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E-Malt.com Newsletter 35b
August 28 - August 31, 2014

Quote of the Week

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde

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on August 29, 2014
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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA: Craft beers enjoy continued growth while domestic premium sales remain flat ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI: Bell's Upper Hand Brewery to start production in Escanaba ...Click here
Brewery news USA, IN: Black Acre Brewing to expand in Irvington ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: Sequoia Brewing expanding to Visalia ...Click here
Brewery news USA, VA: New brewery to open in Waynesboro ...Click here
World News
Brewery news World: Analysts forecast variable growth rates in Europe and better results for beer industry in other parts of the world this year ...Click here
Brewery news Germany: Beer sales increase this year thanks to weather and football ...Click here
Brewery news Russia: Beer production down 5.9% in January-July this year ...Click here
Brewery news China: Tsingtao Brewery’s first-half net profit only increases 0.7% ...Click here
Barley news Mercosur: Barley production forecast to decline this year ...Click here
Barley news Russia: Grains and pulses harvest this year may become the biggest since Soviet Union break-up ...Click here
Brewery news Africa: Alcohol advertising ban expanding across African countries ...Click here
Brewery news Denmark: Carlsberg’s largest fund shareholder cuts its stake in the brewing company ...Click here
Brewery news Austria: Poll shows more than half of Austria’s population regularly drink beer ...Click here
Brewery news UK: AB InBev launches two new variants of Belgian Leffe beer ...Click here
Brewery news Vietnam: Local governments ask whole provinces to drink local beer ...Click here
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Table of the week.

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Prices evolution

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Scientific Digest

The many faces of hops

It is known that enzyme activity can release flavor compounds from spent hops. But these US researchers took a closer look. They subjected spent hops from 18 different hop varieties belonging to 10 genetically different groups to the same enzyme treatment. Bound aglycones (linalool, citronellol, nerol, beta-damascenone, geraniol, eugenol, and terpinene-4-ol) were released and resulted in significant and substantial changes to the aromatic profiles. These responses were hop variety dependent and the variety dependency did not correlate with the variety groupings based on genetic pedigree. So who is going to look for the hidden treasures in spent hops?
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

August 28
1565 Oldest city in the US, St Augustine Fla, established
1828 Lev Tolstoi was born, Russian writer (War & Peace, Anna Karenina)
1963 Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech held at Lincoln Memorial

August 29
1831 Michael Faraday demonstrates 1st electric transformer
1854 Self-governing windmill patented (Daniel Halladay)
1885 Gottlieb Daimler registers his "Reitwagen" ("riding carriage") as German patent DRP No. 36423

August 30
1895 Belgium begins compulsory Roman Catholic education
1979 1st recorded occurrence-comet hits sun (energy=1 mil hydrogen bombs)
1993 150,000,000 millionth visitor to Eiffel Tower

August 31
1895 Thomas Edison patented his movie camera (Kinetograph)
1918 Belgium starts paying old age pensions
1997 Diana Spencer, princess of England, dies in car crash in Paris at 36


News Articles

Brewery news USA: Craft beers enjoy continued growth while domestic premium sales remain flat
As the Brewers Association was gearing up for its annual mid-year “Power Hour” category sales review with IRI on August 28, Brewbound said on August 27 it decided to examine craft’s performance through the first 220 days of 2014.

As per Brewbound data, year-to-date craft dollar sales in IRI’s multi-outlet and convenience retail channel universe (MULC), which comprises grocery, drug, Wal-Mart, Club, Dollar, Mass-Merchandiser and Military stores, were up 22.9 percent to $1.3 billion through Aug. 10. Volume sales are also growing steadily, up 19.3 percent in MULC during the same period.

Crafts continued growth comes at a time when domestic premium sales remain flat, with dollar sales up just 0.2 percent in MULC through Aug. 10.

So which craft beer companies are benefiting the most from the sustained growth?

Boston Beer Co. sales are up more than 34 percent through the first 220 days, and the company’s Samuel Adams seasonal and Boston Lager SKUs continue to lead the category – dollar sales are up 20.7 and 6.4 percent respectively.

Narrowly edging out both of those SKUs, however, was the category’s best-selling brand, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, dollar sales for which were up 6.1 percent. Company-wide dollar sales were also up 12.3 percent in MULC.

Some ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MI: Bell's Upper Hand Brewery to start production in Escanaba
The new Upper Hand Brewery, recently constructed in Escanaba, is looking to start making beer next month, according to the president of Bell's Brewery Inc., sfgate.com reported on August, 29

"We have staff to get started. We're finally there and everybody's excited," said Bell's President Larry Bell.

Bell explained the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has approved the brewery's license and the agency is expected to conduct a final inspection at the plant this week. Beer production will start soon after that, he said.

"All the licensing is in good shape," he noted. Earlier this year, federal and state licensing was taking longer than anticipated.

Construction began last November on the state-of-the-art 11,550-square-foot brewing and bottling facility in Escanaba. The building was enclosed by wintertime so crews could work inside during the cold months.

The extended winter delayed outside plans such as concrete pouring, paving and landscaping. Exterior work is now complete, said Bell.

The building is ready for brewing beer, he added, expecting the production of draft beer for kegs to be in full operation by mid-September. Bottled beer production will follow.

The tasting room has some work to finish and is expected to be completed in early November. A grand opening will be scheduled prior to ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, IN: Black Acre Brewing to expand in Irvington
The growth of Irvington's Black Acre Brewing begins with this fall's off-site brewery launch, indystar.com reported on August, 27.

Black Acre staff are about six weeks away from testing beer-making equipment at the new 9,000-square-foot brewery, said co-founder Justin Miller.

When the facility is up and running, the Irvington company's focus in early 2015 shifts to enlarging its 2,300-square-foot brewpub into an adjacent 1,100-square-foot space. The move boosts the number of seats from about 60 to around 150, Miller said.

"The problem we ran into is we couldn't support more seats without the (extra) brewery capacity," Miller said.

The off-site brewery adds a dozen barrels to the pub's existing three-barrel system. With 15 barrels total, Black Acre increases its per-batch brewing capacity tenfold, Miller said.

Later, the off-site brewery may open for tours, beer events and retail sales. Wholesale operations may develop in the area around Indianapolis, but for now, Black Acre owners want to use the brewery to highlight the pub.

"Our focus is still on our pub and growing that," Miller said.

Besides increasing table seating, the renovation doubles chairs at the 12- to 15-person bar, Miller said. Expect around 60 taps, twice as many as Black Acre pulls now. Usually, 10 of Black Acre's ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: Sequoia Brewing expanding to Visalia
The Mar building in downtown Visalia will be the site of a new Sequoia Brewing Co. Restaurant, The Business Journal reported on August, 28.

Developer Harvey May, who heads up a local investment group that owns the former Mar Building, said: “We think it will bring in the kind of business that will keep downtown exciting.”

May said a church currently operating in the building has plans to relocate. That will make room for several months of remodelling work that will start once all permits are in hand.

Brewery owner Scott Kendall said he and wife/co-owner Michele are excited about opening in downtown Visalia, adding “the whole vibe is so much better than I thought it would be.”

The Kendalls launched the company in 2003 in Fresno’s Tower District, purchasing the former out Butterfield Brewing Co. and changing the name. They later added a North Fresno location as well.

“The Tower location is still where all the beer is made,” Scott said.

“It’s sort of natural to be coming to Visalia with the Sequoia name attached,” Scott added. “We always had Visalia in mind.”

The craft beer movement is gaining steam, with craft production up 9.6 percent last year, compared to an overall drop in ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, VA: New brewery to open in Waynesboro
A new brewery is in the works outside of Waynesboro expected to open by late 2015, newsleader.com reported on August, 28.

Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables is already a wedding and event location that draws hundreds each weekend and owner Craig Nargi said the addition of a brewery just seemed right.

The announcement marks the second proposed brewery for the county.

Seven Arrows Brewing Co., a microbrewery, will open just outside the Waynesboro city limits by early November.

"We could not be more excited about this project, which will not only bring jobs to the area, but will draw significant numbers of area residents and tourists to explore and appreciate all that the Shenandoah Valley has to offer," said Amanda Glover, Augusta County director of economic development.

Most of the buildings for the brewery are already in place, like where the beer will be made and a small farm story that is part of the project.

"We were actually looking at becoming a distillery," he said. "The further we studied that project it became more and more unattractive."

The brewery will be operating as a taproom where beer can be consumed on-premise and be purchased for off-premise consumption.

Spending a good deal of his life as a chef, ...More info on site

Brewery newsWorld: Analysts forecast variable growth rates in Europe and better results for beer industry in other parts of the world this year
With all major market data for 2013 now reported, growth is now expected to be finalised at +0.2%, Plato Logic said.

Initial indications for 2014 ...More info on site

Brewery newsGermany: Beer sales increase this year thanks to weather and football
Germany’s beer sales in June were 14% higher than a year ago, thanks to weather and football. The plus for the calendar year is ...More info on site

Brewery newsRussia: Beer production down 5.9% in January-July this year
According to official data by Rosstat, Russia’s beer output in amounted to 7.48 mln hl July 2014.

In January – July this year, the nation’s ...More info on site

Brewery newsChina: Tsingtao Brewery’s first-half net profit only increases 0.7%
Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd, China's second-largest brewer by volume, said on August 27 first-half net profit edged up 0.7 percent, held back by slowing ...More info on site

Barley newsMercosur: Barley production forecast to decline this year
Mercosur’s three barley producers will grow much less barley than last year. Acreage estimates are still variable, but latest estimates are 800 thousand tonnes ...More info on site

Barley newsRussia: Grains and pulses harvest this year may become the biggest since Soviet Union break-up
Russia’s harvest of grains and pulses this year has the potential to be the biggest since the break-up of the Soviet Union, according to ...More info on site

Brewery news Africa: Alcohol advertising ban expanding across African countries
The ban on alcohol advertising is picking up steam as Kenya, Botswana and South Africa gear up to impose the new regulations in the sector, CNBCAfrica.com reported on August 26.

Sechaba Breweries in Botswana is one of a number of brewers that will be affected by the proposed advertising bans and related alcohol levies, but for the moment, it continues to flourish.

“I think Botswana is a particular case. The government has regularly and steadily ratcheted up the alcohol levy, and they’ve curbed the [alcohol sellers from] being able to advertise their alcohol,” Christopher Blaine, equities analyst at African Alliance Securities, said.

“It’s mostly because they’re concerned about the social impacts of excessive consumption. You’ve seen that manifest in the per capita consumption levels, which are about half of where they should be.”

Blaine added that Kenya’s government has taken a similar move by raising levies on Senator Keg, a beer brand brewed by Kenya Breweries, as a means of raising tax revenue.

The same is being done in Zambia as well, where tax revenue also plans to be raised. Alcohol advertising in both countries is however not under the severe curbing it is in Botswana and South Africa. Botswana’s alcohol levy is however expected ...More info on site

Brewery news Denmark: Carlsberg’s largest fund shareholder cuts its stake in the brewing company
The largest fund shareholder in Carlsberg, which has proven vulnerable to deteriorating conditions in Russia and has lowered its 2014 guidance, has cut its stake in the company by a quarter, the brewer said on August 29.

Carlsberg said Oppenheimer Funds' stake in the company is now 4.78 percent, down from 6.42 percent.

Carlsberg said this month that it expected full-year operating profit to decline by a low-to-mid-single-digit percentage compared with previous guidance of growth of low single-digit growth.

Its share price fell almost 7 percent to as low as 502 Danish crowns on Aug. 20 when it announced second-quarter results and cut its forecast. On August 29 the shares were trading half a percent up at 525 crowns.

The beer seller derives 35 percent of its operating profit from Russia, where its Baltika label is the most popular beer brand. However, sales have been falling as the economy slows, in part because of Western sanctions over Moscow's stance on Ukraine.

Carlsberg's dependence on Russia makes it a test case for how European companies are coping with the chill in Moscow's relations with the European Union.

Brewery news Austria: Poll shows more than half of Austria’s population regularly drink beer
In news that will surprise almost no one, a recent poll shows that Austrians really like beer, The Local Austria reported on August 27.

Austrians are avid beer drinkers: more than half, namely 58.4 percent, regularly drink beer.

Only one in six of these prefer non-alcoholic beer.

These are the findings of online market and opinion research institute Marketagent.com, who interviewed 1,700 people aged 16 to 69 years about their beer consumption.

Six out of ten beer drinkers at least once a week crack open a bottle or can. Most beer drinkers like to do so at a barbecue, followed by going out for a beer. Two thirds of beer drinkers prefer to stick to one brand of their choice. The Styrian beer brand "Gösser" is perceived as the most traditional beer, while "Stiegl" is seen as having the best quality.

Brewery news UK: AB InBev launches two new variants of Belgian Leffe beer
Anheuser-Busch InBev has announced the launch of two new variants for the Leffe Belgian Abbey beer brand in the UK, adding to its existing two products. The new Ruby and Nectar variants are available in 750ml bottles in beer aisles nationwide, KamCity reported on August 29.

Leffe says Ruby offers subtle traces of red fruit and rosewood suitable for those with a sweeter tooth, while Nectar is rich and full-flavoured with aromatic honey flavours and a wild floral bouquet. They are currently available at Tesco and Morrisons stores in the UK.

Emily Kraftman, Senior Brand Manager for Leffe at AB InBev UK, comments: “Both Leffe Ruby and Leffe Nectar join our existing range to offer consumers new flavour options and a different alternative to the more traditional abbey beers. Our history of expert brewing is at the core of these new variants and with Leffe as the market leading Abbey beer, combined with the fact that flavoured and fruit beers are continuing to prove popular in the UK, we’re confident both Leffe Ruby and Nectar will prove popular amongst consumers.”

Brewery news Vietnam: Local governments ask whole provinces to drink local beer
Brewers operating in Vietnam’s central province of Nghe An might have been seen with the jealous eyes of other business owners as their poor sales were potentially given a boost by the local government, which asked the whole province to lend a hand to encourage beer consumption.

While the Ky Anh district of Ha Tinh, another central province, made national headlines on August 27 after its chairman signed a dispatch requesting local individuals and organizations to use locally made beer products, the Nghe An administration had done exactly the same a month earlier, tuoitrenews.vn reported on August 29.

On July 28, Nguyen Xuan Duong, chairman of the Nghe An People’s Committee, signed Dispatch No. 5290 on “joining hands to support businesses to sell beer products made in the province,” according to a copy obtained by Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

The document said brewers in Nghe An had contributed greatly to the provincial coffers via taxes over the last few years.

While sales of every million liters of the locally made beer products will add VND5 billion (US$235,000) to the provincial budget, the real beer consumption in the province “does not live up to the production capacity of the local brewers,” the document reads.

“Beer businesses ...More info on site

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