Frequently Asked Questions

I have contacted you recently regarding site access from different computers. You responded that I should be able to access my account from any computer as long as I have my user name and password. I am using my other computer now and I am unable to access my account, what is my actions?

Dear "E-Malt Customer"!

We have verified access to our site using Your username and password and using a few browsers:
I) "Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x"
II) "Opera 9.x"
III) "Mozila Firefox 2.x".

Pages and publications are accessible for you from our computers.
The problem could be connected to your browser's :
a) security settings,
b) privacy settings,
c) cached pages to your browser's
d) your Internet provider's policy

Our site authentication method require to save cookies by your browser.
Cookie is small text that can be saved by browser on computer's space, in the browser's temporary directory, Our site use cookies to save the "access key" - is encripted text such as: PZQVQZWYGQSCUERTMJLPTGAKZYCXMVQCRXPXPNB wich is created specialy for you. Your username/password will chaneged in key when you make login and this is a valid key for a lot of hours. But your can use only one computer. Because your username and password are strictly individual it cannot be shared with other persons or other computers at same time!

Solution 1:
Allow cookies to be saved by browsers settings, please load the page with images-explantions: 

Solution 1:
An eventuality error can be in wrong cached/indexed page or cookies key from our site, please remove old files and cookies from browser's temporary directory.
MS Interner Explorer: Remove temporary file, load the explanation
Opera: Remove temporary file, load the explanation
Mozila Firefox: Remove cookies, load the explanation

Solution 2:
If your company use a firewall or a proxy server please ask local administrator to be sure that pages from our site is accessible with our site cookies through firewall or proxy server.

Kind regards! Web-Master