E-Malt. E-Malt.com News article: World: Deutsche Bank increases Constellation Brandsí share price target on improved beer segment

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E-Malt.com News article: World: Deutsche Bank increases Constellation Brandsí share price target on improved beer segment
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On Tuesday, April 2, Deutsche Bank adjusted its outlook on Constellation Brands, a leading beverage alcohol company, by increasing the share price target to $262 from the previous $256. The firm has also reaffirmed its Hold rating, Investing.com reported.

The adjustment comes as Constellation Brands prepares to report its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings next week. Deutsche Bank cited several factors influencing their revised forecast, including expected headwinds from less favorable weather conditions in January and February, which may have impacted beer consumption. Consequently, the bank has slightly lowered its beer shipments and depletion forecasts.

Despite these potential challenges, Deutsche Bank anticipates that Constellation Brands might benefit from improved productivity and a more manageable cost environment, which could help offset the lower beer shipment figures. In the wine and spirits division, estimates have also been reduced due to ongoing softness in the category.

Looking ahead to the fiscal year 2025, Deutsche Bank expects Constellation Brands to guide towards a year of growth in line with its long-term algorithm for the beer segment. This optimism is based on anticipated gains in shelf space and improved product velocity, assuming more favorable weather conditions. However, the wine and spirits business is projected to fall short of longer-term goals, even though investor expectations are already modest.

The bank's decision to raise the price target to $262 reflects improved profitability assumptions for the beer segment and an updated financial timeline. Despite the increased price target, Deutsche Bank maintains a Hold rating on Constellation Brands, indicating a neutral stance on the stock's investment potential at this time.

As Constellation Brands approaches its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report, investors are closely monitoring the company's performance metrics. According to real-time data from InvestingPro, Constellation Brands currently holds a market capitalization of $48.9 billion and trades at a Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio of 32.27, reflecting a premium valuation in the market. The company's revenue growth over the last twelve months as of Q3 2024 stands at a modest 2.75%, with a gross profit margin of a robust 50.33%, highlighting its ability to maintain profitability.

InvestingPro Tips for Constellation Brands reveal a mixed picture. The company has a commendable track record of raising its dividend for 9 consecutive years, suggesting a commitment to returning value to shareholders. Moreover, Constellation Brands has been profitable over the last twelve months and analysts predict continued profitability this year. However, the company is trading at a high revenue valuation multiple and near its 52-week high, which may suggest limited upside potential in the near term.

03 April, 2024

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