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Hops news
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Hops news Canada, AB: The Alberta Hop Producers’ Association launching on November 18
A new Alberta commodity group will make its official splash into the ag community later this month, Farms.com reported on November 8. The Alberta Hop Producers’ Association (AHPA) is holding a . . . get full article
09 November, 2017
Hops news World: Preliminary hop crop results show increase in global alpha production
The preliminary 2017 crop results published on November 6th by the Barth-Haas Group show global alpha output this year is estimated at 10,901 tonnes versus 10,525 tonnes in 2016. Alpha production . . . get full article
06 November, 2017 Article only for members with paid access
Hops news USA: Climate change affecting hop and beer industries in the US
There’s trouble brewing for beer makers around the United States, CBSMiami reported on October 31. Climate change and intense droughts are making it difficult for breweries to get the crucial ingredients . . . get full article
31 October, 2017
Hops news USA: The Brewers Association agrees to fund USDA’s public hop breeding program
The Brewers Association—the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers—announced on October 30 an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) to fund . . . get full article
30 October, 2017
Hops news UK: Local brewer benefits from decision to grow its own hops
With some imported hops costing 60% more than a year ago, Surrey-based Hogs Back Brewery says it is benefiting from its decision to grow its own varieties on a 3.5-acre . . . get full article
26 October, 2017
Hops news USA, IA: Family starts hops farm in northeast Iowa
Keri and Mike Byrum "hopped to it" not long after they moved to Cedar Falls from Orlando, Fla, the Sioux City Journal reported on October 15. Keri Byrum, a Cedar Falls . . . get full article
16 October, 2017
Hops news USA: Hop stocks in the US increase as craft brewing industry growth slows down
Slowing growth in the craft brewing industry has contributed to a greater stockpile of hops in the US, including the Yakima Valley, the Yakima Herald-Republic reported on September 25. As of . . . get full article
25 September, 2017
Hops news Germany: Hop production expected to be average this year despite frosts, lack of rain in June and spider mite infestation
Despite frosts, lack of June rain, and a spider mite infestation, German hops production is expected to be average due in part to increased growing area, USDA reported on September . . . get full article
19 September, 2017 Article only for members with paid access
Hops news Germany: Hop crop saved by late summer rains
Late summer rain has saved Germany’s hop crop, meaning brewers should now have enough of the key beer ingredient, the head of German-U.S. global hops trader Barth Haas Group told . . . get full article
05 September, 2017 Article only for members with paid access
Hops news USA, WA: 47 Hops of Yakima bankruptcy may signal industry turbulence
The bankruptcy of a Washington hop merchant may signal renewed turbulence in the hops market, with lower-than-expected demand for the crop raising oversupply concerns, Capital Press reported on August 30. 47 . . . get full article
31 August, 2017
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