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1 28-Nov-2007  A New Two Dimensional Germinative Classification of Malting Barley Quality Based on Separate Estimates of Vigour and Viability
2 21-Nov-2007  Determination of the high molecular weight b-glucan content of malt wort by a spectrophotometric method - determination of the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility
3 14-Nov-2007  Predicting Preharvest Sprouting Susceptibility in Barley: A Model Based on Temperature during Grain Filling
4 07-Nov-2007  CO2 correction factor for the net contents of containers
5 31-Oct-2007  Determination of Fumonisins B1 and B2 in Beer
6 24-Oct-2007  Phenological Development of Spring Barley in a Short-Season Growing Area
7 17-Oct-2007  Determination of Alcohol in Low Alcohol and Non Alcohol Beers by Gas Chromatography-FID, Near Infra Red Spectroscopy and Catalytic Combustion methods
8 10-Oct-2007  The use of molecular markers for characterisation of spring barley for breeding to Fusarium head blight resistance
9 03-Oct-2007  Replicative ageing and senescence in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the impact on brewing fermentations
10 26-Sep-2007  Interactions between barley .ALPHA.-amylases, substrates, inhibitors and regulatory proteins
11 19-Sep-2007  Beginnings of microbiology and biochemistry: the contribution of yeast research
12 12-Sep-2007  Determination of Ochratoxin A in Beer
13 24-Jan-2007  Investigations into selected mycotoxins in barley, malt and wheat
14 20-Sep-2006  Determination of Gushing Tendency of Malt
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