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Average market prices
Change trend

26 Dec - 31 Dec, 2006
Crop 2006
2rs Barley €210.0-212.0
6rw Barley €188.0-190.0
2rs Malt €401.0-403.0
6rw Malt €373.5-375.5
Crop 2007
2rs Barley €162.0-164.0
6rw Barley €147.0-149.0
2rs Malt €329.0-331.0
6rw Malt €309.5-311.5

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Average barley market prices are French and are estimated on FOB Creil basis.
Average malt market prices are estimated on FOB Antwerp basis.
The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices.
Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

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Australian Barley Supply and Disposal 2001-2007f

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Europe Barley Crop Estimate 2005 and Forecast 2006

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USA Barley Supply and Distribution

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Malt is insignificant in the price of beer but of prime necessity to produce beer

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Italian Beer Market


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E-malt.com Flash 52
December 21 - December 24, 2006

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A happy New Malting to Maltsters!
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A happy New Tasting to Beer Lovers!
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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Top Industry News
Italy: Dutch Beer cannot be called ‘Bavaria’ in Italy... Click here

Russia: Vena, Yarpivo, Pikra breweries apply for removal from tax register as part of merger... Click here

UK: S&N going sweet to offset continuing decline in beer market... Click here

Latvia: Outgoing year was successful for beer producers... Click here

Ukraine: Ukraine produced 33 thousand tonnes of malt in November... Click here

Europe: The barley surplus comes from EU, Russia and Ukraine... Click here

World: New crop barley prices at the same level with the old ones... Click here

Europe: Barley acreage changes in 2007... Click here

More News
Ukraine: Ahmetov wants to increase his beer business’ s controllability ... More Info

Canada: University of Saskatchewan’s led team examines the value of CWB single desk to barley producers ... More Info

Ukraine: Ukraine may face threat of introduction of State monopoly for grain export ... More Info

USA: Idaho barley price higher ... More Info

Ukraine: Barley prices boost forecast ... More Info

Russia: Review of the Russian Beer Market ... More Info

Netherlands & Switzerland: Heineken launches beer keg with PP tap system ... More Info

USA: Coors Light Launches Bilingual Super Bowl Push ... More Info

Brewery News

2 Italy: Dutch Beer cannot be called ‘Bavaria’ in Italy

The Bavarian brewery association, the Bayerische Brauerbund, has been able to assert itself in a trademark dispute in Italy against the Bavaria Brewery from ...
More Info

0 Russia: Vena, Yarpivo, Pikra breweries apply for removal from tax register as part of merger

The Vena, Yarpivo and Pikra breweries sent a letter to the tax authorities on Friday, asking that they be stricken from the country's tax register as separate legal entities due to their impending merger with Baltika Breweries, the companies said in a statement, according to Interfax, December 22.

"The conversion of these companies' shares into Baltika shares will take place immediately after Vena, Pikra and Yarpivo are excluded from the register of legal entities," Baltika's press service told Interfax. Baltika President Anton Artemiev said in mid-December that "the legal aspect of the merger and the switch to a single share will be completed in the last days of December."

Baltika, which was founded in 1990, is Russia's largest beer producer. The company has breweries in St. Petersburg, Tula, Rostov, Samara and Khabarovsk.

Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) owns over 80% of Baltika.

2 UK: S&N going sweet to offset continuing decline in beer market

Scottish & Newcastle, the UK's biggest brewer, is considering moving into soft drinks as it expands its range of drinks to make up for ...
More Info

2 Latvia: Outgoing year was successful for beer producers

Current year was a successful one for Latvian beer producers, Peteris Leninsh, Latvian Brewers Association’s executive director said.

Sales volume grew, an important part of ...
More Info

Malt News

2 Ukraine: Ukraine produced 33 thousand tonnes of malt in November

In November 2006, Ukrainian companies have produced 33 thousand tonnes of malt, according to operative statistics, 9% less than previous month. The production rose ...
More Info

Barley News

2 Europe: The barley surplus comes from EU, Russia and Ukraine

Last year the world trade of barley amounted to 17.8 Mill. tonnes, the analysts commented December 22.This year’s smaller surplus comes mainly from the ...
More Info

2 World: New crop barley prices at the same level with the old ones

Assuming an EU malt production of 7.5 to 8.0 Mill. tons, taking into account purchases of substandard malting barley and the appearance of somewhat ...
More Info

2 Europe: Barley acreage changes in 2007

In Denmark rapeseed acres have been expanded by 60.000 HA, and estimates are that up to 75.000 HA less spring barley will be planted ...
More Info

Malting barley prices. French barley prices.
Nominal prices.

nq - Not quoted
Prices for Danish malting barley are available on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Theoretical malt prices.
NB: Prices published are theoretical malt prices including financial cost, THC (for bulk and bags container) and all administrative costs. This prices may fluctuate according to the quantity per delivery and technical specifications.

* - 70/30 = 70% Average two Rows Spring and 30% Six Rows Winter
** - 50/50 = 50% Average two Rows Spring and 50% Six Rows Winter

Theoretical malt prices for crop 2007 are available on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Table of the week

EU Malt Export Licence Fixations

Graph of the week
USA Beer Production 1993-2006

These Days in Business History
December 25
1848 New Haven Railroad opens
1947 Taiwan passes Human Rights laws (Day of Earth Law)
1954 WSFA TV channel 12 in Montgomery AL (NBC) begins broadcasting
1959 Sony brings transistor TV 8-301 to the market

December 26
1991 The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index closes above 400 for the first time, finishing the day at 404.84.
1854 Wood-pulp paper 1st exhibited
1878 1st US store to install electric lights, Philadelphia
1950 Gillette & Mutual buy All Star & World Series rights ($6 million for 6 years)
1975 1st supersonic transport service (Tupolev-144)

December 27
1825 1st public railroad using steam locomotive completed in England
1928 Portfolio manager Walter Morgan founds the nation’s first “balanced” mutual fund, the Industrial and Power Securities
Co., which invests in both stocks and bonds.
1945 International Monetary Fund established - World Bank founded

December 28
1895 Auguste and Louis Lumiere are born (1st commercial cinema)
1869 William Finley Semple of Mount Vernon OH, patents chewing gum
1967 After 175 years, the New York Stock Exchange finally admits its first woman member, Muriel Siebert of Muriel Siebert & Co.

December 29
1862 Bowling ball invented
1867 1st telegraph ticker used by a brokerage house, Groesbeck & Co, NY
1891 Edison patents "transmission of signals electrically" (radio)
1997 Russia signs agreement to build a $3B nuclear power plant in China

December 30
1851 Asa Griggs Candler is born (developed Coca-Cola)
1854 Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company, 1st in US, incorporated in New York NY
1861 US banks stops payments in gold
1958 French franc devalued
1988 Mercedes-Benz pays $20.2-M fine failed to meet '86 government fuel standard
1990 11th United Negro College Fund raises $10,000,000

December 31
1776 Rhode Island establishes wage & price controls to curb inflation: Limit is 70¢ a day for carpenters, 42¢ for tailors
1781 Bank of North America, 1st US bank opens
1981 CNN Headline News debuts
1997 Microsoft buys Hotmail E-mail service
December 2006:
12th OBER Kerstbierfestival , Belgium

January 2007:
2007 Barley Improvement Conference, USA.
IFBM (The French Institute for Brewing and Malting) Advanced Course In Malting Technology

February 2007:
Singapore international beer festival.
WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program Chicago
Grainworld 2007, Canada.

March 2007:
Beer Day, Iceland.
WorldFoodUzbekistan - 2007.
World Barley Malt & Beer Conference.
The 2nd International Trading Summit: Grains & Oilseeds, Turkey.

More events are available on site e-malt.com

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