Standard specifications

Extract difference fine-coarse

A well disintegrated malt cuts down easily to flour and the soluble constituents are extracted during the brewing.
A badly disintegrated malt causes:
- a heterogeneous mouture
- a bad extraction of the soluble constituents during the brewing
- To measure the malt disintegration, a way was found in determining the difference of output extracts with a fine mouture and a coarse mouture of the same malt.
- For a well disintegrated malt we must get :
- Fine : 90% of fine flour > sifter diam. 1mm
- Coarse : 25% of fine flour > sifter diam. 2.5mm
- The conventional brassin always takes place with a fine flour.
- Appreciation of malt:

Diff. fine/coarse


less 1,3%

1,3 1,9

2 2,6

2,7 3,3

more of 3,3

very good





This method of measure is very good because it is independent :
- of the variety
- of the year
- of diastatic power .