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E-Malt.com Newsletter 33a
August 12 - August 14, 2019

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Rachel Flexman

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Whisky news Canada & USA: Constellation Brands agrees to dispose of Black Velvet Canadian Whisky ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MO: Two sisters launch Hold Fast Brewing in Springfield ...Click here
Brewery news USA: MillerCoors launching Saint Archer Gold to tackle US third-most-popular beer Michelob Ultra ...Click here
Brewery news USA, PA: Dock Street Brewing Co. opening second location ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: Harland Brewing already open in Carmel Valley ...Click here
Brewery news USA, AL: Blue Pants Brewery to close down on August 23 ...Click here
World News
Brewery news Thailand: ThaiBev’s net profit up 22% in Q3 ...Click here
Brewery news Japan: Kirin aims to become Japan's top brewer with jump into craft beer ...Click here
Barley news World: Barley trade forecast reduced this month on smaller crop expectations in the EU and other countries ...Click here
Brewery news Portugal: Beer sales grow 19% in value and 15% in volume in January-June this year ...Click here
Brewery news Australia: 1-in-8 Australians consume beer, wine and another alcohol ...Click here
Brewery news Croatia: Brewers see consolidated profit jump 26% last year ...Click here
Brewery news India: Homebrewing community still small but growing ...Click here
Brewery news Cyprus: Beer consumption shots up in July ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Asahi secures registration of ‘Snow Globe’ trademark ...Click here
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Table of the Week

Switzerland Beer Market Overview

Table of the week.

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

These Days in Business History

12 August
1856 - Anthony Fass patents accordion
1877 - Thomas Edison invents Edisonphone, a sound recording device
1960 - Echo 1, 1st communications satellite, is launched
1981 - The IBM Personal Computer is released

13 August
1623 - Cardinal Richelieu appointed Chief Minister of France by Louis XIII
1907 - 1st taxicab in New York
1961 - Construction on Berlin Wall begins in East Germany (Dark day)

14 August
1885 - Japan's first patent is issued to the inventor of a rust-proof paint
1893 - France issues 1st driving licenses, included required test
1938 - BBC's 1st feature film on TV (Student of Prague)
1967 - Belgian embassy in Kinshasa, Congo, plundered


August 2019:
26 - 31: Copa Cervezas de America 2019 (Valparaiso, Chile)

September 2019:
04 - 08: Mondial de la Biere 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
17 - 19: 10th Iberoamerican VLB Symposium Brewing & Filling Technology 2019 (Guadalajara, Mexico)
21 - 06 October: Oktoberfest 2019 (Munich, Germany)
26 - 27: Sea Brew 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)
26 - 28: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2019:
03 - 05: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)
03 - 05: The Great American Beer Festival 2019 (Denver, USA)
29 - 13 November: World Beer Cup 2020 (USA)

November 2019:
12 - 14: Brau Beviale 2019 (Nuremberg, Germany)
27 - 29: Drink Japan 2019 (Makuhari Messe, Japan)

December 2019:
05 - 07: Drink Technology India 2019 (New Delhi, India)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Whisky news Canada & USA: Constellation Brands agrees to dispose of Black Velvet Canadian Whisky
Constellation Brands has agreed to offload Black Velvet Canadian Whisky to US distilled spirits supplier Heaven Hill Brands for approximately $266 million, FoodBev.com reported on August 13.

The deal also includes Black Velvet’s associated production facility in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, along with a subset of Canadian whisky brands produced at that site.

The net sales for the brands included in the transaction totalled $67 million during Constellation’s fiscal year 2019.

“We are relentlessly focused on the consumer and building a portfolio of brands consumers love today, while pushing beyond to meet their evolving needs well into the future,” said Bill Newlands, Constellation Brands CEO.

“This decision aligns with our consumer-led premiumisation strategy to deliver accelerated growth and shareholder value as we continue to focus our wine and spirits portfolio on higher-end, fast-growing brands.

“For Heaven Hill, Black Velvet is a historic, well-known, and high-volume brand that complements their broad distilled spirits portfolio and aligns with their business strategy.”

Heaven Hill said the Black Velvet brand fills an “important gap” in its distilled spirits portfolio by substantially expanding sales activities in the imported whisky category, adding that the brand complements its portfolio of brands such as Evan Williams Bourbon, Burnett’s Vodka, Deep Eddy Vodka, Admiral Nelson’s Rums ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MO: Two sisters launch Hold Fast Brewing in Springfield
Springfield is becoming known for craft breweries, and it now has another, opened just in time for the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival, KY3 reported on August 9.

The sisters who own Hold Fast Brewing wanted to make sure they were open in time for the festival.

Hold Fast Brewing is housed inside the old Fire Station One at Kimbrough and Trafficway. With its floor drains, concrete and garage doors, it was just what they needed for a brewery.

It's run by sisters, Carold and Susan McLeod. They says the Hold Fast name comes from their Scottish family crest. They were inspired to open the business together after their father, Jim McLeod passed away.

"Well, we're lovers of craft beer, always have been and we had, when our dad passed away five years ago, kind of had that thought of moving back here, doing something with family," says Carol McLeod. "And one day, I was like, hey Susan, you want to open a brewery?"

Hold Fast Brewing held its grand opening on August 9, the first day of the two day festival, and is open during the festival for all those who want to try out their beers.

Brewery news USA: MillerCoors launching Saint Archer Gold to tackle US third-most-popular beer Michelob Ultra
Michelob Ultra is now the third-most-popular beer in the U.S., and Chicago-based MillerCoors wants to tackle the behemoth, Crain’s Chicago Business reported on August 9.

MillerCoors is launching Saint Archer Gold, a light lager, nationwide beginning Jan. 1, 2020. The new product is aimed directly at stealing market share from Michelob Ultra, the company said.

At 95 calories and 2.6 carbs per 12-ounce serving, MillerCoors is targeting active people. Health-conscious drinkers, fueled by younger consumers, is a big reason why hard seltzers have exploded in recent years.

“They are all gunning for the king. I don’t know if there is a brand that can overtake Michelob Ultra . . . they created the better-for-you market,” said Bryan Roth, an industry expert and an editor at Good Beer Hunting.

MillerCoors plans a major national marketing campaign for Saint Archer Gold through TV advertising, digital, paid social and other media. MillerCoors declined to give an exact marketing budget, but a spokesman said it will have similar resources to other MillerCoors national product launches.

Michelob Ultra passed Miller Lite last month and is now the third best-selling beer in the U.S., behind only Bud Light and Coors Light, with total sales of $2.05 ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, PA: Dock Street Brewing Co. opening second location
West Philly's Dock Street Brewing Co. is opening its second location, Dock Street South, this week. The new Point Breeze location, a 10,500-square-foot production facility and taproom at 2118 Washington Ave., will open its doors on Wednesday, Aug. 14, PhillyVoice.com reported.

"Basically, we are quadrupling our brewing capacity and it also marks Dock Street's return to the east side of the Schuylkill since our original location at 2 Logan Square in 1990," said Rosemarie Certo, Dock Street president and co-founder.

Dock Street South will have seating for 120, plus an additional 24 bar stools. There will be a front room with a German beer hall vibe, a daytime coffee bar and a private lounge.

"I describe the style as modern industrial. We've tried to keep to a minimal and clean look with the use of neutral and grey materials," said architect Mark Wieand, who helped transform an auto repair shop and warehouse into the new space. Also decorating the brewery will be some neon graphics and work by local artists.

To drink, there will be 12 brews on tap, as well as hand-pumped cask beers. Plus, the brewery will be canning on site and have a variety of products available for takeout.

Once open, Dock ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: Harland Brewing already open in Carmel Valley
A brewery and beer bar has opened for business in Carmel Valley: Harland Brewing is now welcoming everyone at 3718 Paseo Place, Suite 1300.

Located in the One Paseo development, Harland Brewing is the latest endeavor by Josh Landen, who sold locally based St. Archer Brewing to MillerCoors in 2015, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The Harland label's centerpiece brews, available on tap at the new tasting room, are a blonde ale, a Mexican lager and an IPA.

The business has already attracted fans thus far, with a 4.5-star rating out of 16 reviews on Yelp.

Danny W., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on July 29, wrote, "Think of your buddy that has the best man cave you've ever stepped foot inside. Now times that by 20, and add in a diverse selection of delicious beers and you've got Harland Brewing."

And Kim A. wrote, "Carmel Valley's answer to a dive bar! Yay! Not really close to a dive bar, but for this area it will work. Neat vibe and a pool table. Beer only. I don't like IPAs, but enjoyed the ones here."

Intrigued? Stop in to try it for yourself. Harland Brewing is open from noon–9 p.m. ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, AL: Blue Pants Brewery to close down on August 23
The owners of Blue Pants Brewery, one of Madison County’s best-known craft beer makers, said on August 9 they will close the brewery and tap room’s doors on Aug. 23 after nine years of operations.

Owners Allison “Blue” and Mike “Pants” Spratley said on Facebook that “recent events and negotiations” had made them "no longer able to continue doing business at our current location.”

The post says the couple decided to take the opportunity to “pursue other ventures” and close the brewery and tap room in Madison, Ala.

“This is the end of an era for our business and our family, and we are sad to see it come," the post said. "However, we are excited for what the future holds and the opportunity this gives us to explore new ideas and new passions.” The owners said they would try to keep several of their signature beer creations on stores shelves “for a while longer” through contracts with other Alabama breweries.

The taproom will close after Friday, Aug. 23, and the Spratleys invited friends and customers to stop by then for “one last celebration with unreasonably good beer, cocktails, live music, and food.”

Brewery newsThailand: ThaiBev’s net profit up 22% in Q3
Thai Beverage Public Co saw net profit attributable to owners rise 22 per cent to 6.65 billion Thai baht (S$299 million) for the third ...More info on site

Brewery news Japan: Kirin aims to become Japan's top brewer with jump into craft beer
The first thing that stands out when entering the Spring Valley Brewery restaurant in Tokyo's upscale Daikanyama district is a cluster of transparent brewing tanks, serving up six types of craft beer. Though owned and operated as a subsidiary of Japan's iconic Kirin Brewery, there is no Kirin logo to be seen, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on August 13.

"We want to convey to our customers the joy of beer, not the name of Kirin itself," said Sakurako Yoshino, a founding member of the Spring Valley chain.

The restaurant is an attempt by parent Kirin Holdings to regain the top spot in the domestic beer market from Asahi Group Holdings by tapping into the global craft beer boom, which is threatening the mega brands that have dominated the beer market for years.

Now, with Japan's beer market drying up for 14 consecutive years through 2018, Kirin thinks it may have the right recipe.

After joining Kirin in 2006, Yoshino handled marketing for fruit-flavored canned beverages based on shochu, a distilled liquor made from grain or sweet potatoes. Tiring of this, she told her boss she wanted to market beer, but was turned down. Developing and marketing beer was far less interesting than shochu ...More info on site

Barley newsWorld: Barley trade forecast reduced this month on smaller crop expectations in the EU and other countries
World barley trade is forecast to total 27.808 mln tonnes in 2019/20, down from 28.115 mln tonnes forecast last month, but still higher than ...More info on site

Brewery newsPortugal: Beer sales grow 19% in value and 15% in volume in January-June this year
The beer category recorded €1.46 billion worth of sales in Portugal in the half-year to June 2019, with 473 million litres sold in the ...More info on site

Brewery news Australia: 1-in-8 Australians consume beer, wine and another alcohol
New research from Roy Morgan shows that two-thirds of Australians aged 18+ (66.3%) consume alcohol in an average four weeks and over 1-in-8 Australians (12.8%) consume not only beer and wine, but also at least one of spirits, RTDs, liqueurs or cider in an average four weeks.

For the two-thirds of Australians that do drink alcohol on a regular basis wine is the most popular choice with 41.3% of Australians drinking wine in an average four weeks compared to 37.6% that drink beer. In addition 37.6%, drink another type of alcohol including at least one of spirits, cider, RTDs or liqueurs.

However, despite the 1-in-8 Australians that drink beer, wine and something else, overall incidence of alcohol consumption has continued to decline gently over the last five years from 69.8% in mid-2014.

All major categories of alcoholic drinks showed decline in incidence over this period although deeper analysis within gender and age groups reveals some types of alcohol are growing in popularity for different segments of the population.

These are some of the latest findings derived from the Roy Morgan’s ‘Alcohol Consumption Currency Report June 2019’ which is based on in-depth interviews conducted face-to-face with over 50,000 consumers per annum in their homes, ...More info on site

Brewery newsCroatia: Brewers see consolidated profit jump 26% last year
Beer producers in Croatia saw their consolidated profit jump 26% to 345 million kuna ($52.2 million/46.7 million euro) last year, Croatia's financial agency Fina ...More info on site

Brewery news India: Homebrewing community still small but growing
A small but growing community of Indians has been geeking out in their kitchens, producing small-batch beers and secretly meeting up to swap tasting notes, VICE reported on August 6.

In 2013, when 36-year-old Sapan—a software engineer living in the city of Pune—decided to start brewing beer at home, he and a friend went to great lengths to procure malt, which wasn’t easily available back then. Their search led them to a factory in Gurgaon in northern India which could sell them only a 40-kilogram bag of malt, despite the duo needing no more than a couple of kilos each for their brewing experiments. But gradually, Sapan discovered the homebrewer network in his city, where he could share and swap both, ingredients and advice. He also discovered supportive professional brewers who were generous with advice and even supplies if needed.

From having “no idea that you could brew beers at home” to being “known for his dark beers,” Sapan has come a long way, much like the small but closely collaborative community of homebrewers in India.

With sourcing of ingredients becoming easier through online stores and the fact that the miniscule houses of urban India are not a hindrance to brewing that requires ...More info on site

Brewery news Cyprus: Beer consumption shots up in July
Consumption of beer in Cyprus shot up in July from the previous month, while exports marked a smaller increase, the Cyprus Mail reported on August 13.

According to the Statistical Service Cystat, the value of local consumption rose to €5,762,800 in July 2019 compared to 4,666,552 in June.

The value of exports in July rose to €158,478 compared to 133,327 in June.

Brewery news UK: Asahi secures registration of ‘Snow Globe’ trademark
Japanese beer company Asahi has secured the registration of a ‘Snow Globe’ trademark in the UK, after fending off opposition from the China-based brewer of Snow beer, the World Intellectual Property Review reported on August 12.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) dismissed China Resources Snow Brewery’s opposition to ‘Snow Globe’ on Thursday, August 8, finding that the Asahi’s trademark should proceed to registration.

Pub company Fuller’s, which was acquired by Asahi earlier this year, applied to register ‘Snow Globe’ as a trademark for “beer, ale, lager, stout and porter; non-alcoholic beers” in February 2018.

‘Snow Globe’ was chosen as the name of a seasonal beer to be brewed and consumed during the winter months, according to an evidence statement submitted by Fuller’s company secretary.

China Resources, which is the maker of the Snow, the world’s most popular beer, soon opposed Asahi’s trademark application. In December 2017, China Resources entered into an agreement with Molson Coors (a multinational brewing company) granting it exclusive rights to distribute Snow beer to the UK market.

In its opposition, China Resources cited six marks, including a European trademark for the word ‘Snow’, covering beers, and claimed that the respective goods and services are identical or similar and the marks ...More info on site

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