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By advertising on our site, you do not only get rock-bottom prices, but also help support our service and keep us the best! The many readers of our newsletters and visitors of our web site will know that you help keep site online and growing.

The cost of the banner space is as shown in the table below. These prices are a fixed rate and are not dependent upon how many "clicks" your banner receives. This means that you know, beforehand, exactly what your cost will be.

Method of publications and prices
Banner published in Horisontal position
on the page
Vertical position
on the page
Banner dimensions
Newsletter and Flashcentertop500x46400.00
Newsletter and Flashcentermiddle500x60200.00
Newsletter and Flashcentermiddle500x100300.00
Newsletter and Flashleftmiddle100x100100.00
Newsletter and Flashcenterbottom500x100100.00
Site, Home pagecentermiddle200x60 200.00
Site, Home pagecenterbottom200x60 200.00
Site, Home pageleftbottom100x100 200.00
Site, News pagecentertop500x46 400.00
Site, News pagecenterbottom500x60 200.00
Site, News pageleftbottom100x100 100.00
Site, Publicationscentertop500x46 400.00
Site, Publicationscenterbottom500x60 200.00
Site, Publicationsleftbottom100x100 100.00

If you would like to place your advertisement banner on our site or newsletter, just CONTACT US and reserve your space. As well, please, indicate whether or not you will be providing the banner or want us to create one for you. Once your reservation has been accepted, we will forward you an Email Invoice to allow payment. We will also make arrangements at that point for your banner collection/creation.

You can supply your own banner as a straight .GIF file or as an animated .gif file or as a .Jpeg (non-animated).

Alternatively, we can design the banner for you. This is a 'once off' cost, unless you decide to change the banner. The costs of such a banner start as little as $60.00 for a plain banner. Animated banners will be more, depending upon the requirements of design. You will need to supply such items as logos and other special graphics should they be required as a part of the banner.

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4800 Lambermont
Banners samples and positions on the page
Static banner sample, size 500x46pix
Static banner sample, size 600x100pix Static banner sample, size 200x60pix Static banner sample, size 200x60pix Animated banner sample, size 200x60pix
Static banner sample, size 600x100pix Static banner sample, size 200x60pix Animated banner sample, size 200x60pix Static banner sample, size 200x60pix
Static banner sample, size 500x60pix