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E-Malt.com Newsletter 30a
July 20 - July 22, 2020

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We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.
Charlotte Whitton

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Barley news Canada: Barley supply up 17% in 2019-20 ...Click here
Brewery news USA: Off-premise beer sales up 14.9% for the week ending July 11 ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: Tribe-owned Powers Creek Brewery opens in Blue Lake ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: Black Orchid Brewing Company gets Ripon Planning Commission approval ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, BC: Old Yale Brewing eyeing new location in Abbotsford’s historic downtown ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MA: Loophole Brewing Services planning new brewery at Ludlow Mills complex ...Click here
World News
Brewery news Ukraine: Beer and malt production decline in H1 2020 ...Click here
Barley news World: Spain, Canada, and Australia forecast good barley crop results this year ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Beer import falls for the first time in a decade ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Government to change tax rules for craft breweries ...Click here
Brewery news Ethiopia: BGI Ethiopia launching new beer products this month ...Click here
Brewery news Portugal: Lidl Portugal launches a range of craft beers ...Click here
Graph of the Week

Table of the Week

Black Sea Barley Supply & Demand Balance

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

These Days in Business History

20 July
1837 - Opening of London's first major railway station - at Euston
1868 - 1st use of tax stamps on cigarettes
1903 - The Ford Motor Company ships its first car
1992 - Charles Schwab opens its "mutual fund supermarket," allowing investors to choose from hundreds of different funds without paying transaction fees, as it introduces its OneSource program

21 July
1955 - Ian Donald made his first investigation of the use of ultrasound in medical diagnosis
1969 - Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon
2011 - NASA's Space Shuttle program

22 July
1872 - Mahlon Loomis patents wireless radio
1961 - 1st in-flight movie shown, TWA


July 2020:
29 - 31: Beviale Mexico 2020 (Guadalajara, Mexico)
30 - 01 August: Korea International Beer Expo 2020 (Seoul, South Korea)

September 2020:
02 - 05: Expo Trade, Brewers Conference & Mar del Plata Beer Week 2020 (Mar del Plata Argentina)
03 - 05: Zurich Bier Festival 2020 (Zurich, Switzerland)
05 - 05: Copa Cervezas de America 2020 (Award Ceremony) (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
11 - 13: Mondial de la Biere - Paris 2020 (Paris, France)
14 - 25: Craft Brewing Online 2020 (Online)
18 - 08 October: WBC Connect 2020 (Online)
24 - 26: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2020 (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2020:
02 - 03: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2020 (Stockholm, Sweden)
08 - 11: Mondial de la Biere 2020 (Montreal, Canada)
13 - 16: China Brew & China Beverage (CBB) 2020 (Shanghai, China)
14 - 16: Expo Antad & Alimentaria Mexico 2020 (Expo Guadalajara, Mexico)
16 - 17: Great American Beer Festival 2020 (Online)
19 - 20: Planete Biere 2020 (Paris, France)
21 - 24: Beer 2020 (Sochi, Russia)
23 - 25: Cerveza Mexico Expo 2020 (Mexico City, Mexico)
26 - 28: VLB Brewing Conference 2020 (Leipzig, Germany)
29 - 30: Sea Brew 2020 (Taipei, Taiwan)

November 2020:
04 - 07: VIETFOOD & BEVERAGE - VIETNAM 2020 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
10 - 12: Brau Beviale 2020 (Nuremberg, Germany)
11 - 11: European Beer Star 2020 - Award Ceremony & Winners' Night (Munich, Germany)
13 - 14: Beervana 2020 (Wellington, New Zealand)
18 - 22: Mondial de la Biere Rio 2020 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
18 - 18: Brussels Beer Challenge 2020 (Brussels, Belgium)
25 - 27: Drink Japan 2020 (Tokyo, Japan)

December 2020:
09 - 11: Drink Technology India 2020 (Mumbai, India)

March 2021:
23 - 25: Beviale Moscow 2021 (Moscow, Russia)

May 2021:
17 - 23: Budapest Beer Week 2021 (Budapest, Hungary)

June 2021:
13 - 15: Bangkok Brewing Conference 2021 (Bangkok, Thailand)
15 - 17: Brasil Brau 2021 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

July 2021:
13 - 15: Fdt Africa 2021 (Midrand, South Africa)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Barley news Canada: Barley supply up 17% in 2019-20
For 2019-20, the total supply of barley in Canada increased by 17% from 2018-19 (to 11.295 mln tonnes) due to higher production (10.383 mln tonnes vs 8.38 mln) despite historically low carry-in stocks, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada said in their July report.

Total domestic use is expected to increase by 20% to 6.895 mln tonnes, largely due to strong feed use.

Exports for the first ten months of the crop year fell by 15% and 6% for barley grains and malt, respectively. Total exports are expected to decrease by 8% to 2.8 mln tonnes based on the current export pace.

Carry-out stocks are forecast to rise sharply from last year's historic low (to 1.6 mln tonnes).

Increased barley supplies in Canada and around the world have weighed on barley prices. The average feed barley price at Lethbridge feedlots is expected to be 12% lower than last year.

For 2020-21, the area seeded to barley in Canada is marginally higher than the previous crop year and the highest since 2009-10, according to Statistics Canada’s (STC) seeded area survey. A total of 3.04 million hectares (mln ha) were seeded to barley versus the intended area of 2.94 mln ha reported in May acreage ...More info on site

Brewery news USA: Off-premise beer sales up 14.9% for the week ending July 11
The billion dollar weeks keep coming for the beer category in the US off-premise retailers, Brewbound reported on July 21.

Beer category sales (beer, FMBs and cider) in off-premise channels increased 14.9%, to $1.007 billion, for the week ending July 11 compared to the same week one year ago, according to market research firm Nielsen. That makes eight consecutive weeks of at least $1 billion in dollar sales in off-premise retailers for the beer category.

Year-to-date, beer category dollar sales in off-premise retailers are up 15.5%, to $24.06 billion, for the 28 weeks ending July 11 compared to last year.

Total alcohol dollar sales growth increased 17.3% for the week, led by spirits (+25.5%) and wine (+16.6%), Nielsen reported. Nevertheless, total alcohol sales declined 14.1% compared to the previous week, which included the July 4 holiday.

For the week ending July 11, core beer (minus FMBs, seltzers, cider, etc.) increased dollar sales in off-premise retailers by 7.6% compared to the same week in 2019.

Cowen analyst Vivien Azer noted that off-premise beer category trends have decelerated in the most recent four-week period ending July 11. Total beer sales increased 14.3%, but were down from the 12-week growth trend of +20.2%, which she attributed to restaurant ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: Tribe-owned Powers Creek Brewery opens in Blue Lake
Where a casino's doors have (temporarily) closed in Blue Lake, a new craft brewery has opened, the North Coast Journal reported on July 20.

Housed within the Blue Lake Casino — which recently shut down for the second time due to the pandemic — Powers Creek Brewery, which remains open, has started serving craft beer in the outdoor seating area for Alice's restaurant. Owned by the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, it's the second tribe-owned brewery in the county along with Mad River Brewing, which is owned by the Yurok Tribe, and one of only five nationally.

There are six beers in all: a nutty Scottish-style ale, a refreshing blonde ale, a classic pale ale, a hoppy India pale ale, a rich double IPA and (our personal favorite) an Irish-style dry stout with a chocolatey finish. A flight comes with four tastes and costs $9. For the full Powers Creek experience, order the St. Louis-style pork ribs, which are grilled and finished with an Irish-style dry stout BBQ sauce.

The brains behind the beer is local legend Dylan Schatz, whom the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe tapped shortly after the brewmaster's departure from his long-standing post at Mad River Brewing Co.

According to Schatz's bio on ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: Black Orchid Brewing Company gets Ripon Planning Commission approval
The Ripon Planning Commission welcomed a new business to town, the Manteca Ripon Bulletin reported on July 22.

Black Orchid Brewing Company will be moving to 219 W. Main St., next to Ripon Print Studio’s new home.

Commissioners paved the way to bring the award-winning home brewers to downtown, approving the conditional use permit along with the add-ons to existing warehouse space on Monday.

“The conditional use permit with this project because (Black Orchid Brewery) intends to serve beer as the primary source without food,” said Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart.

Commissioner Debra Van Essen sees the new microbrew and tap room as complimenting the nearby eateries including nearby Ede’s Taco Shop.

“I’m excited – this project will be a great addition to downtown,” she said. “It’ll compliment all the other businesses.”

The owners – included are Henry and Tyanne Penado, and head brew master Joffre Roberts – will make improvements to the outside façade and provide outdoor seating areas with wrought iron fencing as approved by the City of Ripon and as required by the Alcohol Beverage Control.

Henry Penado and Roberts are residents of Manteca. They’ve been doing home brewing for the past 10 years while bringing their craft beers to festivals throughout San Joaquin and ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, BC: Old Yale Brewing eyeing new location in Abbotsford’s historic downtown
A Chilliwack brewery wants to set up shop in Abbotsford’s historic downtown, the Chilliwack Progress reported on July 17.

Online records published on the city’s website show that consultants for Old Yale Brewing have applied to create a brewery and tasting room on Laurel Street at a property occupied by the Abbotsford Banquet and Conference Centre.

Little other information is available on the application, which was made by Thrive Advisors, a consulting company that works with liquor and cannabis businesses to obtain licences and permits.

A move to Abbotsford by Old Yale would be just the latest Fraser Valley brewery to set up an auxiliary brewhouse in a neighbouring city.

Langley’s Trading Post Brewing opened a restaurant and micro-brewery in Abbotsford last year. And Abbotsford’s Field House Brewing plans to open a location in Chilliwack’s downtown.

Brewery news USA, MA: Loophole Brewing Services planning new brewery at Ludlow Mills complex
Loophole Brewing Services plans to build a 21,000 square-foot brewery, tap room, and beer garden in a former jute processing building at the Ludlow Mills complex, masslive.com reported on July 17.

Loophole announced this week plans to buy the building and 2.5-acres of land at 90 First Ave. from Ludlow Mills owner from WestMass Development Corp, a not-for-profit, real estate and economic development corporation.

“Putting together a project like this in the midst of a pandemic is not easy, but WestMass has been a wonderful partner in working with us,” said Aaron Saunders, Loophole’s co-founder. “The investments made by WestMass, as well as the town, state, and federal governments in the Mills have helped make this a top-notch location for Loophole.”

Loophole would be the second brewery in the complex. It will join Iron Duke, which is changing its name to avoid a trademark dispute with Duke university.

Saunders said having the two breweries in the same complex — one also shared by small manufacturers, housing, a senior center and senior housing and a rehabilitation hospital — has the potential to help both Loophole and Iron Duke.

“We are really excited about it. We look at it as additive,” Saunders said. “It’s not so much ...More info on site

Brewery newsUkraine: Beer and malt production decline in H1 2020
Ukraine’s January-June beer production dropped by 2.3% to 8.91 mln hl, trade association Ukrpivo reported on July 14.

The statistics don’t include production of non-alcoholic ...More info on site

Barley newsWorld: Spain, Canada, and Australia forecast good barley crop results this year
Barley crops throughout Europe may only be average, but some countries – for instance, Spain, Canada, and Australia - forecast good results. Also the ...More info on site

Brewery newsSouth Korea: Beer import falls for the first time in a decade
South Korean imports of beer fell for the first time last year in a decade, largely on a nationwide boycott of Japanese products amid ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: Government to change tax rules for craft breweries
The UK’s beer industry has been divided over a government proposal to change the way it taxes smaller breweries, The Drinks Business reported on July 22.

The reform has divided brewers in the UK.

The UK government has lowered the threshold for breweries to stop receiving some tax breaks on the beer they produce.

This announcement comes as part of a wider shake-up of business rates, which involves asking hospitality businesses for evidence and a pledge to reform the UK’s alcohol duty rates, which are some of the highest in Europe.

Small Breweries’ Relief was introduced in 2002, and was meant to help newer breweries become profitable and compete with big players like Heineken or AB InBev. The relief gives any brewer producing less than 5,000 hectolitres (about 880,000 pints) annually a 50% discount on beer duty. Once a brewer starts making more than 5,000hl, the relief rate is lowered on a sliding scale.

Critics of the scheme claim it discourages smaller brewers from expanding, as they have to pay a substantially higher rate of duty once they go over the threshold.

Now, the government is lowering the threshold from 5,000hl to 2,100hl, adding it is intended to “support growth, boost productivity, and remove ‘cliff ...More info on site

Brewery news Ethiopia: BGI Ethiopia launching new beer products this month
French owned BGI Ethiopia is set to inaugurate new beer products – Dopel alcoholic beer and Senque Malt (non-alcoholic) beers, starting next week, The Reporter said on July 17.

The new product lines come as the beer industry faces a slew of challenges, including lukewarm sales linked to recently introduced excise tax, the COVID-19 pandemic and strict advertisement rules that have pushed beer sales go downwards.

Dopel beer is said to be a “lower-gravity German-style bock beer” that is dark and is to complement the company’s St. George and Castel brand. St. George remains the most successful brand of beer in Ethiopia, despite stiff competition from Heineken, which has a slew of brands under it, including its signature beer, Walia, Harar and Bedele.

According to sources at the company, BGI is set to introduce these brands inside its newly built facility located at Mexico Square next week and is expected to launch it nationally within a month.

BGI has had limited success with its introduced brands in the past, including with Amber, which launched in 2012 and Guinness beer in early 2000’s. It cancelled them shortly after poor sales. Guinness was launched by Diageo in 2018 and was also cancelled within a year, after ...More info on site

Brewery news Portugal: Lidl Portugal launches a range of craft beers
Lidl Portugal has announced the launch of a range craft beers in partnership with a local brewery, ESM reported on July 22.

The Tuga brand, consisting of three varieties of craft beer, has been developed exclusively for Lidl Portugal by Praxis, a family-owned company from Coimbra and one of the oldest producers of craft beer in Portugal.

Of the three, Xico Esperto is a pilsner beer made with barley malt, with a slightly bitter taste and stands out for its aromatic hops.

Gingão, based on the same pilsner hop concept, has the same characteristics as black beer, featuring a toasted flavour, slightly bitter and more intense aroma. The beer is more robust due to the use of oats as its key ingredient.

Finally, Loirinha is lighter and refreshing, as it has less hops and is less carbonated. In addition to barley malt, it includes wheat malt and orange peel.

One of Praxis' distinguishing ingredients used for the three beers is water from the Upper Mondego River, which features a neutral pH and is therefore ideal for brewing.

Tuga joins Lidl Portugal's Steam Brew craft beer range, which consists of three varieties of beer in 0.5L cans: IPA, Red and Stout.

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