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Week November 18 - November 24, 2002

1. Industry news.   2. Theoretical malt prices.   3. Malting barley prices.  

1. Industry news

The Venezuelan company, Cisneros Group has declared that it has acquired a further 4,828,609 shares in the Peruvian brewer, Backus & Johnston (Backus), from minority shareholders for $77.26m. Cisneros said that it had acquired 87.86% of the minority shares it was seeking to buy. "We continue to be very enthusiastic about our interests in Backus & Johnston," said Cisneros spokesperson, Susan Ainsworth. The Peruvian market regulator, Conasev, is currently investigating allegations, made by the Venezuelan brewer, Polar, which has also acquired a stake in Backus, that Cisneros has colluded with the Colombian brewer, Bavaria, in a bid to take control of Backus without triggering a full public offer.

The German city of Hanover is preparing to file a lawsuit to stop the Belgian beer giant Interbrew from buying Gilde Brauerei, Just-drinks.com reported. On November the 15th Interbrew announced a EUR 525 million deal on acquiring Brauergilde Hannover, the parent company of Gilde Brauerei. According to the same source, the German city of Hanover is also taking Brauergilde Hannover to court over company’s decision to accept the offer. Although more than 60% of Brauergilde Hannover shareholders attended an extraordinary meeting on Friday and voted in favour of changing the company's by-laws to allow for its sale to Interbrew, the city is arguing that a simple majority was enough to approve the sale. The city treasurer said: "For a change in the company status to allow a takeover in the first place, a 75% majority is needed. There was no 75% majority, but only a simple majority."

November the 20th 2002. Interbrew, The World’s Local Brewer, announced the reaching of an agreement with Boon Rawd Brewery to produce Kloster under licence in Thailand. Kloster is the third flagship brand in the Beck & Co portfolio. It has been available in Thailand since 1975 under licence agreement with Thai Amarit Brewery. The production, distribution and marketing of Kloster® will be transferred from Thai Amarit to Boon Rawd at the beginning of 2003. Both Interbrew and Boon Rawd have made a strong commitment to continue to develop Kloster®'s market share, utilising Boon Rawd's vast knowledge of the local beer market, the company said.

Coors, the American brewing group, which makes Carling, Britain's best selling lager, has announced plans to plough an extra GBP35 million into the Burton on Trent brewery - already the biggest in the country, the Mail on Sunday reported. Coors Brewers, the UK branch of the empire, said the investment would increase capacity at the Burton plant by a million barrels a year. As well as the popular Carling brand, bought from Interbrew for £1.2bn in December 2001, Coors owns the Worthington and Caffreys names and holds the UK rights to Grolsch.

November 15, 2002. The Belgian brewing giant, Interbrew, announced that its offer to acquire Brauergilde Hannover, the parent company of German brewer Gilde Brauerei, was supported by the Management Board and Supervisory Board of Brauergilde Hannover AG. The deal values around EUR 523 million (US$526.6 million). “The offer is conditional upon Interbrew acquiring at least 50.1% of the shares of Brauergilde Hannover AG and on obtaining clearance by the relevant competition authorities,” the company said.

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2. Theoretical malt prices.

  EURO = USD 1.0035 November 20, 2002 
Crop year  2002 
Parity  FOB Antwerp 
Position  Oct 2002-Sept 2003 
Conditioning  Bulk   In bags  Bulk containers  In bags in containers 
Malting barley variety  EURO  USD  EURO  USD  EURO  USD  EURO  USD 
2RS  Prisma  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Scarlett  316.50  317.50  331.50  333.00  328.50  330.00  338.00  339.00 
2RS  Aspen  315.00  316.50  330.50  331.50  327.50  328.50  336.50  337.50 
2RS  Optic  312.50  313.50  328.00  329.00  325.00  326.00  334.00  335.50 
2RS  Nevada  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Astoria  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Cork   nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Average price  314.50  315.50  330.00  331.50  327.00  328.00  336.50  337.50 
2RS  FAQ  310.00  311.50  325.50  326.50  322.50  323.50  331.50  333.00 
6RW  Esterel   283.00  283.50  298.00  299.50  295.00  296.00  304.50  305.50 

Theoretical malt prices for crop 2003 are available on site www.e-malt.com

3. Malting barley prices. French barley prices. Nominal prices.

EURO = USD 1.0035 November 20, 2002 
 Crop year   2002   2003 
 Parity   FOB Creil   FOB Creil 
 Position   July 2002   July 2003 
Type   Variety  EURO  USD  EURO  USD 
2RS  Prisma  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Scarlett  155.00  155.50  149.00  149.50 
2RS  Aspen  154.00  154.50  148.00  148.50 
2RS  Optic  152.00  152.50  146.00  146.50 
2RS  Nevada  nq  nq  144.00  144.50 
2RS  Astoria  nq  nq  144.00  144.50 
2RS  Cork   nq  nq  144.00  144.50 
6RW  Esterel   131.00  131.50  126.00  126.50 
6RW  Maeva  nq  nq  nq  nq 
  Esterel rendu Rouen  141.00  141.50     

nq - Not quoted
Prices for Danish and UK malting barley are available on site www.e-malt.com

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