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E-Malt.com Flash 32b
August 08 - August 11, 2019

Quote of the Week

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
Francis of Assisi

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: Euro
on August 09, 2019
Base Currency: US Dollar
on August 09, 2019
      1 EUR = 1.1202 USD
1 EUR = 0.9220 GBP
1 EUR = 1.4863 CAD
1 EUR = 1.6500 AUD
1 EUR = 118.8200 JPY
1 EUR = 4.4224 BRL
1 EUR = 73.0024 RUB
1 EUR = 7.8899 CNY
      1 USD = 0.8926 EUR
1 USD = 0.8230 GBP
1 USD = 1.3268 CAD
1 USD = 1.4728 AUD
1 USD = 106.0600 JPY
1 USD = 3.9479 BRL
1 USD = 65.1689 RUB
1 USD = 7.0433 CNY

Currency Rates Chart

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Breweries Equities

Average Market Prices Change Trend

August 09, 2019
French Barley/Malt
Crop 2019
2RS Malting Barley (FOB Creil) 167.50-169.50 up0.60%
6RW Malting Barley (FOB Creil) 159.00-161.00 -
Feed Barley (FOB Creil) 156.00-158.00down0.63%
2RS Malt (FOB Antwerp) 360.00-362.00 up0.34%
6RW Malt (FOB Antwerp) 350.00-352.00 -
German Malting Barley
Crop 2019
Ex Farm
Average Malting Barley Price 179.50-181.50 down0.08%
Danish Malting Barley
Crop 2019
Free on truck
Ex Farm
Malting Barley (East) 1,214.00-1,216.00 -
Malting Barley (West) 1,214.00-1,216.00 -
-No change; upPrice increase; downPrice decrease versus last publication.

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Top Industry News

Brewery news Brazil: Glass starting to look half full for Ambev - analysts ...Click here
Brewery news World: Carlsberg shares surge on full-year earnings outlook upgrade ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Beer industry in limbo waiting for Brexit outcome ...Click here
Brewery news Vietnam: Habeco posts 12% increase in quarterly post-tax profit ...Click here

Barley news France: Cereal harvest showing good quality but spring barley protein may be low ...Click here
Barley news UK: Brexit putting pressure on malting barley market ...Click here

Hops news World: Global hop harvest expected at around 122 thousand tonnes this year ...Click here

More Industry News

Brewery news Africa: Diageo to invest in sustainability of its African breweries ...Click here
Whisky news USA: Pernod Ricard acquiring Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. in Texas ...Click here
Brewery news Zimbabwe & Botswana & Malawi: Delta Corporation eyes Malawi, Botswana markets entry before year-end ...Click here
Brewery news South Africa: More South Africans turning to no- and low-alcohol beer ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea & Japan: Import of Japanese beer to Korea nearly halves in July ...Click here
Brewery news Ghana: Guinness Ghana introduces new Guinness Smooth Stout ...Click here
Whisky news Argentina: Argentina’s first single malt whisky distillery to release new field-to-bottle whisky ...Click here

Graph of the week

Table of the week

Canada Barley Malt Export and Import 2010-2018

Table of the week.
Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

These Days in Business History

08 August
1709 - known ascent in hot-air balloon, Bartolomeu de Gusmao (indoors)
1876 - Thomas Edison patents mimeograph (stencil duplicator or the printing machine)
1876 - Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph
1896 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average, less than three months old, hits the lowest level ever recorded: 28.48, down 30.5% in just ten weeks

09 August
1874 - Harry S Parmelee patents sprinkler head
1945 - US drops 2nd atomic bomb "Fat Man" on Japan destroys part of Nagasaki
1976 - USSR launches Luna 24, last Lunar flight to date from Earth

10 August
1500 - Diego Diaz discovers Madagascar
1793 - The Musee du Louvre is officially opened in Paris, France
1961 - England applies for membership in the European Common Market
1981 - Coca-Cola Bottling Co agrees to pump $34 million into black business
1988 - UN estimates Asia's population hit 3 billion

11 August
1909 - SOS 1st used by an American ship, Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, NC
1950 - Steve Wozniak, future co-inventor of the Apple computer, is born
1992 - The world's largest shopping center, the US$650-million, 4.2-million-square-foot Mall of America, opens in Bloomington, Minnesota


August 2019:
07 - 10: VIETFOOD & BEVERAGE - PROPACK 2019 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
09 - 10: Beervana 2019 (Wellington, New Zealand)
26 - 31: Copa Cervezas de America 2019 (Valparaiso, Chile)

September 2019:
04 - 08: Mondial de la Biere 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
17 - 19: 10th Iberoamerican VLB Symposium Brewing & Filling Technology 2019 (Guadalajara, Mexico)
21 - 06 October: Oktoberfest 2019 (Munich, Germany)
26 - 27: Sea Brew 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)
26 - 28: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2019:
03 - 05: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)
03 - 05: The Great American Beer Festival 2019 (Denver, USA)
29 - 13 November: World Beer Cup 2020 (USA)

November 2019:
12 - 14: Brau Beviale 2019 (Nuremberg, Germany)
27 - 29: Drink Japan 2019 (Makuhari Messe, Japan)

December 2019:
05 - 07: Drink Technology India 2019 (New Delhi, India)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

BreweryBrewery News Brewery

Brewery newsBrazil: Glass starting to look half full for Ambev - analysts
Three upgrades and a 14% return in two weeks are signs that the glass is starting to look half full for Ambev SA, Bloomberg ...More info on site

Brewery newsWorld: Carlsberg shares surge on full-year earnings outlook upgrade
Carlsberg A/S surged the most in a decade after the Danish brewer raised its full-year earnings outlook, helped by demand for its pricier craft ...More info on site

Brewery newsUK: Beer industry in limbo waiting for Brexit outcome
Britain's beer industry is in limbo, waiting to see what is in the pipeline for brewers, pubs and drinkers after Brexit -- but the ...More info on site

Brewery newsVietnam: Habeco posts 12% increase in quarterly post-tax profit
The Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Habeco) has reported its highest quarterly profit since April 2017, the Viet Nam News reported ...More info on site

Brewery news Africa: Diageo to invest in sustainability of its African breweries
British drinks giant Diageo announced on August 5 it would inject nearly a quarter of a billion dollars into sustainability projects at 11 of its African breweries, its largest green investment in a decade.

The London-based spirits maker committed to spending 180 million pounds (USD 219 million/196 million euros) on renewable energy and water recycling systems at breweries in seven countries to reduce its carbon footprint.

The alcohol multinational said biomass boilers using sustainable fuels would be installed at three breweries in Kenya and neighbouring Uganda, replacing dirtier sources of energy production.

Wood chip, bamboo and rice husk would create steam power, cutting emissions and creating jobs with local farmers providing the raw materials. Solar panels would be rolled out at facilities in six countries, starting with Kenya and Ghana, producing up to one-fifth of each breweries' energy needs. Recovery, purification and reuse facilities at five breweries, meanwhile, including in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, would save two billion cubic litres of water a year, Diageo said.

Fifty-million pounds would be provided upfront to kick-off the projects spanning 11 breweries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles, Nigeria and Ghana.

"We believe this is one of the biggest single investments in ...More info on site

Brewery news Zimbabwe & Botswana & Malawi: Delta Corporation eyes Malawi, Botswana markets entry before year-end
Zimbabwe’s listed beverages maker Delta Corporation says it is moving ahead with plans to consolidate the ownership of its Chibuku brand in the region with an arrangement to enter Malawi and Botswana markets before year-end, the Bulawayo24 News reported on August 4.

Delta chief executive Pearson Gowero told Standardbusiness that the company wanted to diversify earnings, and earn foreign currency as the interbank market is failing to cater for its US$5 million monthly requirements.

"What we are trying to do is to diversify our earnings going into bigger markets by consolidating the ownership of the Chibuku brand in southern Africa," he said.

"We already own it here in Zimbabwe, we own it in Zambia and South Africa, and that leaves a few places, which is Malawi and Botswana that we are seriously pursuing at the moment because we think there is potential in those markets."

He said the major reason behind the regional thrust was to earn foreign currency.

"The focus will also be to earn forex. Admittedly, the supply of foreign currency on the interbank market is not enough," Gowero said.

"We require about US$5 million per month and currently we are getting close to half of that amount as we go and bid up ...More info on site

Brewery news South Africa: More South Africans turning to no- and low-alcohol beer
South African Breweries (SAB) said on August 5 that more South African beer drinkers are slowly taking up the growing global trend of consuming the no- and low-alcohol beer (Nablab) categories, All4Women.co.za reported.

A survey by the global market research company Nielsen found that 47 per cent of Americans were no longer as loyal to their historic adult drink of choice and that drinkers wanted to reduce their alcohol consumption to lead healthier lifestyle.

Zoleka Lisa, vice president for corporate affairs at SAB, said as an increasing number of people around the world were passing up on their traditional alcoholic beverage, South Africa was no different.

“An alcohol-free beer offers people the freedom of choice to still enjoy the taste and the sociability of a beer, and the sense of belonging of having a drink with one’s friends, but without the alcohol,” Lisa said.

“It also allows the drinker to have a safer consumption experience by practicing ‘pacing’ by combining the consumption of alcohol beers with alcohol-free beers, as a means of moderation.”

Lisa said that pacing is one important component of moderate drinking.

“The practice of pacing allows for safer and smart drinking options because a lower intake of alcohol over a longer period gives ...More info on site

Brewery news South Korea & Japan: Import of Japanese beer to Korea nearly halves in July
Imports of Japanese beer to Korea nearly halved in July against the previous month as consumers voluntarily shunned Japanese brands in protest to the Tokyo export curbs targeting to hurt Korea’s mainstay electronics component industry, the Pulse News reported on August 6.

Beer imports from Japan in July totaled $4.34 million, off 45 percent from the previous month, according to the Korea Customs Service. Imports of Japanese beers came at $5.16 million in April, $5.95 million, and $7.90 million in June – on seasonal demand. But the beer imports from the neighbor country plummeted 45 percent from the previous month and 35 percent from a year earlier in July after Tokyo tightened control on three chemicals used in chip and display production bound for Korea.

The last time beer imports from Japan fell so sharply was in the aftermath of the 2011 nuclear meltdown in earthquake-hit Japan.

Japanese brands are being yanked out of the shelves as both consumers and merchants join the boycott against Japanese products following coercive trade embargo from Tokyo in apparent complaint over wartime and colonial period claims.

Brewery news Ghana: Guinness Ghana introduces new Guinness Smooth Stout
Guinness Ghana has made an addition to its portfolio with the introduction of the new Guinness Smooth Stout, Myjoyonline.com reported on August 8.

The latest product, according to the company, is 70 per cent Ghanaian materials-brewed with a classic blend of a bittersweet duet of hops and roasted barley.

Addressing the media at the launch, Marketing Manager for Stouts, Adult Premium Non-Alcoholic Drinks (APNADs) and RTD at Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC., Samuel Dery, said the new product was launched based on customer preference.

“We did a lot of research and together with the local team and the team in Dublin, we came out with a Guinness expression that has a lager refreshing; it’s 5 per cent and it’s a Guinness that you would want to enjoy with your friends when you go out and want to have a hangout conversation,” he said.

According to him, the new product seeks to compensate Guinness enthusiasts whose taste buds yearn for a perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavour.

Guinness Master Brewer, Peter Simpson, is optimistic the entry of the new product would go a long way to increase the company’s market share.

“It’s going to be absolutely huge in Ghana and I can see this going a million ...More info on site

BarleyBarley News Barley

Barley newsFrance: Cereal harvest showing good quality but spring barley protein may be low
The cereal harvest in France, the European Union's largest grain producer, was showing generally good quality, including for its main soft wheat crop, farming ...More info on site

Barley newsUK: Brexit putting pressure on malting barley market
A short export window before 31 October, alongside good quality and yields, are putting malting barley prices under pressure, the FarmersWeekly reported on August ...More info on site

HopsHops News Hops

Hops newsWorld: Global hop harvest expected at around 122 thousand tonnes this year
On July 30, the IHGC had a meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where preliminary estimates concerning this year’s hop harvest were made.

Based on these numbers, ...More info on site

WhiskyWhisky News Whisky

Whisky news USA: Pernod Ricard acquiring Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. in Texas
Pernod Ricard, the owner of Absolut Vodka and Jameson Irish Whiskey, is acquiring Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., which has produced the TX premium whiskey and bourbon brand since 2012. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, Food Dive reported on August 6.

The acquisition includes the Whiskey Ranch, the brand’s distillery that is open to the public for tastings on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas.

This deal comes on the heels of the French spirits giant acquiring Rabbit Hole Whiskey in June as it looks to bring brands into its portfolio with "unique and comprehensive value propositions," the company said in a release.

As the second largest liquor company behind Diageo, Pernod Ricard is doing well for a family business. Sales from recurring operations increased 6% in fiscal year 2018, compared to 3.6% the year before. However, outside investor Elliott Management Corp., a New York-based investor group led by billionaire Paul Singer, thinks it could do better.

Elliot, which revealed its more than a 2.5% stake in the company in 2018, specifically pointed out the French liquor company’s M&A strategy as a sore spot that could use improvement. One particular pain point is Pernod's acquisition of Absolut in 2008 for $8.3 billion, ...More info on site

Whisky news Argentina: Argentina’s first single malt whisky distillery to release new field-to-bottle whisky
Argentina’s first single malt whisky distillery, La Alazana based in Patagonia, is to release another first for the country – a field-to-bottle whisky made using barley grown and malted on site.

Speaking to The Drinks Business, co-founder of La Alazana, Lila Serenelli, said the distiller’s next launch would be the 100% Patagonia edition which would be unveiled in a “couple of years”.

“For this edition we are working together with the government agriculture institute (INTA) and our technology institute IPATEC – CONICET (UNCo) for which we are using wild Patagonian yeast during fermentation as well as our barley which is grown and malted on site.”

Serenelli explained that Argentina was a major producer of malting barley, however the varieties grown are those used in the production of beer. As such, for the production of its whisky, La Alazana must import malt from the UK.

This inspired Lila and her husband Nestor to attempt to grow their own crop.

“We are also pioneers in growing and malting whisky varieties of barley and have already had two seasons of excellent crops,” Serenelli added.

“The spirit for our 100% Patagonia whisky is already maturing. It was a big challenge for us, but we are moving along very well with ...More info on site

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