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Week November 04 - November 10, 2002

1. Industry news.   2. Theoretical malt prices.   3. Malting barley prices.  

1. Industry news

Baltic Beverages Holding AB (BBH) purchases 76% of the IRBIS brewery in Alma-Ata, Kazakstan. IRBIS is one of the flagship local beer brands. “The expansion into Kazakstan will contribute to BBH’s continued fast growth,” the company said. BBH is to increase the brewing capacity to 0.8 million hl of beer by investing EUR 45 million in a new brewery that is planned to be ready in summer 2004. While building a new brewery IRBIS will be brewed both at the existing brewery and at some of BBH’s Russian breweries, the company reported....www.e-malt.com

The Colombian beer group, Bavaria, has declared that it intends to assimilate its local affiliates, Aguila and Malterias, in a bid to cut costs, Just-drinks.com reported. According to the same source “Bavaria, which is looking to reduce costs as it eyes expansion in Latin America, will hold a shareholders' meeting at the end of November when the matter will be put to the vote.”

On November 5th, 2002, the Belgian brewer, Interbrew, announced the reaching of the agreement with Zhujiang Joint Stock Company on acquisition of 24% stake for a cash consideration of US$ 19.5 million. This agreement follows the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Shanghai on 29 March 2002 in the presence of the Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and the Mayor of Guangzhou, Yuan He Lin, enhancing the longstanding relationship between the two companies.

The European Commission (EC) has halted the procedure regarding the investigation into the brewers Carlsberg and Heineken over an illicit market-sharing agreement, Just-drinks.com reported. The two companies were suspected of attempting to limit activity, in particular trough acquisitions, in each other’s home markets between 1993 and 1996. The investigation was closed, since the Commission found no evidence that the suspected infringement continued after May 1995. According to EU rules, the EC cannot fine companies for infringements with the delay of five years in starting the investigation of case, which was year 2000.

On November the 1st 2002, Interbrew announced the reaching of the agreement with the Chinese K.K. Group to acquire a 70% stake in its brewing operations, for $42 million. The K.K. Brewery is located in the city of Ningbo (200 km South of Shanghai), where it has an 80% market share and is the leading brewer in the Province of Zheijang. “With this transaction Interbrew extends its local platform from Nanjing further into the Zheijang Province and confirms its commitment to play a leading role in the consolidation of the beer market in the Yangtse Delta,” the company said.....www.e-malt.com

More news are available on site www.e-malt.com

2. Theoretical malt prices.

  EURO = USD 1.0004 November 06, 2002 
Crop year  2002 
Parity  FOB Antwerp 
Position  Oct 2002-Sept 2003 
Conditioning  Bulk   In bags  Bulk containers  In bags in containers 
Malting barley variety  EURO  USD  EURO  USD  EURO  USD  EURO  USD 
2RS  Prisma  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Scarlett  310.00  310.50  325.50  325.50  322.50  322.50  331.50  332.00 
2RS  Aspen  309.00  309.00  324.50  324.50  321.50  321.50  330.50  330.50 
2RS  Optic  306.50  306.50  322.00  322.00  319.00  319.00  328.00  328.00 
2RS  Nevada  304.00  304.00  319.50  319.50  316.50  316.50  325.50  325.50 
2RS  Astoria  304.00  304.00  319.50  319.50  316.50  316.50  325.50  325.50 
2RS  Cork   304.00  304.00  319.50  319.50  316.50  316.50  325.50  325.50 
2RS   Average price  306.50  307.00  322.00  322.50  319.00  319.00  328.50  328.50 
2RS  FAQ  302.50  303.00  318.00  318.50  315.00  315.50  324.50  324.50 
6RW  Esterel   278.00  278.00  293.50  293.50  290.50  290.50  299.50  299.50 

Theoretical malt prices for crop 2003 are available on site www.e-malt.com

3. Malting barley prices. French barley prices. Nominal prices.

EURO = USD 1.0004 November 06, 2002 
 Crop year   2002   2003 
 Parity   FOB Creil   FOB Creil 
 Position   July 2002   July 2003 
Type   Variety  EURO  USD  EURO  USD 
2RS  Prisma  nq  nq  nq  nq 
2RS  Scarlett  150.00  150.50  149.00  149.50 
2RS  Aspen  149.00  149.50  148.00  148.50 
2RS  Optic  147.00  147.50  146.00  146.50 
2RS  Nevada  145.00  145.50  144.00  144.50 
2RS  Astoria  145.00  145.50  144.00  144.50 
2RS  Cork   145.00  145.50  144.00  144.50 
6RW  Esterel   127.00  127.50  126.00  126.50 
6RW  Maeva  nq  nq  nq  nq 

nq - Not quoted
Prices for Danish and UK malting barley are available on site www.e-malt.com

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