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E-Malt.com Newsletter 44b
October 31 - November 03, 2019

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I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.
Steven Spielberg

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA, MA: Trillium Brewing Company launches newest outpost in Boston ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, BC: Cliffside Brewing Co. hosts official public opening in Nanaimo ...Click here
Brewery news USA, VA: Seven Sisters Brewery becomes Wytheville’s second brewery ...Click here
Brewery news USA, ID: Boise Brewing seeking more owners ...Click here
Brewery news USA, TX: Back Unturned Brewing Co. slated to open in San Antonio by mid-November ...Click here
Brewery news USA: Hoegaarden’s non-alcoholic beer expanding to the US ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MA: Wormtown Brewery opens its newest location in Worcester ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, AB: Two Sergeants Brewery permanently closes its doors in Edmonton ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI: Founders Brewery subject to racial discrimination lawsuit, closing entire metro Detroit operations ...Click here
Brewery news USA, OR: Rock Bottom Brewery closes downtown Portland location ...Click here
World News
Brewery news World: Carlsberg reports increase in Q3 sales, buys remaining 25% in Cambodian brewery Cambrew ...Click here
Malt news Ethiopia: International Finance Corporation invests EUR20 mln in Soufflet Malt Ethiopia ...Click here
Brewery news Japan: Asahi CEO doubling down on beer as survival strategy ...Click here
Brewery news Nigeria: International Breweries to raise $457.7 million in share sales this year ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: Coca-Cola Femsa and Heineken announce end of distribution arbitration in Brazil ...Click here
Brewery news World: AB InBev brewing Corona outside of Mexico to meet ever-increasing demand ...Click here
Brewery news Kenya: Diageo relying on “backward integration” in Kenya ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Brewers say pre-Christmas strike by drinks delivery company not to affect pubs’ stocks ...Click here
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Table of the Week

The 40 Largest Breweries Worldwide 2018

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Scientific Digest


To compare the energy consumption of hop drying is part of a holistic sustainability review of hop production. This US team looked into the general sustainability challenges in beer production including hops production. Sustainability is often thought of solely in context of the environment, but it is recognized to encompass the integration of economic development, social development, and environmental protection, which are referred to as the three pillars of sustainability. If we look at it from an environmental perspective the method of LCA (life cycle analysis) is often used, which means to look at the different parts/ingredients from "cradle to grave". The brewery in general is a large consumer of water and energy. Published figures are 8-12 kWH, 5hl of water 150 MJ of fuel energy to produce 1 hl of beer plus 13.6 kg of spent grain and 4 kg of spent yeast produced. Speaking in Carbon foot print a published study indicates that packaging accounts for 40%, and raw materials for 22% (mainly barley). Although the impact of hops was found to be small in this review, the quantity of hops required for brewing hop forward beers is much higher. A beer with 110 g of hops/hl of beer can equal 0.2% of the total carbon footprint. A tenfold usage of hops of 1.1kg/hl beer would mean 2% of the total carbon footprint. Parameters for hops production are machinery, irrigation, fertilization, soil emissions and pesticides usage and kilning. Overall estimates of emissions equivalents ranged from ~3.5 to 5.5 kg of CO2e per kilogram of hops in all cases, estimates were substantially higher than literature values for the production of malt on a kilogram per kilogram basis, which were reported by TCC as 0.91 kg of CO2e per kilogram. Meanwhile the hop industry is providing sustainability reports.


Dean G. Hauser et al: An Overview of Sustainability Challenges in Beer Production, and the Carbon Footprint of Hops Production, MBAA TQ vol. 56, no. 4, 2019, pp. 00-00

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

31 October
1904 - King Camp Gillette patents the safety blade and razor
1938 - Robert Edward was born, he started CNN (amid almost universal predictions of failure) in 1980
1952 - TV broadcasting begins in Belgium
2011 - The global population of humans reaches seven billion. This day is now recognized by the United Nations as Seven Billion Day

01 November
1512 - Michelangelo's paintings on ceiling of Sistine Chapel, 1st time exhibited
1765 - Robert Fulton is born. He invents the world's first practical steamboat in 1807, and for the first time humans can safely travel substantial distances without relying on animals or wind
1894 - Vaccine for diphtheria announced by Dr Roux of Paris
1982 - Honda becomes the first Asian automobile company to produce cars in the United States with the opening of its factory in Marysville, Ohio. The Honda Accord is the first car produced there
1993 - The Maastricht Treaty takes effect, formally establishing the European Union

02 November
1927 - John Sainsbury was born, Chairman of J Sainsbury plc (the parent company of Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd) since 1969; English billionaire
1928 - Dupont introduces synthetic rubber
1992 - 1st test flight of Airbus A330

03 November
1898 - 1st US automobile show opens at Madison Square Garden (NYC)
1929 - 1st commercially produced synthetic rubber manufactured
1971 - The microprocessor is officially born as Intel introduces its new 4004 chip, invented by Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin
2014 - One World Trade Center officially opens


November 2019:
12 - 14: Brau Beviale 2019 (Nuremberg, Germany)
27 - 29: Drink Japan 2019 (Makuhari Messe, Japan)

December 2019:
05 - 07: Drink Technology India 2019 (New Delhi, India)

January 2020:
31 - 01 February: Braukunst Live! 2020 (Munich, Germany)

February 2020:
04 - 08: Great British Beer Festival Winter 2020 (Norwich, UK)
07 - 10: HoReCa 2020 (Athens, Greece)
07 - 09: Finest Spirits 2020 (Munich, Germany)
15 - 18: Beer Attraction 2020 (Rimini, Italy)
24 - 26: Beviale Moscow 2020 (Moscow, Russia)

March 2020:
09 - 11: 107th Brewing and Engineering Congress 2020 (Rust, Germany)
11 - 12: BeerX 2020 (Liverpool, UK)

April 2020:
19 - 22: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2020 (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
25 - 26: Zythos Beer Festival 2020 (Leuven, Belgium)

May 2020:
05 - 07: International Beer Strategies Conference 2020 (Munich, Germany)
13 - 15: Craft Beer China 2020 (Shanghai, China)
19 - 21: Beer 2020 (Sochi, Russia)
21 - 24: Mondial de la Biere 2020 (Montreal, Canada)

June 2020:
03 - 04: The Brewers of Europe Forum 2020 (Antwerp, Belgium)

August 2020:
07 - 08: Beervana 2020 (Wellington, New Zealand)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news USA, MA: Trillium Brewing Company launches newest outpost in Boston
Now there is one more reason to visit the iconic neighborhood setting the tone in the city of Boston. Trillium Brewing Company has announced the launch of its newest outpost at 401 Park, in The Fenway neighbourhood, Brewbound reported on October 26.

Since founding Trillium in 2013, Co-Founders Esther and JC Tetreault have stayed true to the mission of building strong communities through beer and creating destinations for people to celebrate life’s moments. Trillium Fenway is a unique expression of that mission, expanding the way that beer lovers can share and experience Trillium at the source.

“This project is extra special for me and JC because it symbolizes the beginnings and progression of both Trillium, and our lives together. JC & I met at the gym in 401 Park more than 15 years ago, after he had spent a long afternoon working in his plot at The Victory Gardens. We recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary so it’s sentimental opening a new Trillium venue that we designed from scratch at the site where we began imagining a life together,” said Co-Founder Esther Tetreault.

Trillium Fenway is the company’s first project from the ground up, as part of the new development at 401 ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, BC: Cliffside Brewing Co. hosts official public opening in Nanaimo
A Nanaimo family weathered a year of construction, red tape and a break-in theft, and was able to open the city’s newest microbrewery, the Nanaimo News Bulletin reported on October 25.

Cliffside Brewing Co. hosted its official public opening Friday, October 25 at 11 Cliff St. in downtown Nanaimo.

The microbrewery is a family operation started by Andrew Eubank, head brewer, his father Jack and brother Mike.

The establishment has a tasting room with tables and a bar and currently serves a selection of six beers. It doesn’t have a kitchen, but does serve specialty meats and other snacks, including locally made chips and taquitos and other ready-made items will be added to the menu too.

The idea to open a microbrewery bubbled to the surface when the family was visiting together on holidays.

“[Andrew] has been, what we call, basement brewing for years now,” said Mike. “He lived in Port Moody and was brewing in his living room in his condo and, surprisingly, it went really well.”

The hobby led to investing in better-quality brewing equipment, which helped produce even better-tasting beer.

“I lived in Vancouver as well and I watched all the microbreweries pop up in my neighbourhood – one actually popped up in my ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, VA: Seven Sisters Brewery becomes Wytheville’s second brewery
David Clark is starting a new adventure. He's the founder and CEO of Seven Sisters Brewery. It's the second brewery to open in downtown Wytheville, WSLS 10 reported on October 25.

"We tried to stick with a true brewery feeling. We'll serve beer and snacks. The idea for us is to be more of a community and family hangout rather than just a quick service restaurant," said Clark.

He's also the person responsible for reopening Skeeters World Famous Hotdogs when the eatery closed earlier this year. He's also now part of transforming downtown Main Street.

"It's really about bring back a building and be a part of the downtown movement to bring things back to the downtown area," said Clark.

Seven Sisters will celebrate its grand opening over three days.

Brewery news USA, ID: Boise Brewing seeking more owners
For Boise Brewing to run, it takes a village. That’s not just a turn of phrase for the local brewmasters. It’s owned by community members through its Idaho Public Offerings, or IPOs, the Boise Weekly reported on October 25.

“What I like about public ownership and what is a defining characteristic for us is that we are owned by our community. You don’t have to be wealthy. Ownership is approachable for normal craft beer drinkers to share in the potential benefits—both liquid and otherwise,” Collin Rudeen, founder and President of Boise Brewing, wrote in a release.

Boise Brewing is putting out another call to community members who want to add their names to the list of the more than 450 local owners, who have raised more than $800,000.

Owners are granted special deals, early access to announcements and a free growler every month for life.

In its new campaign, the brewery hopes to make improvements to its Broad Street location, possibly by installing new fermentation tanks and adding kitchen facilities. It also hopes to eventually build an additional taproom in Nampa, Meridian or Southeast Boise if enough funds are raised.

Chief Brewing Officer Collin Rudeen said the brewery has been kicking around the idea of ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, TX: Back Unturned Brewing Co. slated to open in San Antonio by mid-November
The Brooklynite's speakeasy vibes are long gone, but 516 Brooklyn Ave., San Antonio is home to a new, modern and welcoming brewpub — Back Unturned Brewing Co. — slated to open by mid-November, the San Antonio Current reported on October 28.

Ricardo Garcia, owner of Back Unturned Brewing Co., began his brewing career with a home brewer's kit nearly a decade ago. Garcia was inspired by his own life journey, which included earning degrees in entrepreneurship and design, to help others find and follow their own dreams.

"Our purpose is to inspire, restore hope and guide people to fight for the dreams in their lives, Backs Unturned to the dreams in our lives," Garcia stated on Facebook. "Craft beer is our tool do this!" Garcia was unavailable for comment at the time of publication, but the new brewpub promises to offer a 12-tap selection of beers, a first-hand look at the brewing process and an in-house pizza oven that will provide small bites.

The beers listed on the site include a Kölsch, a New England-style IPA, a dark chocolate beer and a New England Pale Ale brewed with Australian Galaxy Hops.

For those ready to invest in Back Unturned, there's a ...More info on site

Brewery news USA: Hoegaarden’s non-alcoholic beer expanding to the US
Hoegaarden’s non-alcoholic beer is expanding beyond Europe: with pilots in Rochester and Philadelphia in the US currently under way. While Europe has been leading the low and no ABV beer category, Anheuser-Busch believes the US will catch up, BeverageDaily.com reported on October 31.

Known in Europe as Hoegaarden 0.0, the non-alcoholic brew is already firmly established in Europe (no and low alcohol versions now make up half of Hoegaarden's Belgian retail volumes) and is expanding globally (such as with its launch in India earlier this year).

The brand is now looking to the US: with the current pilot helping it understand what American consumers want from the alcohol-free category.

It’s already seen interest from soft drink consumers looking for something new and healthier; while also opening up drinking occasions outside the traditional beer space.

The brand's history goes back some 600 years, with the Belgian wheat beer Hoegaarden White initially brewed by monks in the town of Hoegaarden.

Hoegaarden White (4.9% ABV) is widely available in the US: but Hoegaarden Soft Brew is the first non-alcoholic version to be introduced in the country.

It is using the same recipe as Hoegaarden 0.0 in Europe, but with a different name and different packaging for the ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MA: Wormtown Brewery opens its newest location in Worcester
Wormtown Brewery opened its newest location at Patriot Place in Worcester on Saturday, October 26, GoLocalProv reported.

“We are ecstatic to open the doors and finally let people see all the hard work everyone put into this place. I’m really excited about the 7bbl system getting up and running so that we can finally have a true test kitchen and let our brew staff explore where their creativity takes them,” said Managing Partner David Fields.

Wormtown Brewery is in the former Battle Road Brewery pop-up space, which has been completely renovated.

In addition to a new white tile bar, large patio, indoor/outdoor fireplace, and three new murals, Wormtown has also installed a 7bbl brew system that will be fully operational for the start of the year and allow the brewery to offer new and different beers from the Worcester location.

Brewery news Canada, AB: Two Sergeants Brewery permanently closes its doors in Edmonton
An Edmonton brewery has permanently closed its doors, after it says zoning and red tape issues from the city made it “financially impossible” to continue operating, Globalnews.ca reported on October 26.

Two Sergeants Brewery made the announcement on social media on October 25.

The company had previously made a public announcement in mid-September that it had closed its storefront, but at the time it said it would be working through a restructuring plan for the business.

The brewery first opened in Fort Saskatchewan in 2015, and then made the move to Edmonton’s Brewery District in 2018.

That move to Edmonton was also plagued with problems, after the new location was found to be just 17 feet north of the city’s Brewery District — which had been rezoned by the city to allow for breweries, wineries and distilleries to easily operate there.

But because Two Sergeants was located outside of that zone, it had to apply for a rezoning and two separate business and liquor licenses.

“The rezoning process — which we’ll have to follow so we can combine our business to one single operation — is a six-month process and upwards of $10,000,” Two Sergeants owner Kevin Moore told Global News in 2018, when the brewery ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MI: Founders Brewery subject to racial discrimination lawsuit, closing entire metro Detroit operations
One of Michigan's best-known beer companies is no longer welcome at a growing number of bars and stores around the state, WILX-TV reported on October 25.

That's because Founders Brewery is the subject of a racial discrimination lawsuit, a suit that led to an unflattering viral quote.

As a result of the scrutiny surrounding the lawsuit, the brewing company is closing its entire metro Detroit operations.

The Founders Taproom in Detroit, behind Detroit's Masonic Temple is closed indefinitely. Founders sites "employee safety" as the reason for the closure.

Local media obtained a leaked deposition from the lawsuit, which raised a lot of eyebrows. In it, Founders general manager Dominic Ryan said he didn't know the employee suing him is black. That was the last straw for the owner of Spartan Spirits.

"I can hold my head up proudly and say I don't stand for this type of behavior," owner Michael Mansour said.

You won't find Founders beer on the shelves or in the beer cave at Spartan Spirts anytime soon. The owner pulled them Monday, after reading an article about the racial discrimination lawsuit.

He says he doesn't feel comfortable having Founders products in his business.

"When I work closely with people of color, I employ people of ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, OR: Rock Bottom Brewery closes downtown Portland location
Rock Bottom Brewery, a Denver-based chain of brewpubs, has closed its downtown Portland location, the latest brewpub in the city to close, OregonLive.com reported on October 28.

A sign on the door says the restaurant officially closed on October 27. An employee at the restaurant, who said he was a manager but would only identify himself as Efron, said the location would not be re-opening.

He declined to answer any questions about why Rock Bottom is locking the doors or provide any other details about the closure, first reported by Jeff Alworth in Beervana: The Blog.

The chain, which began in 1991 in Denver, is owned by CraftWorks Holdings, which is based in Broomfield, Colorado, and also owns the Old Chicago chain of restaurants as well as the Gordon Biersch chain of brewpubs. A phone message left at CraftWorks was not immediately returned.

The sign thanked Portland for years of patronage and also said: “We have enjoyed being part of your neighborhood and we appreciate your business.”

Last week, longtime Portland brewery Lompoc Brewing announced Tuesday, October 29 would be its last day.

The closures are the latest in a string of setbacks for longtime Portland breweries. In the past year, Portland’s once-beloved BridgePort Brewing closed, ...More info on site

Brewery newsWorld: Carlsberg reports increase in Q3 sales, buys remaining 25% in Cambodian brewery Cambrew
Carlsberg reported a 5.3% rise in third quarter sales, boosted by strong sales in Asia and Western Europe, and said it had agreed to ...More info on site

Malt newsEthiopia: International Finance Corporation invests EUR20 mln in Soufflet Malt Ethiopia
International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, announced on October 31 a €20 million investment in Soufflet Malt Ethiopia, the ...More info on site

Brewery newsJapan: Asahi CEO doubling down on beer as survival strategy
The biggest dealmaker in Japan this year has one thing on his mind: beer, and then more beer — more than $20 billion worth ...More info on site

Brewery newsNigeria: International Breweries to raise $457.7 million in share sales this year
International Breweries Plc, the Nigerian unit of AB InBev SA, said it plans to raise as much as 165 billion naira ($457.7 million) in ...More info on site

Brewery news Brazil: Coca-Cola Femsa and Heineken announce end of distribution arbitration in Brazil
Coca-Cola Femsa SAB de CV and Heineken NV announced late on October 31 the end of an arbitration on contracts of beer distribution in Brazil favorable to Femsa, Reuters reported.

Both companies said beverages produced by Cervejaria Kaiser, acquired by Heineken in 2010, will continue to be distributed by Coca Cola bottlers in Brazil through 2022.

With the arbitration decision, Heineken will have to keep two separate distribution networks for its beers in Brazil, the Kaiser system and one it purchased from Kirin Holdings Co in 2017.

The Dutch company initiated an arbitration two years ago seeking to end the contracts sooner to unify its distribution.

Brewery news World: AB InBev brewing Corona outside of Mexico to meet ever-increasing demand
Corona started local production on markets outside Mexico due to the need of its owner Anheuser-Busch InBev of satisfying high demand and solving supplies problems, The Yucatan Times reported on October 30.

“The decision of producing Corona locally allows us to increase market availability and to provide a better service to our clients in terms of delivery time. In the third place, it offers more variety in terms of SKU and we also rationalize our logistics and, by doing so, we reduce our carbon footprint, something Corona consumers deeply care about,” said Carlos Brito, CEO of the multinational brewery.

After AB InBev purchased Grupo Modelo in 2013, all Mexican brands now belong to the Belgian-Brazilian corporate, which had already had an impact on the Mexican origin of the brand. Moving its production to China could further affect the brand’s identity.

AB InBev produces part of its global beers in different markets: Budweiser in China, Stella Artois in Brazil, and Bud Light in Mexico.

Brito said that “Corona has grown and it has been increasingly demanded by consumers all over the world, with fast growth, outside Mexico and it grew 21% this trimester.”

“To begin Corona’s production in all the world, we have a Mexican master ...More info on site

Brewery news Kenya: Diageo relying on “backward integration” in Kenya
It is 4pm in a country pub on the outskirts of Kisumu, a port on Lake Victoria. The establishment, set in fields off the main road, is built of crude brick with a tin roof. Inside the spacious yellow interior, which is round like a traditional hut, bottles of beer and spirits are ranged on shelves in a serving area protected by steel bars. At this hour there are just two men sat on barstools. A third, seated apart at a table, is slowly sipping a half-pint of dark beer through a straw, the Financial Times reported on October 31.

The beer in question is Senator Keg, a draught brew developed by Diageo, a UK-based drinks multinational, as a cheap alternative to bottled beer and what John O’Keeffe, the president of Diageo Africa, calls “a ladder” to the company’s costlier brands, including Tusker and Guinness.

Senator Keg comes in two varieties, a lager priced at Ks35 for a half-pint — roughly 35 US cents — and the less expensive darker version, which costs about a quarter of a bottled beer.

Distributed in 50-litre metal barrels and produced from locally grown white sorghum, it is manufactured in a $140m state of the art brewery ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: Brewers say pre-Christmas strike by drinks delivery company not to affect pubs’ stocks
Workers at a UK drinks delivery company – with customers including Carlsberg, Coors, Greene King and Mitchells & Butlers – have agreed to strike in the run-up to Christmas, the Morning Advertiser reported on October 31.

Logistics company Tradeteam said there would be no impact on deliveries to customers in the event of strike action at its Enfield depot in north London.

However, union Unite said a “rolling programme of strike dates” yet to be announced by drivers, draymen and warehouse staff would hit Tradeteam customers in the lead-up to Christmas.

Around 100 workers voted for action over what Unite described as a lack of managerial good faith over pay discussions.

Employees agreed to strike after an agreement for a pay increase fell through, with 65% of workers at the Millmarsh Lane site voting for action.

Brewing companies Molson Coors and Carlsberg said that pubs’ stocks would not be hit by any action and they remained hopeful strikes could be avoided.

A spokesperson for Molson Coors said: “We’re disappointed with the ballot result but, in the event a strike goes ahead, we’ll be working closely with Tradeteam to ensure continuity of supply for our customers.

“We know that talks between Tradeteam and Unite ...More info on site

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