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Average market prices Change trend

12 Sept - 13 Sept 2005
Crop 2005
2rs Barley €116.0-118.0
6rw Barley €105.0-107.0

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The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices.
Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

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E-malt.com Newsletter 37a
September 12 - September 13, 2005
Currency Rates
Base Currency: Euro, EUR
on 13-September-2005

1 EUR = 1.2286 USD
1 EUR = 0.6753 GBP
1 EUR = 1.4574 CAD
1 EUR = 1.5969 AUD
1 EUR = 135.45 JPY
1 EUR = 2.8522 BRL
1 EUR = 34.8861 RUB
1 EUR = 9.9662 CNY
Base Currency: US Dollar
on 13-September-2005

1 USD = 0.8142 EUR
1 USD = 0.5498 GBP
1 USD = 1.1862 CAD
1 USD = 1.2998 AUD
1 USD = 110.28 JPY
1 USD = 2.3215 BRL
1 USD = 28.395 RUB
1 USD = 8.1118 CNY


Equities of the Largest Breweries

Top Industry News
Japan: Beer & beer-like alcoholic drinks shipments register increase in August... Click here

China: Zhujiang Brewery builds a new plant in Guangdong province... Click here

Germany: Bavarian brewer to make the strongest beer in the world... Click here

Bulgaria: Beer consumption in Bulgaria increased by 2.58% so far this year... Click here

Russia: Recent trends of Russian beer market... Click here

China: Prospects on Chinese malt demand... Click here

Bulgaria: Zagorka Heineken sold its Chirpan malt factory... Click here

Russia: Good quantities of malting barley combined... Click here

Finland & Sweden: Outlooks on barley crops 2005... Click here

UK: Hops market situation in England... Click here

More News
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Poland: Żywiec brewing company has recorded good financial results for H1 2005 ...more info

Japan: Asahi Breweries will launch a taste-changing beer for winter ...more info

Australia: Lion Nathan says Coopers made misleading statements ...more info

Germany: InBev could buy more German beer brands ...more info

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South Korea: Hite Brewery shares rise to 118,500 won ...more info

Brewery News

Japan: Beer & beer-like alcoholic drinks shipments register increase in August

The shipments of beer and beer-like alcoholic drinks in August by five Japanese brewers rose 5.6 % over a year earlier as higher summer temperatures stimulated demand, for the first rise in three months, Kyodo communicated on September 12. The shipments by Kirin Brewery Co., Asahi Breweries Ltd., Suntory Ltd., Orion Breweries Ltd. and Sapporo Breweries Ltd. amounted to 48.89 million cases. One case has 12.66 liters, or the equivalent of 20 633-mlliliter bottles.

Beer shipments had a 2.1 % increase to 29.15 million cases, the first rise in eight months. Beer sales had been affected by explosive growth in sales of so-called "third-category beer" that is taxed and priced lower.

Real beer accounted for 59.6 % of the beer and beer-like alcoholic drinks shipments in August 2005. Shipments of draft beer to restaurants expanded by nearly 10 %. Third-category beer shipments jumped some 3.4-fold to 7.68 million cases, accounting for 15.7 % of the total shipments in the reporting month. Of the five brewers, Asahi and Kirin recorded shipment growth. The others suffered drops on slack "happoshu" shipments.

"Happoshu" low-malt beer shipments decreased 22.2 %, dropping below the year-before level for the 13th consecutive month

China: Zhujiang Brewery builds a new plant in Guangdong province

The Chinese Zhujiang Beer Group, will make an investment of 400 million yuan for building a new plant in Guangdong province, AFX reported on September 9.The investment in the first phase of the new plant with capacity of 100,000 tons amounts to 200 million yuan.

Fang Guiquan, the chairman of Zhujiang in which Inbev holds a 24 % stake stated that the new plant has a designed annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of beer. The construction will start in October and is expected to end in June 2006.

Germany: Bavarian brewer to make the strongest beer in the world

The Bavarian brewer Harald Schneider has managed to make the world's strongest beer, a potent drink with an alcohol content of 25.4 % that is served in a shot glass, Reuters communicated on September 9.

Schneider, who lives in southern Germany where beer is a tradition, said his beer fermented for 12 weeks for an alcohol content twice that of Germany's other strongest beers. The brewer believes that the Boston Beer Company the maker of the world's strongest beer so far, will initiate a fight in this respect.

Bulgaria: Beer consumption in Bulgaria increased by 2.58% so far this year

About 3,1 million hectolitres of beer has been consumed in Bulgaria in January-August 2005, an increase by 2,58% year-on-year basis, according to figures revealed by the Bulgaria’s Brewers Union and Investor.bg.

The largest share in sales is held by Kamenitsa with some 207,000 million hectolitres of beer sold in August. It is followed by Zagorka and Karlsberg.

Over the first eight months of the year some 3,295 million hectolitres of beer have been produced. This data shows that the level of produced beer exceeds the level of the sold beer. Still, beer producers expect to catch up by the end of September.

Russia: Recent trends of Russian beer market

Russian beer market changed radically during summer: most of it passed under control of international beer concerns. Tinkoff company passed to SUN Interbew Corporation, “Pivovarni Ivana Taranova” was acquired by Dutch Heineken. It’s possible to say that brewing industry has become an engine of the Russian business globalisation, Moscow News announced in the beginning of September . This is not surprising: no other industry displayed such dynamics – double growth for the last 5 years.

According to the data of the Federal State Statistics Service, average beer consumption per man in Russia makes up about 59 liters per year. To compare: Czech beer consumer drinks up to 160 liters per year, German consumer – 120 liters. It’s interesting that the annual consumption varies depending on the territory: from 55 liters per man in the South of Russia to 80 in the Central region. The conclusion suggests itself: predilection for beer depends on the purse size. Thus, Moscowites with an average month salary of 8790 rubles consume about 90 liters of beer while less prosperous citizens of Southern regions – only 37.

Another tendency of Russian market is local patriotism. Statistics shows that many citizens prefer beer brands produced in their region. This, ...

more info

Malt News

China: Prospects on Chinese malt demand

The Chinese Malting Industry estimates the malt demand for 2006 at 2.8 million tonnes equal 3.5 million tonnes of malting barley. 1,4 Million tonnes are expected from domestic production, 2.1 million tonnes from imports.

2005 imports January/July are of 1.433 million tonnes. Large maltsters expect total imports in 2005 about 2.0, but in 2006 2.3-2.4 million tonnes.

At present markets are inactive, Chinese buyers hope for lower markets, as consequence of good crops in Canada and Australia. Present offers are in the high 190’s (US $) from Canada and Australia, US $ 205,- from Denmark. There is a strong trend towards a concentration of the industry and an expansion of capacities by the maltsters along the coast.

Bulgaria: Zagorka Heineken sold its Chirpan malt factory

Zagorka Heineken sold its malt plant in Chirpan for EUR 1.35 million to local company Bulmalts, the Stara Zagora-based beer maker announced on September 8.

This sale concludes the program of Zagorka for disposal of non-core assets. The brewer will continue to buy malt from the Chirpan factory with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons. In January-July Zagorka sold 843,325 hectoliters of beer.

Barley News

Russia: Good quantities of malting barley combined

Barley harvest has taken place under the best weather conditions since years. Good quantities of malting barley, about 60 % of West European varieties, mainly Scarlett, have been selected.

Average protein around 10,5 %, moisture 14-15 %, no diseases. Prices between EUR 100,- and 120,- per tonne, delivered maltings, are well below levels of imported barleys.

Finland & Sweden: Outlooks on barley crops 2005

In Finland the harvesting of malting barley started during second half of August, according to the harvest report of Viking Malt. The first results show low protein levels (9.5–11.5%), good sieving results, full kernels more than 90%, normal germination capacity and hectolitre weight around 70 kg.

Due to the bad weather conditions last autumn, spring cereal acreages increased in 2005. Malting barley acreage increased 16% this year and that, together with the very promising quality results mean that Finland will be self sufficient with crop 2005 malting barley, says Ilkka Kylmälä, Deputy Managing Director of Viking Malt. Main varieties are Scarlett, Barke and Saana.

What concerns Sweden, the development of the crop has been very good this year. There was warm and dry weather at sowing time followed by a colder period, which permitted good tillering, and good root system development. Hence the weather has been ideal for the development of the plants and rain came just in time as it started to be too dry, says Dieter Nowack, Viking Malt’s Country Manager in Sweden.

In South Sweden the malting barley harvest finished end of August. Yields were higher than last year, around 7 tons/ha. Prestige, Barke and Pasadena are the ...

more info

Hops News

UK: Hops market situation in England

By the start of the 2004 England’s harvest approximatly 80% of the aroma hops and approximately 35% of the alpha hops were accounted for by forward contracts, according to the Barth Report as of June 2005.

In the meantime the entire crop was sold. Owing to falling demand for alpha varieties, a sharp reduction in acreage is expected for these varieties in 2005.

Aroma hop acreage, on the other hand, is to remain unchanged. Forward contracts account for 75% of the aroma hops.

Malting barley prices. French barley prices.
Nominal prices.

EURO = USD 1.2286 September 13, 2005 
 Crop year   2005 
 Parity   FOB Creil 
 Position   July 2005 
Type   Variety  EURO  USD 
2RS  Scarlett  118.50  145.50 
2RS  Prestige  118.00  145.00 
2RS  Cellar  118.00  145.00 
2RS  Aspen  nq  nq 
2RS  Optic  nq  nq 
2RS  Sebastien  116.00  142.50 
2RS  Astoria  116.00  142.50 
2RS  Cork   115.50  142.00 
6RW  Esterel   106.00  130.50 
nq - Not quoted
Prices for Danish and UK malting barley are available on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Table of the week

Canada: Barley Supply and Demand 2003-2006

  2003-2004   2004-2005   2005-2006 f  
  Harvested area, '000 ha 4,446  4,050  3,915 
  Yield, tonne/ha  2.77  3.26  3.16 
  Production, '000  metric tonnes 12,328  13,186  12,358 
  Imports, '000 metric tonnes 36  100  30 
  Total Supply, '000 metric tonnes 13,838  15,388  15,488 
  Exports, '000 metric tonnes  2,445  2,000  2,500 
  Food & Industry Use, '000 metric tonnes 298  300  380 
  Feed and Dockage, '000 metric tonnes 8,579  9,553  10,003 
  Total Domestic Use, '000 metric tonnes 9,291  10,288  10,788 
  Carry-out Stocks, '000 metric tonnes 2,102  3,100  2,200 
  Average Price, CA$/tonne 135.80  112.15  105-125 

f: forecast, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, August 31, 2005

Graph of the week

September 2005:
International Brewery and Soft Drinks Industry Exhibition
Great Canadian Beer Festival
4th World Beer & Drinks Forum 2005
Brew Cruise to New England/Canada
Drinktec 2005
St. Feuillien Dinner at Monk's.
The Berghoff OKtoberfest
Birmingham Beer Festival
40th Annual Mt. Angel Oktoberfest
Fremont Oktoberfest
Munich Oktoberfest 2005
10th Annual Madison County Hop Fest
3rd Annual Big Lake Brewfest
Great Lakes Brew Festv Ludwig's Oktoberfest 2005
New South Wales Brewing Championships 2005
Great American Beer Festival
Falmouth Oyster Festival with beer and oysters
Keighley Beer
Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival
Harpoon Octoberfest

October 2005:
7th Annual Charlotte Oktoberfest
Custom Brewcrafters Autumn Festival Of Ales
MBAA Brewing & Malting Science Course, Univ
BJ's Beer Appreciation Night Woodland Hills - Oktoberfest - Bavaria's Best
International Beer Summit / Kokusai Beer Matsuri
5th 2005 Technical Symposium, "The US Brewing Industry Considered"
10th Annual World Beer Festival
5th Annual Autumn Brew Review
Anuga 2005, is a biennial show and is known as the world’s
Maryland Brewer's Oktoberfest
Great Decatur Beer Tasting Festival 2005
Nottingham Beer Festival
Falmouth Beer Festival Cornwall CAMRA
28th Norwich Beer Festival
New England Beer Fest

November 2005:
US Grains Council International Malt Barley & Malting Buyers Conference San Francisco
GlobalGrain 2005
5th International Forum " Drinks Industry 2005"

More events are available on site e-malt.com
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