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E-Malt.com Newsletter 49a
December 01 - December 03, 2014

Quote of the Week

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."
Henry Ford

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: US Dollar
on December 03, 2014
Base Currency: Canadian Dollar
on December 03, 2014
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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA, OR & NC: Craft Brew Alliance to form ‘Strategic Partnership’ with Appalachian Mountain Brewery ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA & HI: Maui | Stone Craft Beverages sells 21 craft brands throughout Maui ...Click here
Hops news USA, MN: Brewers Supply Group launches new hop processing facility ...Click here
Brewery news USA, OH: Blank Slate Brewing adds taproom and plans expansion ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI: Texas Corners Brewing Co. to open in Texas Township ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NC: Ponysaurus Brewing Co. to expand ...Click here
Brewery news USA, IL: Recess Brewing opens in Edwardsville ...Click here
World News
Brewery news World: Despite emerging markets concerns, world beer output may register 1.7% growth this year ...Click here
Brewery news EU: The number of breweries soared by 73% in five years ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: Beer output increases in January-November and in November alone ...Click here
Barley news EU: Barley export forecasts raised by the EU Commission and IGC ...Click here
Brewery news Malaysia: Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia reports 46% increase in Q3 earnings ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: Beer sales slowing down with the economy ...Click here
Brewery news Uganda: Uganda’s beer industry poised for positive end of year results ...Click here
Brewery news Spain: 60% of buyers now opt for alcohol-free beer ...Click here
Brewery news Panama: Craft beer slowly conquering consumers in industrial beer-dominated market ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Sales of imported beer outpace soju for the first time ...Click here
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Table of the Week

EU - 28 Barley Crop 2014

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Canadian Malting and Feed Barley Prices

US Malting and Feed Barley Prices

French Malting and Feed Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Canadian Malt Prices

US Malt Prices

Theoretical EU Malt Prices

Scientific Digest

About complete advanced hopping

We are currently facing a trend towards traditional hopping methods, especially with the increasing success for craft beers. However advanced hopping has various benefits that were investigated by a Belgian research team. The results indicate that fully advanced hopped beers prepared with isomerized hop extracts, hop polyphenol extracts, and specific hop aroma essences have a complete beer flavor that can compete with traditionally hopped beers. They were also able to show that next to their radical scavenging activity, polyphenolic extracts have high potential to improve beer sensory properties. Except for the proanthocyanidins, all polyphenolic preparations were highly flavor-active, with positive effects on mouthfeel. Also bitterness quality improved after the addition of total polyphenolic extract.
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

December 01
1878 1st White House telephone installed
1910 Continuous moving assembly line introduced by Ford (car every 2:38)
1959 1st color photograph of Earth from outer space

December 02
1816 1st savings bank in U.S. opens (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society)
1901 Gillette patents 1st disposable razor
1927 1st Model A Fords sold, for $385

December 03
1621 Galileo invents telescope
1967 1st human heart transplant performed (Dr. Christian Barnard, South Africa)


November 2014:
11-13: Brau Beviale 2014 (Nuremberg, Germany)
12-14: Vietbrew 2014 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
20-23: Mondial de la Biere Rio 2014 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

January 2015:
17-21: RHEX - Rimini Horeca Expo 2015 (Rimini, Italy)

February 2015:
10-12: International Brewing Awards 2015
11-14: National Winter Ales Festival 2015 (Derby, UK)

March 2015:
11-14: Brazilian Beer Festival - Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja 2015 (Blumenau, Brazil)
20-21: BeerX 2015 2015 (Sheffield, UK)
31 March - 02 April: ProPak Vietnam 2015 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

April 2015:
14-17: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2015 (Portland, USA)
21-23: Brewer (Pivovar) 2015 (Moscow, Russia)
25-26: Zythos 2015 (Leuven, Belgium)

May 2015:
06-08: bevtec Asia 2015 (Bangkok, Thailand)
07-23: The Czech Beer Festival 2015 (Prague, the Czech Republic)
19-22: Beer (Pivo) 2015 (Sochi, Russia)
24-28: EBC 2015 (Porto, Portugal)
26-28: Alimentaria Mexico 2015 (Mexico City, Mexico)
28-30: Copenhagen Beer Festival 2015 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
28-31: Latvia Beer Fest 2015 (Riga, Latvia)

June 2015:
10-14: Mondial de la Biere 2015 (Montreal, Canada)

July 2015:
01-04: Ollesummer 2015 (Tallinn, Estonia)
15-17: Brasil Brau 2015 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

August 2015:
11-15: The Great British Beer Festival 2015 (London, UK)

September 2015:
19 September - 14 October: Oktoberfest 2015 (Munich, Germany)

More events are available on site www.e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news USA, OR & NC: Craft Brew Alliance to form ‘Strategic Partnership’ with Appalachian Mountain Brewery
Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. (“CBA”), an independent craft brewing company, announced it has signed a Letter of Intent (the “Letter”) to form a strategic partnership with Boone, NC-based Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Inc. (“AMB”), brewbound.com reported on December, 2.

Under the terms of the Letter, the two publicly traded companies will explore potential opportunities to drive business growth and shareholder value through sharing resources in key strategic areas including, but not limited to, brewing, purchasing, distribution, and sales. The prospective partnership also gives AMB’s employees access to CBA’s thought leadership, technical resources and 30+ years of experience in brewing, branding and bringing to market world-class American craft beers.

CBA and AMB share several similarities that reinforce the strategic alignment and cultural fit between both companies, including distinctive and identifiable brands that are rooted in real local heritage and a strong belief in the importance of community, philanthropy and sustainability. CBA’s portfolio of brands includes three of the industry’s pioneering craft brewing companies, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Kona Brewing and Redhook Brewery.

“This kind of partnership aligns perfectly with what we’re building CBA to do: help bring authentic craft beers and brands to beer lovers from coast to coast. As we look to the ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA & HI: Maui | Stone Craft Beverages sells 21 craft brands throughout Maui
Maui | Stone Craft Beverages, the Hawaiian distribution arm jointly owned by Stone Brewing and Maui Brewing, has built out its portfolio and is now selling 21 craft brands throughout the island of Maui, the company announced on December, 2.

The company, which launched in February, sells a lineup of beers and ciders from California, Hawaii, Colorado and Oregon, refrigerated “through every link of the distribution chain,” from San Diego to its 16,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Maui to retail in cold trucks.

“The handling of beer during the distribution process is critically important,” said Stone CEO Greg Koch. “It’s with this philosophy in mind that Maui Brewing and Stone Brewing came together to develop a company that guarantees an incredible selection of fresh craft beers and ciders to Maui.”

The joint venture, Maui founder Garrett Marrero said in February, required a significant investment of “multiple millions,” though it was financed by cash flow from the two companies without the aid of outside investors or debt.

Stone also operates its own distribution wing on the mainland, Stone Distributing, which sells more than 30 brands throughout Southern Calif., including a number of those now sold in Maui.

Hops news USA, MN: Brewers Supply Group launches new hop processing facility
Brewers Supply Group (BSG) has made a significant investment in a new hop processing facility in the Yakima valley area of Washington, brewbound.com reported on December, 1.

This new facility means that BSG has complete control of the entire supply chain from bale receipt and storage to shipping of finished goods in one location.

“Construction on the new facility began in early 2014, and is now complete. Feedback from visiting brewers during selection was extremely positive. Brewers are excited about what we’re doing here.” says Shane Dale, Director of Hop Operations. Hop processing in the new facility began in November 2014.

The new hop processing facility features a sealed/clean system; once the bales go into the bale-breaker, the system is completely closed all the way through to the inert atmosphere packaging. Along with this, the production room is secure, floors are sealed/polished for a clean environment, and interior walls are lined with metal panels. The entire processing facility, including all equipment selections, was designed with a focus on a total ‘Food Grade’ environment.

This brand new, state of the art equipment and environment ensures that quality and care is built into all hops coming from the facility. On pellet quality, the system is ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, OH: Blank Slate Brewing adds taproom and plans expansion
After two and a half years of having "the dubious distinction of being the only (local) brewery without a taproom", Blank Slate Brewing had a soft opening for its new Pour House at the end of November, Cincinnati.com reported on November, 28.

Tucked away in an industrial building near Lunken Airport, the brewery's new taproom has seating for about 45.

"It's really just meant to be a cozy place to come, try a few beers, get a growler," owner Scott LaFollette said, though he hopes the taproom will have an educational element as well.

LaFollette said he has 90 percent finished building a production-only brewery when a change to Ohio law began allowing breweries to open taprooms without an additional permit. Because Blank Slate was (and is) a self-financed venture, it wasn't feasible to add a taproom "at the eleventh hour," he said.

Now that he has the Pour House up and running, he'll offer eight rotating taps, including taproom exclusives.

Each of Blank Slate's beers has typically been available for about half the year and only on draft. As LaFollette eyes adding packaging for retail in 2015 - a move that an additional planned 2,000-foot expansion will allow him to do - he'll ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MI: Texas Corners Brewing Co. to open in Texas Township
A Mattawan-area family that has seen three decades of success in farming is months away from opening a farm-to-table restaurant and microbrewery in Texas Township, mlive.com reported on November, 28.

The Schultz family, owners of Schultz Fruitridge Farms Inc., plan to open Texas Corners Brewing Co. in the former Christ the King church, in Texas Township in the next two to three months, said Bill Schultz.

Schultz farms full-time with his brother, Dan, and parents Bill and Denise on the farm started by his grandparents in 1951.

Schultz, 32, said the business owners are waiting to receive their microbrewer's license and plan to open the farm-to-table restaurant and microbrewery with their own beer.

Schultz said the restaurant will have 12 beers and ciders on tap.

The Schultzes will brew their beer at the farm.

Texas Corners Brewing Co. is one of three microbreweries in the works in Kalamazoo County. Others are on the horizon. Brite Eyes Brewing Co. is setting up shop in Kalamazoo and Distant Whistle Brewhouse is proposed to open in downtown Vicksburg. One Well Brewing was to open by the end of November in Kalamazoo's Milwood neighborhood.

The microbreweries join 14 microbreweries or brewpubs in Kalamazoo County.

Brewery news USA, NC: Ponysaurus Brewing Co. to expand
Ponysaurus Brewing Co. is expanding to a new brewing facility, indyweek.com reported on December, 1.

The move, planned for this coming spring, will expand the company's brewing capacity from 180 barrels a year to 2,000 barrels. The space will also house a taproom. It should open in the summer of 2015.

“The east end of downtown will be the perfect home for us,” said Brewmaster Keil Jansen, who is a founder and owner of Ponysaurus Brewing Co. along with David Baldwin and Nick Hawthorne-Johnson. “Not only will you be able to find our beer in many more Triangle retail shops and restaurants, but we’re also transforming a vacant warehouse into a vibrant social hub.”

The new facility will include a canning line and allow the brewer to service a longer list of retail shops and restaurants. That will make such brews as its Biere de Garde Ale, Fig Saison Ale, Imperial Stout and IPA even easier to find. In addition, the brewers will be better able to explore the possible development of other styles.

“Our small craft brewery is scaling up from making a tiny amount of beer to a small amount of beer,” Baldwin said, “and we couldn’t be happier.”

Brewery news USA, IL: Recess Brewing opens in Edwardsville
Recess Brewing opened in Edwardsville, riverfronttimes.com reported on December, 2.

It comes from former teacher and homebrewer Matt Flach, who grew up in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Recess Brewing will have four year-round brews: the Traitor extra special bitter; 2211 IPA; Four Square American brown; and the Pedagogical session porter. Recess also plans to have a few rotating seasonal and specialty beers.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the new brewery is its CSB program. It's not CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but rather Community Supported Brewery. Instead of receiving monthly loot from the farmers' market, you'll pay a yearly fee and get growlers from Recess every month. There are only 150 CSB spots available, ranging from $200 to $400 a year.

Brewery newsWorld: Despite emerging markets concerns, world beer output may register 1.7% growth this year
World beer output did indeed grow more slowly in 2013, according to recent IMF data, and the beer market reflected this, with growth of ...More info on site

Brewery newsEU: The number of breweries soared by 73% in five years
People in Europe are drinking 8.5 per cent less beer than before the recession and production has fallen 6 per cent since 2008, according ...More info on site

Brewery newsBrazil: Beer output increases in January-November and in November alone
Brazil’s beer output increased by 1.88% in November as compared to the same month last year, Receita Federal data showed.

The beer volume totalled ...More info on site

Barley newsEU: Barley export forecasts raised by the EU Commission and IGC
Both the EU Commission and IGC raised their forecasts of EU barley exports this season.

The IGC now projects EU barley exports at 6.4 ...More info on site

Brewery newsMalaysia: Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia reports 46% increase in Q3 earnings
Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd recorded a 46% increase in earnings to RM56.28 mln in third quarter ended Sept 30, 2014 against RM38.44 mln a ...More info on site

Brewery news Brazil: Beer sales slowing down with the economy
At Porto Alegre’s Lagom Brewery & Pub, a beautiful, dark-wood room with tall ceilings and long tables, brewmaster Maurício Chaulet looks nervously around the mostly empty bar. Beer sales are down 10-15 percent at his pub, which has 35 craft beers on tap. With pints costing about $6 — three times as much as a mainstream beer — fewer Brazilians are ordering expensive beers in a slumping economy, Fusion.net reported on November 30.

“Beer sales are slowing down with the economy,” said Chaulet, who has already been forced to lay off staff. “We spoke with other bar owners and they say the same. It’s becoming an expensive luxury.”

Chaulet says he’s continuing with plans to start bottling and distributing his craft beer next year, but he’s less confident that other small brewers will survive; he predicts that upwards of 100 smaller craft brewers will be forced to close in the months ahead.

Drinking beer has never been a problem for Brazilians. The country leads Latin America in per capita consumption of beer. But the idea of spending more for a craft beer is a novel idea in a nation where about 98 percent of beer-drinkers swill watery mass-market lagers such as Brahma, Antarctica, ...More info on site

Brewery news Uganda: Uganda’s beer industry poised for positive end of year results
The beer industry in Uganda is poised for positive end of year results, according Fred Kakongoro Muhumuza, an analyst and senior manager for Financial Services Inclusion Programme at KPMG Uganda, but the two big brewers still need to exploit the available opportunities.

Muhumuza says the 2014 performance figures for Uganda Breweries Ltd and Nile Breweries Ltd look more promising compared to the same period last year, The Independent reported on December 1.

“2013 was a tough year from the consumers’ point of view. They had little disposable income, which made beer volumes to be down by about 5-10%. By far, 2014 ends as a better year for the sector,” he says.

“Commercial beer consumption in Uganda grew by more than 28% throughout the 12 months, a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years. There are still unexploited opportunities in the local beer market,” he adds.

He advised companies in the beer sector to tap into such opportunities to bolster their performance.

The healthier performance was first manifested in UBL’s half year financial performance results for the period ended June 30, 2014 with a net sales growth of 13%.

The UBL results were noted to have buoyed the East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) results ...More info on site

Brewery news Spain: 60% of buyers now opt for alcohol-free beer
Beer-loving Spaniards appear to be abandoning their thirst for traditional lagers as they develop a taste for a more sober lifestyle, The Olive Press reported on December 2.

A new study reveals that 60% of Spain’s beer buyers now opt for alcohol-free choices, making them Europe’s largest consumer of non-alcoholic beer.

And the trend appears to be spreading in Europe. In Germany 47% of beer purchased is non-alcoholic while in Italy it’s 29%, according to the new figures from Mintel.

However, the Brits continue to live up to their ‘lager lout’ reputation, as non-alcoholic purchases make up just 14% of the market.

Global drinks analyst at Mintel, Jonny Forsyth, said: “Non-alcoholic beer has huge sales potential, both in Muslim dominated regions and health conscious but beer loving Western markets.

“This is an area of innovation which all major brewers should be focusing on, as consumers want reassurance on product quality, something trusted brands can provide.”

Brewery news Panama: Craft beer slowly conquering consumers in industrial beer-dominated market
Panamanians are by far the biggest beer consumers in Latin America, but not when it comes to the good stuff. Will that all change with the rise of a new craft beer brewery, The Daily Beast asked on November 30.

Panamanians love beer. They love to drink it and they love to sell it. According to Central America Data, it's a $390 million dollar a year industry. Panama has the perfect climate for consuming massive amounts of the stuff: tropical with uniformly high temperatures, face-melting humidity, and very little seasonal variation. Not to mention the beautiful, meandering coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the country.

But it's not just any beer that Panamanians love. It’s entry-level lagers with little-to-no body, high-carbonation, low alcohol levels and bargain-basement price tags. In fact, beer prices in Panama are about 36 percent lower than anywhere else in Latin America. This is probably one of the main reasons why, in a 2011 Kirin Institute report, Panama was ranked eleventh in the world for beer consumption—four notches above the U.S. (ranked fifteenth) and leaving the next Latin American country in its dust (Mexico, ranked thirty-first). Eleventh place is quite the crowning achievement for the little ...More info on site

Brewery news South Korea: Sales of imported beer outpace soju for the first time
Sales of imported beer outpaced soju sales at large discount stores for the first time in the second half of this year. The shift is attributed to a developing preference for a wider variety of beer, especially among young drinkers, The Chosunilbo reported on December 2.

E-Mart said on December 1 that imported beer has sold 8.5 percent more since July than over the same period last year. Its sales stood at W28.8 billion (US$1=W1,112), compared to W28 billion for soju.

This is a reverse from the first half of the year, when the supermarket chain posted W27.6 billion in imported beer sales, much lower than soju's W31.7 billion.

Foreign beer is also increasing in popularity over its domestic counterpart. Imports accounted for 35.1 percent of all beer sales since July, up from 26.4 percent in the first half of 2012.

"Given that beer sales generally increase around this time of year when many year-end parties are being thrown, the sales gap between imported beer and soju will likely widen further," an E-Mart staffer said.

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