Standard specifications

Hartong 45

The determination of the Hartong at 45 is the most revealing result because at this temperature, the proteolytic and cytolytic activity of enzyme is maximum.
The Hartong 45 depends of :
- the barley variety from which the malt is made
- the state of malt disintegration
- the process of malting.

Scale of values:
< 30 bad. The abnormal weakness in enzymes generates difficulties of treatment at the time of the manufacture of the beer.
< 36 insufficient. The reason: a weakening of enzymes afterwards
- of a deficient soaking
- of malting with an exaggerated ventilation
- and a too elevated temperature
> 36 malt possessing a satisfactory enzymatic quantity
> 40 good. Malt rich in enzymes (good process to malting)

The brewer designates in the specification, the fork of tolerance of the Hartong 45C.