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Hops news
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Hops news Germany: Hops development accelerated by remarkably high temperatures until mid-June
After an exceptionally warm April, temperatures continued to be far above long-term average in Germany the month of May. Rainfalls varied considerably throughout all hop growing regions and did not . . . get full article
18 June, 2018
Hops news USA, WA: Washington hops bringing flavor to booming craft beer industry
Whether your brew of choice is Budweiser or Bale Breaker, there are few places on Earth where you can sip a cold pint knowing the flavors came from a farm . . . get full article
09 June, 2018
Hops news Australia: Hop Products Australia farmers deliver 10.4% increase in hop yields but overall results in Australia fall short of expectations
Hop Products Australia (HPA) has issued a harvest report, which includes assumed yields for its independent Australian hop growers. The season started well in Victoria, but repetitive periods of heavy rainfall . . . get full article
31 May, 2018 Article only for members with paid access
Hops news Australia: Hop Products Australia see bright future thanks to high demand for their hops
The biggest hop producer in Tasmania says the demand for their hops is making the future look bright with expansion plans in the air, ABC Local reported on May 29. Hop . . . get full article
29 May, 2018
Hops news World: Hop acreage expected to increase by 3% this year
During the recent meeting of the International Hop Growers‘ Convention on May 18, the first official estimates on the development of world hop acreage were presented. According to these, world acreage . . . get full article
25 May, 2018 Article only for members with paid access
Hops news Hungary: Heineken Hungary teams up with charity organization to revive local hops and help the poorest
Brewery Heineken Hungária is teaming up with charity Hungarian Interchurch Aid to revive local hops and provide a cash crop to some of the countryʼs poorest. New Minister of Agriculture . . . get full article
23 May, 2018
Hops news Canada: Federation of Agriculture notes increase in hop cultivation in Canada
Ron Bonnett, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, notes the increase in hops cultivation, a prominent ingredient in beer production, as a response to the higher demand for craft . . . get full article
27 March, 2018
Hops news USA: US hop stocks up 21% from last year
U.S. hop stocks totaled 169 million pounds on March 1, up 21 percent from a year earlier and marking the third March in a row that it has increased, the . . . get full article
22 March, 2018
Hops news South Africa: Prospects for hop crop 2018 still uncertain
It’s almost impossible to grow hops in South Africa. The hot, dry climate is a killer, CW39 reported on February 28. But some of the beer-loving nation’s farmers are beating the . . . get full article
01 March, 2018 Article only for members with paid access
Hops news Australia: Hop Products Australia kicks off 2018 harvest
Hop Products Australia (HPA) has kicked off its 2018 harvest, starting at its Rostrevor Hop Gardens farm in Victoria, before starting at the Bushy Park Estates farm in Tasmania next . . . get full article
01 March, 2018
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