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June 19 - June 22, 2014

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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
Thomas A. Edison

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: Euro
on June 20, 2014
Base Currency: US Dollar
on June 20, 2014
      1 EUR = 1.3610 USD
1 EUR = 0.7998 GBP
1 EUR = 1.4735 CAD
1 EUR = 1.4468 AUD
1 EUR = 138.6620 JPY
1 EUR = 3.0297 BRL
1 EUR = 46.7836 RUB
1 EUR = 8.3879 CNY
      1 USD = 0.7348 EUR
1 USD = 0.5877 GBP
1 USD = 1.0827 CAD
1 USD = 1.0631 AUD
1 USD = 101.8900 JPY
1 USD = 2.2262 BRL
1 USD = 34.3757 RUB
1 USD = 6.1633 CNY

Currency Rates Chart

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Breweries Equities

Average Market Prices Change Trend

June 20, 2014
Type Crop 2013 Crop 2014
2rs Barley 187.00-189.00 - 196.00-198.00 -
6rw Barley 175.00-177.00 - 185.00-187.00 up0.54%
2rs Malt 384.00-386.00 - 390.50-392.50 -
6rw Malt 369.00-371.00 - 377.00-379.00 up0.33%
Feed Barley 155.00-157.00up0.65% nq 

Note: Just click here and you will be led to our Market Price History. These are average French barley market prices estimated on FOB Creil basis. The theoretical average malt prices are based FOB Antwerp being estimated on French malting barley. The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices. Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

Top Industry News

Malt news EU: Maltings capacity use seen as good except in the southeastern part of the EU ...Click here

Brewery news Japan: Sapporo Holdings to post special loss due to additional liquor taxes ...Click here
Brewery news Africa: African drinkers are after quality over price - Heineken ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Lager sales showing growth for the first time since the recession began ...Click here

Barley news EU: Analysts reduce expectations for barley crop because of dryness in France and Spain ...Click here

More Industry News

Brewery news UK: Craft beer enjoying golden era in the UK and abroad ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Sales of malt whisky boom in the pub sector unlike those of beer ...Click here
Barley news EU: Wheat price ease on prospects for a good upcoming harvest ...Click here
Barley news Ukraine: Winter barley crop harvest started in southern regions ...Click here
Brewery news Chile: Chile’s biggest brewery and winemaker benefit by country’s soccer team victory ...Click here
Brewery news Nepal: New beer factory established in Nepal ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Non-alcoholic beers lead surge in overall sales during FIFA World Cup ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Per capita beer consumption was 100 bottles in 2012 - report ...Click here

Graph of the week

Table of the week

EU Malt Exports

Table of the week.
Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Scientific Digest

How spicy are oxigenated sesquiterpenoids really?

The short answer is: pretty spicy! Belgian researchers took the sesquiterpene hydrocarbon fraction from hops and boiled it. The resulting oxygenated sesquiterpenoids were purified and added to beer resp. pitching wort. After boiling of a sesquiterpene hydrocarbon fraction from hops in water, a high number of flavour-active oxygenated sesquiterpenoids is formed. Even though their levels decrease dramatically during fermentation, some compounds are still detected via GC-O. Sensory evaluation showed that the addition of this fraction to beer intensified the ratings for woody and hoppy/spicy. However the identification of the flavour active compounds still needs to be done.
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

June 19
1464 French King Louis XI forms postal service
1764 John Barrow is born, founder of Royal Geographical Society
1963 1st woman in space returns to Earth

June 20
1793 Eli Whitney patents his cotton gin
1863 1st bank chartered in U.S., National Bank of Davenport, Iowa
1867 President Andrew Johnson announces purchase of Alaska

June 21
1948 One of the world's earliest modern computers, the Small-Scale Experimental Machine runs its first program successfully, proving that it can store data and user programs and process them at electronic speed
1990 After decades of closure, the Budapest Stock Exchange reopens for trading

June 22
1899 Michal Kalecki is born, Polish economist
1775 US Congress authorizes the first issuance of Continental Currency, or U.S. paper money


MaltMalt News Malt

Malt newsEU: Maltings capacity use seen as good except in the southeastern part of the EU
Reported barley use for malt production in July/March 2013/14 was as follows:

France 1.362 mln tons, up 2.2%, U.K. 1.36 mln tons, up 3.8%. ...More info on site

BreweryBrewery News Brewery

Brewery newsJapan: Sapporo Holdings to post special loss due to additional liquor taxes
Sapporo Holdings Ltd said it would post a special loss in the second quarter as it prepares to pay additional liquor taxes equivalent to ...More info on site

Brewery newsAfrica: African drinkers are after quality over price - Heineken
African drinkers are after "quality" over price when it comes to their beer, Heineken's boss for the region told CNBC, as the drinks giant ...More info on site

Brewery newsUK: Lager sales showing growth for the first time since the recession began
For years lager has been in the doldrums, cast as a villain by health lobbyists and Daily Mail columnists decrying “booze Britain”, a tasteless ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: Craft beer enjoying golden era in the UK and abroad
Beer has always been a traditional part of British culture. From the largest city down to the very smallest village, everywhere has a “local” (pub). However, in recent times many of these establishments have been finding business conditions exceptionally tough, and many have been forced to close, Nation’s Restaurant News reported on June 18.

Craft brewing and microbreweries appear to be changing the fortunes of some of these establishments, though, capitalizing on the population’s taste for unusual and carefully made beverages, which is going from strong to stronger.

Data from research company CGA Strategy found that the total volume of beer sold in the U.K. fell 6.5 percent for the year ended in January. At the same time, craft beer has seen volumes soar by 62 percent. While craft beer still accounts for less than 2 percent of total beer volume sold in the U.K., the stark difference in fortunes nevertheless shows how successful this growing corner of the market is proving to be.

It is believed that there are approximately 32,000 brands of beer in the world, and this number is only continuing to grow. According to research company Mintel, sales of craft beer in the U.S. almost doubled between 2007 and ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: Sales of malt whisky boom in the pub sector unlike those of beer
Sales of malt whisky and sparkling wine have boomed in the pub sector over the last year while beer sales saw a dip, The Morning Advertiser reported on June 20. Research by CGA Strategy for the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) showed a huge hike of 20% in the volume of malt whisky being sold in the 12 months up to April in the same period that beer dropped 5%. The amount of sparkling wine being sold was up 13%, translating into a sales boom of 35%. Overall the volume of alcohol sold was down 5% creating a sales dip of 1%.

Consumer research showed a slight rise in the percentage of men who prefer to drink in pubs, bars or restaurants rather than at home (32% - up from 31% in 2013 and 29% in 2012) but the percentage of women fell by 1% to 22%. Overall the figure remained at 27% of adults preferring to prop up the bar compared to 62% who like to drink at their or a friend’s home and the rest either preferring not to drink or not making a distinction.

When consumers were asked what they had drunk in the on trade ...More info on site

Brewery news Chile: Chile’s biggest brewery and winemaker benefit by country’s soccer team victory
Cia. Cervecerias Unidas SA and Vina Concha & Toro SA, Chile’s biggest brewery and winemaker respectively, rallied as the country’s soccer team unexpectedly beat Spain to qualify for the World Cup’s round of 16, Bloomberg reported on June 18.

CCU jumped 3.2 percent, the most in nine months, and Concha & Toro surged 3.4 percent. The stocks led gains in Chile’s benchmark Ipsa index, which advanced 1.1 percent.

Office workers poured out of buildings in downtown Santiago chanting “Chi-chi-chi! Le-le-le!” as cars honked horns and confetti filled the air during half time of the match at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium. The final score of 2-0 marked a second win for Chile and signaled higher sales of alcoholic beverages. Spain became the first title holders to be eliminated after just two games of the next tournament.

“It’s wine and beer,” Eric Conrads, a portfolio manager at ING Investment Management, said from New York. “They went up when Chile scored because people expect higher consumption. Volumes are low because everyone’s basically watching the TV.”

An ING survey showed Chileans would pay more money than any other nation for their team to win the World Cup. Chileans would be willing to part with 526 euros ($714), ...More info on site

Brewery news Nepal: New beer factory established in Nepal
A new beer factory has been established in Nepal with an investment of Rs 1 billion, Republica reported on June 19.

Tiger Brewery Nepal, which has set up plant in Butwal, aims to reduce Nepal’s beer imports and export its products to India where the demand for beer is high.

The company aims to bring Tensberg brand of beer in the Nepali market by the end of June or the first week of July.

“We have established the factory with an investment of Rs 1 billion and Rs 700 million have already been spent to build infrastructure and import machinery and raw materials,” Tejendra Khadka, proprietor of Tiger Brewery Nepal, said. “Some machinery is arriving soon.”

The factory has the capacity of producing 300,000 cartons of beer per month. Khadka is the major shareholder of Brewery Nepal. Indian businessman Prince Batra also hold stake in the brewery.

Khadka, who has 27 years of experience in liquor business, says Nepal has high potential for barley cultivation. “If the government creates favorable environment, commercial barley production can be started in Nepal itself,” he said.

According to Khadka, Nepal imports 50,000 tons of barley every year of which 18,000 tons are used for liquor production.

Initially, Tiger Brewery ...More info on site

Brewery news South Korea: Non-alcoholic beers lead surge in overall sales during FIFA World Cup
The 2014 FIFA World Cup games featuring Korea’s national team may be played at the crack of dawn local time, but that doesn’t spell an end to the traditional combination of football, snacks and, most importantly, beer, Korea JoongAng Daily reported on June 19.

According to 7-Eleven, the convenience store chain operated by Lotte Group, sales at its stores nationwide between midnight and 9 a.m. on June 18 jumped 19.6 percent compared to the previous year.

The Korean team’s first match in the 2014 World Cup, which ended in a 1-1 tie with Russia, began at 7 a.m. local time.

The surge in overall sales was led by non-alcoholic beers, in particular Hite Zero and Mac’s Light. The convenience store chain said that sales of these two non-alcoholic drinks increased 249.2 percent from the previous year.

“We were quite surprised,” said an official from 7-Eleven. “We didn’t have any expectations for beer sales this time because most of the games are scheduled early in the morning.”

The next match against Algeria on June 23 will start at 4 a.m. local time. The third match against Belgium on June 27 will start at 5 a.m. Despite the early hour, public viewing events were held officially ...More info on site

Brewery news South Korea: Per capita beer consumption was 100 bottles in 2012 - report
Korea’s per-capita alcoholic beverage consumption was 100 bottles of beer and 60 bottles of Korean vodka (soju) in 2012, The Korea Biwzire reported on June 20.

According to the Korea Alcohol & Liquor Industry Association on June 19, the total domestic consumption of alcohol in 2012 was 3.12 million kilolitres (1 kilolitre equals 1,000 litres). The figure included unofficial consumption from alcoholic beverages brought in individually from overseas, as well as official shipments.

For adults older than 15 years of age, this is equivalent to 9.16 litres of alcohol per person. The per-capita alcoholic beverage consumption has been in a downward trend since 2007 when the figure was 9.48 litres. By taking into account the alcohol content, an average of 101 bottles of beer and 63 bottles of soju was gulped down by a Korean adult. The association commented, “Given Korea’s drinking culture of encouraging drinking with each other in public places such as restaurants where a significant amount of alcohol is wasted, per-capita alcohol consumption must be much lower than 9.16 litres.”

According to a report published last year by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, the average alcohol consumption per person in Korea over 15 years of age was ...More info on site

BarleyBarley News Barley

Barley newsEU: Analysts reduce expectations for barley crop because of dryness in France and Spain
Strategie Grains raised the bar on ideas for the European Union wheat harvest, reflecting upgraded hopes for countries from the UK to Bulgaria, but ...More info on site

Barley news EU: Wheat price ease on prospects for a good upcoming harvest
Western European wheat prices eased on June 17, with benchmark Paris futures hitting the recent four-month low, as prospects for a good upcoming harvest continued to weigh on the market, Agri.eu reported on June 18. Further signs of strong export competition from Black Sea origins also kept a lid on prices in Western Europe and the United States. November milling wheat on the Paris-based Euronext futures market settled 1.00 euro or 0.5 percent lower at 186.75 euros a tonne. During the session, it fell to 186.25 euros, equalling last week's low that marked a weakest level for the contract since mid-February. But dealers said the market had found good technical support around 186 euros and may hold the floor until the harvest picture becomes clearer. "People are waiting on the harvest," one dealer said. "We've been treading water around these levels for the past three sessions. Technical indicators suggest a rebound is due but we're lacking real direction." Wheat harvesting should get under way in July and forecasters expect the European Union to gather its biggest crop since 2008. Barley harvesting has started in France and the crop is also expected to show good yields. The market is also waiting ...More info on site

Barley newsUkraine: Winter barley crop harvest started in southern regions
Ukraine’s southern regions have started the harvest early this year, proagro.com.ua reported on June 16.

As of June 16, 49.6 thousand ha of various crops ...More info on site

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