Polish beer market, and long-time runner up SABMiller's Kompania Piwowarska (KP) clashed over third-quarter sales ... Click here

  • Russia: Baltika, the top Russian brewer, plans to add Iraq and Cuba to its export map next year as it continues to attract new overseas fans ... Click here

  • Belarus: The construction of a new Belarus-Czech brewery is planned to be started in Grodno this year ... Click here

  • Ukraine: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed on October 21 an agreement with Soufflet Group about purchasing 24% shares of the largest Ukrainian malt producer OAO Slavutsky Malting Plant ... Click here

  • EU: The EU malting industry was expected to be in deep trouble because of extremely low sales prices for 2005 ... Click here

  • World barley markets were a little firmer in September, mainly because of some tightening of Black Sea supplies ... Click here

  • Sweden: The new estimate for Swedish 2004 crop is 280,000 tonnes of screened malting barley ... Click here

  • Australia, Sydney: Australia's Hamelin malting barley variety has been officially classified as General Malting ... Click here

More News
  • Canada: Big Rock Brewery Income Trust (the "Trust") announced on October 20 that a distribution of $0.09 per trust unit would be paid on November 15, 2004 to unitholders of ...more info

  • Russia: SUN Interbrew announced on October 21, 2004 that it is putting into operation five cylinder-conical tanks (CCTs) at its affiliate in Saransk (Republic of Mordovia). The project to install ...more info

  • Belgium: InBev chief executive John Brock is targeting the global brewer crown currently held by Anheuser-Busch ......more info

  • Russia: The holders of Russian brewery Vityaz have put up for sale 75.98% stocks of the company, the beer maker announced. Preliminary bids are to be filed till November 12 ......more info

  • Tunisia: On October 21, 2004 Tunisia announced a tender on buying 50-75 thousand tonnes of feed barley ...more info

  • Canada’s largest brewery, Molson Inc., announced on October 21 it has entered into a licensing agreement with Independent Liquor, a leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer and marketer in Australasia ...more info

  • EU-25 barley production for 2004/05 is estimated at 60.7 million tonnes from 13.4 million hectares, USDA revealed in its October Report. While the 4.53 tonnes/ha yield is a record ...more info

  • Ukraine: Production of malting barley in Ukraine will make 1.1 million tonnes this year, according to the estimate of General Director of Ukraine's largest Slavuta Malt Plant Mykola Dubyna quoted ...more info

  • USA, Chicago: Altria Group Inc. posted on October 19 higher quarterly profit, as higher income from its stake in brewer SABMiller Plc and the weak dollar offset weakness in domestic ...more info

  • Poland: SABMiller announced on October 21, 2004 that its subsidiary Kompania Piwowarska’s sales in the third quarter of 2004 (July - September) were up on the same quarter last year ...more info

  • World: Consolidation of the world’s brewing industry continues at a steady pace. Anheuser-Busch, InBev and SAB acquired further plants in China ...more info

  • U.K. stocks advanced for the third day in four, led by Scottish & Newcastle Plc after Merrill Lynch & Co. raised its recommendation on shares of Britain's biggest brewer ...more info

  • Canada: The man who developed one of the most popular barley varieties in Canadian history was honoured by a non-profit seed distribution agency in Saskatoon Tuesday ...more info

  • USA: The Boston Beer Company, Inc. announced on October 20 that long-time Board member, James C. Kautz, has retired from the Board, effective at the close of business on Tuesday ...more info

  • Ukraine will export 3.3 million tonnes of barley in 2004/05-market year, according to ProAgro October forecast. In 2003/2004 Ukraine exported 1.51 million tonnes of barley ...more info

  • China: Anheuser-Busch Inc may pay up to US$ 1 billion for a stake in central China's Henan Jinxing Beer Group Corp, an official at the Chinese brewery told AFX ...more info

Brewery News
Latvia: The Danish Brewery Group (Bryggerigruppen) reinforces its number two position in the Baltic States by acquiring controlling interest in leading Latvian brewery, the company announced on October 20. Bryggerigruppen acquired 83.5% of the share capital of Lacplesa Alus A/S registered in Latvia, the leading Latvian brewery with well-known brand and particularly strong in the HoReCa segment. The acquisition price of the shares amounts to DKK 8.9 million (EUR 1.2 million), whereas the interest-bearing debt of the company amounts to DKK 19.0 million (EUR 2.5 million) equal to a total value (enterprise value) of some DKK 28 million (EUR 3.7 million). The acquisition, which is subject to, among other things, approval from the Latvian competition authorities, is expected to be completed in early 2005. Lacplesa Alus A/S is a leading supplier of beer in Latvia with expected revenue of some DKK 45 million (some EUR 6 million) in 2004. The company’s main brand – Lacplesis - is known as a high quality brand placed in the premium segment, and it is particularly strong in the HoReCa area. In addition to its own brands, the company sells and distributes a number of international beer brands in Latvia. In 2003 the total Latvian beer market reached some 1.5 million hectolitres with Lacplesa Alus A/S holding a share of some 11%, which made it the number 3 beer supplier in Latvia. The company has some 200 employees. The V8 Strategic Plan of The Danish Brewery Group identifies the Baltic countries as a key target area. In July 2004, the Group announced its acquisition of the leading Baltic soft drinks producer SIA ”Cido Partikas Grupa” registered in Latvia (cf Announcement BG23/2004 of 29 July 2004). This initiative is now complemented by the acquisition of 83.5% of the share capital of Lacplesa Alus A/S. The Danish Brewery Group now has three breweries and one soft drinks producer in the Baltic countries with expected revenue of DKK 500 million and some 1,000 employees. This clearly makes The Danish Brewery Group one of the leading beverage suppliers in the Baltic countries. In combination with The Danish Brewery Group’s acquisition of SIA ”Cido Partikas Grupa”, which holds a 31% share of the market for fruit juices and soft drinks in Latvia, the acquisition of Lacplesa Alus A/S makes possible the achievement of considerable synergies on sales and distribution. Furthermore, positive results are expected from purchasing and production synergies resulting from cooperation with AB Kalnapilio Tauro grupé in Lithuania. The Danish Brewery Group’s contribution of capital and competence will, based on an overall strong market position, enable further exploitation and enhancement of Lacplesis brand strength...more info

UK: Britain's biggest brewer Scottish & Newcastle announced on October 20 robust performance for the first nine months of the year despite poor summer weather, which dampened beer markets across Western Europe. Since the end of the summer period beer markets have recovered to anticipated levels. This performance is due to improving operational efficiency and good progress from our key brands, the company said. Greater competitiveness across our businesses combined with recovering demand gives us confidence we will meet market expectations for 2004. This robust performance and improving competitiveness positions the group well for further progress in 2005. The UK beer market, as has been widely reported, was relatively weak in the third quarter with poor summer weather compounded by a drop-off in off trade demand following the end of the Euro 2004 football championships. In the context of these testing market conditions, the UK business had a positive third quarter, continuing the strong performance of the first half of the year. The top four beer and cider brands (Foster’s, Kronenbourg 1664, John Smith’s, Strongbow) performed well with volumes for the year to date being +5%; these brands are the key contributors to improving share. This growth has been achieved with no additional discounting, and net sales per hectolitre were slightly ahead for the third quarter. Operationally, the business continues to perform well with high levels of service, good control of costs, and strong cash generation. This improved efficiency is enabling us to invest significantly more in advertising behind our brands; a key driver of improving volumes and margins in the future. As previously indicated, A&P spend will increase by around 1.5% points of net sales for the full year. In France volumes in July and August were, as anticipated, markedly lower than in 2003. As a consequence of the wet summer against extremely tough comparatives we now anticipate the French beer market will decline by around 6% for the full year. However, Brasseries Kronenbourg’s premium brands (Kronenbourg 1664, Grimbergen and Foster’s) continue to gain share (volume –3.5% for the year to date) and total volumes for the third quarter were ahead of those in 2002. Demand has improved since the end of the summer, and for the balance of the year we expect beer market volumes to be at more normal levels...more info

Poland, Warsaw: The Heineken group's Zywiec, which has long led the Polish beer market, and long-time runner up SABMiller's Kompania Piwowarska (KP) clashed over third-quarter sales, both claiming to be Poland's largest brewer, Interfax-Europe posted on October 22. "For a long time, we have been closing the gap between us and the Zywiec group, and this quarter we have finally reached the No. 1 place on the Polish market," KP General Director Karl Lippert told reporters on Thursday. "Our market share exceeds 35%, depending on the methodology, and we sold some 320 mln liters" of beer in the third quarter. Heineken's Zywiec replied that it is the market leader, as it currently holds a 37% market share, but it declined to come up with specific sales figures. "We have maintained the 37% market share, but we disclose the volume production data only for the full- and half-year periods," Zywiec President Nico Nusmeier told reporters, claiming the company will strive to take 40% of the market. Kompania Piwowarska boosted third-quarter sales 16.2% to over 320 mln, which gives it a 37.4% share in the country's beer sale total of 855.6 mln liters, as reported by Polish brewers association Browary Polskie. The company aims to sell over 1 bln liters in 2004. The company had a PLN 440 mln net profit in the fiscal year ended in March 2004. Zywiec lifted its net profit by two and half times to PLN 206.2 mln on sales up 8.4% to PLN 3.20 bln in 2003. In volume terms, Zywiec sold some 9.1 mln hectoliters (910 mln liters) in 2003, marking an 8% improvement from the year before.

Russia: Baltika, the top Russian brewer, plans to add Iraq and Cuba to its export map next year as it continues to attract new overseas fans. "There are quite a lot of people who like to taste new brands," Baltika Director for Exports Dmitry Kistev said in a telephone interview late on Thursday, October 21, according to Reuters. "They are attracted by the unusual link of 'beer and Russia'," Kistev said of Baltika's typical customer. The St Petersburg-based company, jointly owned by Carslberg and Scottish & Newcastle, plans to raise its export volumes to 180 million litres next year from just 41 million litres in 2001 when it began shipping abroad. "Initially, exports were just the acknowledgment of the quality of our beer," Kistev said. "But when Russian market growth started to slow in 2001, we had to look for new markets." In 2001, export volumes accounted for 1 percent of Baltika's overall sales, but the company hopes to raise that to 6.5 percent this year and 9 percent in 2005. The ultimate goal is to export 15-18 % of production, Kistev said. Russia's biggest beer exporter, which has recently started deliveries to New Zealand, sells the amber liquid in 35 countries. It plans to enter markets in Brazil, Cuba, India and Iraq next year. "We think that military operations will continue next year," he said of Iraq, adding that Baltika hoped mainly to supply coalition forces with its beer. "It will be Baltika No. 9, our strongest beer with 8 percent alcohol content. We already have orders, maybe deliveries will start even this year." Baltika will also sell Baltika No.0, its alcohol-free beer, for the local Iraqi population. The United States -- Baltika's biggest market -- should consume 1.5 million litres this year and double that next year. "China should show a similar result next year," Kistev said. Brazil will drink 360,000 litres of Baltika beer in 2005. The only market where Baltika faces major problems is ex-Soviet Georgia, whose authorities jailed the head of Baltika's local distributor for 3 months on accusations that the company had not paid excise charges. Baltika denies this. "We have been forced to stop sales to Georgia," Kistev said. Baltika used to deliver beer to Armenia via Georgia, but will now have to consider transportation through Iran, where Baltika also sells alcohol-free beer. Baltika also plans to launch production outside Russia, primarily in the CIS countries. "There are such plans and we are holding talks," he said without elaborating.

Belarus: The construction of a new Belarus-Czech brewery is planned to be started in Grodno this year. This event will increase several times the Belarus demand for brewing barley. The joint Belarus-Czech enterprise OOO “Kuntzevsky pivovar, 1877” has already been registered. The owners of the new company are Belarus company Conversion-Invest, which owns 60%; Czech company Aragast with 31% and Grodno Brewery with 9%. The project, which includes construction of the plant and modernization, requires EUR 11.5 million. The production capacity of the new brewery will come to 20 million litres of beer per annum. According to analysts 40% of the production is planned to be sold on internal market the rest is to be shipped abroad. The enterprise is to start brewing on January 1, 2006.

Malt News

Ukraine: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed on October 21 an agreement with Soufflet Group about purchasing 24% shares of the largest Ukrainian malt producer OAO Slavutsky Malting Plant based in Khmelnitski Oblast. More over EBRD is offering a five-year credit of USD 11.8 million for financing the expanding of company’s production capacity up to 150 thousand tonnes of malt per year. The financing will also be invested in implementation of international quality certification, application of energy-saving technologies and management improvement. The loan was offered in the network of earlier concluded contract with Soufflet Group for EUR 65 million to support the company’s activity in Central and Eastern Europe. The share holding was acquired from the French company Soufflet, which was controlling 90% of the Slavutsky’s shares before the deal. On 8 March 2004 Baltic Beverage Holding (BBH) sold 90% of company‘s shares to Soufflet Group. Representatives of Souffle Group pointed out that the granted credit funds would help to create stable source of revenue for farmers. Having great experience in malt production Souffle Group will provide assistance in establishing new technologies of barley growing and culturing. Slavutsky Malting plant output in the last three months about 6 thousand tonnes of malt. In September the plant produced 1.6 thousand tonnes of malt that is a 75% drop versus August. Its production facilities are calculated upon yearly 120,000 tonnes barley processing and 70,000 tonnes malt output. Reportedly, the Soufflet group, the world's leading maltster, has invested in Central Europe, which began at the end of 1998. Malteries Soufflet produces in nine countries, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Serbia-Montenegro. It owns 22 malting plants with 686 thousand tonnes production capacity per year in France and 600 thousand tonnes in Eastern Europe countries. With Slavutsky plant the total production capacity of the plant comes to 1.3 million tonnes. According to analysts Ukraine’s demand in malt is 120 thousand tonnes per year.

EU: The EU malting industry was expected to be in deep trouble because of extremely low sales prices for 2005 and the added malt capacities in the EU, Russia and Ukraine, industry analysts posted in a statement. In the first half of 2004 exports went well, and most maltsters report small malt stocks to-date. Barley markets dropped to levels, which reduced or even abolished foreseen financial losses. As beer sales look very good in Southeast Asia and South America, the situation of the EU malting industry looks more optimistic. “But is the major crisis only postponed?”

Barley News

World barley markets were a little firmer in September, mainly because of some tightening of Black Sea supplies, according to International Grains Council Report posted by the end of September. Larger crops in Europe and the CIS are expected to lift world barley production in 2004 by about 9 million tonnes, to 149 million tonnes. The EU estimate is raised by 1 million tonnes from last month due to higher than expected yields in France and Germany, but forecasts for Australia and Canada have been cut, leaving the global estimate virtually unchanged. In contrast to maize, the Council’s forecast of world consumption of barley has been trimmed by 1m. tons, to 143m., a figure lower than last year because of reduced feed use in the EU, which had been unusually large in 2003/04 due to reduced wheat and maize supplies. In Ukraine, where barley is the biggest single feed grain, consumption has been affected by the slow recovery in the livestock sector, especially cattle and pigs, after last year’s sharp fall in feed supplies, and forecast use of this grain has been lowered accordingly. Trade prospects for barley have not changed significantly since last month, with only a modest upturn expected, mainly in the malting sector, as shipments to China recover. Because of uncompetitive prices compared with Black Sea and other offers, EU feed barley exports are forecast to be very small in 2004/05. Following a significant increase in the forecast for the EU, world barley stocks are placed 1m. tons higher than before and are expected to rebound to a six-year high of over 28 million tonnes. According to International Grains Council (IGC) on August 26 Tunisia bought 0.1 million tonnes of Black Sea feed barley. On September 22 Jordan bought 0.1 million tonnes of feed barley.

Sweden: The new estimate for Swedish 2004 crop is 280,000 tonnes of screened malting barley, Viking Malt posted in its last report. This early estimate has now been reduced due to low yields and lower calibration. The small deficit can easily be covered from neighbouring areas. Sweden’s two main barley areas, mid and south of Sweden, are this year somewhat reversed. The outcome is the opposite of normal regarding quality and quantity with high yields and low proteins in the mid of Sweden and the opposite in the south. The estimated time for harvest of malting barley in Sweden is 100-120 days after sowing. For 2004 the malting barley harvest was completed around two weeks late, in the beginning of September. The breakdown between varieties is still on the same levels as before. Major varieties are Barke, Pasadena, Astoria and Prestige.

Australia, Sydney: Australia's Hamelin malting barley variety has been officially classified as General Malting after two years of commercial malting and brewing trials conducted by the Western Malting Barley Council, AgReport revealed on October 22. Hamelin was developed by Western Australia's Department of Agriculture and the GRDC with support from the Western Malting Barley Council. It has been malted by Joe White Maltings and brewed by the Kirin Brewery in Japan and Carlton and United Breweries' pilot brewery, performing well at all stages of the malting and brewing process. Western Malting Barley Council Chairman Steve Tilbrook said it was pleasing to see Hamelin perform so well and the upgrade was timely for growers planning next year's cropping program. "The classification of Hamelin as malting grade is a significant step forward in the development, growth and marketing of high quality barley varieties from WA," Tilbrook said.

Theoretical malt prices.

  EURO = USD 1.2618 October 22, 2004 
Crop year  2004 
Parity  FOB Antwerp 
Position  Oct 2004-Sept 2005 
Conditioning  Bulk   In bags  Bulk containers Bags, containers
Malting barley variety  EURO  USD  EURO  USD  EURO  USD  EURO  USD 
2RS  Scarlett  241.00  304.00  256.50  323.50  252.50  318.50  262.00  330.50 
2RS  Prestige  240.00  302.50  255.00  321.50  251.50  317.00  261.00  329.00 
2RS  Cellar  240.50  303.50  255.50  322.50  252.00  318.00  261.50  330.00 
2RS  Aspen  239.50  302.00  254.50  321.00  250.50  316.50  260.50  328.50 
2RS  Optic  239.50  302.00  254.50  321.00  250.50  316.50  260.50  328.50 
2RS  Astoria  238.50  301.00  253.50  320.00  250.00  315.50  259.50  327.50 
2RS  Cork   238.50  301.00  253.50  320.00  250.00  315.50  259.50  327.50 
2RS   Average price  239.50  302.50  255.00  321.50  251.50  317.00  261.00  329.00 
2RS  FAQ  237.50  299.50  252.50  318.50  249.00  314.00  258.50  326.00 
6RW  Esterel   226.50  285.50  241.50  304.50  238.00  300.00  247.50  312.00 
Asia Malt 70/30  235.50  297.50  251.00  316.50  247.50  312.00  256.50  324.00 
**  Asia Malt 50/50  233.00  294.00  248.00  313.00  244.50  308.50  254.00  320.50 

* - 70/30 = 70% Average two Rows Spring and 30% Six Rows Winter
** - 50/50 = 50% Average two Rows Spring and 50% Six Rows Winter

Theoretical malt prices for crop 2005 are available on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Malting barley prices. French barley prices.
Nominal prices.

EURO = USD 1.2618 October 22, 2004 
 Crop year   2004   2005 
 Parity   FOB Creil   FOB Creil 
 Position   July 2004   July 2005 
Type   Variety  EURO  USD  EURO  USD 
2RS  Scarlett  112.00  141.50  123.00  155.50 
2RS  Prestige  111.00  140.50  122.00  154.00 
2RS  Cellar  111.50  141.00  122.50  154.50 
2RS  Aspen  110.50  139.50  121.50  153.50 
2RS  Optic  110.50  139.50  121.50  153.50 
2RS  Astoria  110.00  139.00  121.00  153.00 
2RS  Cork   110.00  139.00  121.00  153.00 
6RW  Esterel   100.00  126.50  106.00  134.00 
nq - Not quoted
Prices for Danish and UK malting barley are available on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Table of the week
EU malt export licence fixations:

(in tonnes)   2000-2001  2001-2002  2002-2003  2003-2004  July 01, 2004 - September 28, 2004 
 France   523,190  701,134  661,772  774,761  165,340 
 Germany   305,980  468,314  408,063  422,047  85,415 
 Belgium   277,584  296,368  287,850  317,292  56,804 
 U.K.    254,793  350,621  294,995  443,501  117,948 
 Finland   65,550  91,890  100,758  114,165  18,520 
 Denmark    52,326  96,812  94,791  90,452  22,120 
 Sweden   50,847  101,000  76,916  78,369  27,190 
 Netherlands   54,835  51,310  66,219  80,703  12,079 
 Ireland   26,003  35,145  31,140  38,900  37,404 
 Austria   4,850  8,840  8,620  60,211  2,541 
 Spain   3,000  2,400  5,640  10,000 
 Greece   1,800  1,744  1,306  979  130 
 Portugal   340  221  85  695  170 
 Total old EU   1,621,098  2,205,799  2,038,157  2,432,075  545,661 
 New EU members  May-June, 04   
 Czech Republic         34,340  24,124 
 Poland         7,604  6,913 
 Hungary         2,830  20,523 
 Slovakia         1,000  31,770 
 Total EU    1,621,098  2,205,799  2,038,157  2,477,849  628,991 

  Total Wheat malt, tonnes  
Total 2000-2001    4,686 
Total 2001-2002    12,805 
Total 2002-2003    30,908 
Total 2003-2004    15,768 
July 01/2004 – September 28/2004    1,399 
  Total Roasted malt, tonnes  
Total 2000-2001    23,967 
Total 2001-2002    23,480 
Total 2002-2003    23,603 
Total 2003-2004    24,438 
July 01/2004 – September 28/2004    8,501 
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World's Major Beer Producers 2003

October 2004:
OCTOBERFEST Famous German Beer Festival;
Great American Beer Festival;
bevex Beverage Trade Fair. Germany;
Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival;
Beer Fair. Spain;
Expo Bebidas Beverage Exhibition. Mexico;
Fall Eastern PA Breweriana;
Knoxville Brewer's Jam - A Memorial to Tom Rutledge;
INTERPRODTECH Food and Beverages Processing Exhibition. Russia;
Alko and Drinks Show Alcoholic Beverages and Non-alcoholic Drinks Exhibition. Russia;

November 2004:
Belgian Beer Fest, Boston MA;
Teach a Friend to Brew Day;
BRAU Beviale 2004. Nürnberg, Germany.;
Brewers' Association of America Conference;
Accrington Beer Festival. UK;
FOODAPEST 2004. 7th International Food, Drink and Food Processing Trade Fair;

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